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Here’s A Lovely Holiday Message For All Of My Beautiful Followers…

anonymous asked:

y are you hated by alot of tb ?

It’s So Pathetic. Let Me Tell You Something About TB. We Were Best Friends In 2009. I Know, Right? It’s SO Embarrassing. I Don’t Even… Whatever. So Then In 2010, I Got Followed By Chris Brown Who Was TOTALLY Gorgeous, But Then He Started Dating Some Asian Broad Named Mai Ling & Started Blocking People, And TB Was Like, Weirdly Jealous Of Him Not Blocking Me. Like, If I Would Say Some Funny Shit About The Asian Chick, She’d be like, “Why Don’t You Like Mai Ling” And I’d Be Like, “Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?” So Then, For My Birthday Party, Which Was A Mai Ling Roast Party, I Was Like, “TB, I Can’t Invite You, Because I Think You’re Shoeshiner.” I Mean I Couldn’t Have A Shoeshiner At My Roast Party. There Were Gonna Be People There Roasting *Mai Ling’s Ass*. I Mean, Right? She Was A SHOESHINER. So Then Her Mom Called My Mom And Started Yelling At Her, It Was So Retarded. And Then She Deleted Her Twitter Because No Other Fan Base Would Talk To Her, And She Came Back When F.A.M.E. Came Out, All Of Her Hair Was Cut Off And She Was Totally Weird, And Now I Guess She’s On Crack.

My Analysis On @ChrisBrown’s Verse & Scene In Champion:

To Be Honest, I Didn’t See This Analysis Until My Friend Explained It To Me On My Radio Show. With Chris’ Verse He Was Speaking From His Own Life & His Own Experiences & The The Type Of Person He Was & Who Wants Develop Himself To Be & It Was Very Emotional & Heart-felt & It Was During A Very Dark Period Of His Life. And With This Scene Of The Video Where He’s In A Dark Hole, That Represents How He Felt During His Whole Situation, He Felt “Trapped” & That He Couldn’t Escape What He was Going Through. So Instead Of Running Away Or Giving Up He Kept Going Through The Dark Tunnel & The Light Behind Him In the GIF Above This represents “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel” Which Chris Will Eventually Reach But He has To Keep Going All The Slanderousness Of His Name, Harsh Tongues & Even Harsher Reality Of How People Lost Sight Of A Person’s Positive Change Instead Glorify Or Brand A Label Upon his Negative Actions That Was Made In the Past. The Line “You Made Me Who I Am” Was Towards His Fans & His Family & How We Have Showed Him Love & True Support & What We Have Done For Him. And He Is Returning What We Gave In The Past Couple Of Years… His Love. So We Have To Keep Showing Chris Our Positivity, Love & Support That Is The Only Way He Can Continue Down His Road Of True Redemption. <3