A pokemon egg responded to your attention, the  caretakers take it to your home and place it in front of you getting movement from the asleep life inside.

 They are eager to meet you. Just give them time

-The Pokemon Caretakers @ask-chiefsabo and @ask-captain-diamond-dragon entrust you with this egg

Usopp: “I might ask Sanji to turn this into a big Tortilla…”

(( I’ve decided that I would like to give my EGG to @ask-the-vinsmokes who missed the event and was sad about it.
I want to ask permission to do this to @ask-chiefsabo and @ask-captain-diamond-dragon first, though. Who have to be okey with this, because they are the ones drawing the event.

I don’t mind, I’m sure its a plant pokemon, and I expected something more random and not Rosetto fitting, so I’m fine giving it to the Vinsmokes, who really want it.))