Ordítani akarok
Hangosan és torkomszakadtából
Hogy a város túloldalán is meghalld
Szaladni akarok egy nagy síkság
Végtelen végéig
Nézni a kék eget órákig ahogy a felhők mennek és fogalmam sincs hová
Naplementekor a horizontot nézni, ahogy pillanatról pillanatra változik
Táncolni akarok amíg a lábam fel nem adja
Aztán újra táncolni, ugrálni, énekelni
Élvezni ahogy a zene hat a testemre
Inni, inni, inni
Nevezzük vedelésnek
Homályosan és fordítva akarom látni a világot
Részegen kiönteni a lelkem
A főúton táncolni, majd egy zebrára kifeküdni
Érezni a tömény melegét, a koktélok ízét
Ahogy szépen lassan elnyomja a fejem és a hangokat
Ahogy pörgeti az időt és a tested túl lassú az időhöz
Hosszú fél részeg beszélgetések
Új embereket akakarok megismerni
Látni a mosolyt az arcukon ahogy nevetnek rajtam
Beszívni a nikotint majd kiengedni a megroskadott lelkem
Elolvasni egy új könyvet
Olyat amiről még nem is hallottam
Beleélni magam a karaktebe
És úgy csukni be a könyvet hogy több lettem
Akár csak azt az egy könyvet
Fotózni akarok
Ilyen pillanatokat

Nem akarom, hogy másé legyél. Azt akarom, hogy az én kezemet fogd amíg haza nem mész.. Azt akarom, hogy ez alatt az idő alatt éljünk át több millió dolgot. Járjuk be ketten az eget és sétáljunk végig a poklon mert melletted mèg azt is elviselem. Te lettél a mindenem. Ha elhagysz semmim nem marad. Csak én..és az emlékeink.
Intentional SQ: 12. Designated Love interest

Boyfriends Edition: Hood

“A character in a story who, despite being presented as the One True Love of a central character, doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with said character at all. The catalyst for the relationship appeared off-screen before the series began, and save for maybe an occasional over-the-top gesture, never really appears to manifest. This isn’t a matter of their love being subtle — it’s more like they just kind of know each other but since he’s a dude and she’s a chick, they must have some sort of romantic attachment to each other because it’s a law of the universe that opposite-sex-characters are always involved in romantic entanglements. Ultimately, this is a romance of necessity, not in the literal sense, but because of the assumption that the story needs a romantic plot or sub-plot to move forward.”

(#ship and let ship   #my take on Hood+Reg)

That paragraph sums it up. I believe OQ to be a “romance of necessity”  which side-effects include having it come off as  Shallow   to the viewers. They “needed” Regina to grasp once again her “happy ending” only to take it from her. (that’s what inspired this show: the long-life struggle/idea/conflict that:  No matter what an evil queen does, she can’t obtain happiness.)
That’s Robin’s only function in the Grand Scheme of the show! To sort of dangle this embodied idea of happiness in front of her, in a physical form; An obtainable form, and see her squirm.  Sadly, that doesn’t make this relationship any more real or palpable to the audience. It doesn’t have dimensions. They just met.  I can only see the relationship through the eyes of Regina, since she’s the character I know.

While i do want her to be happy and any scene of Regina kissing AnyThing is “A-okay-fine-by-me-keep-it-coming-two-thumbs-up” a “Good”scene! 
As a swen i have a better contender for Regina’s heart in mind. 
I have a better relationship in mind, one with: ups and downs and breath taking moments: 
with triumphs.  And battles.  
With a devotion, i’ve personally experienced, watching them
a teamwork they’ve struggled with
with sacrifices
A “contender” who Validated regina, when they weren’t even in friendly terms
Who both have been selfless
who have formed a familiar bond
and have developed a support system, within each other.
Who Found in each other something they both thought they’d never have:  A companion.
In a person they initially despised, they found someone to trust.  
(Im so gay!!!! i feel so many butterflies writing fluff)
While I Was THERE, right along with them, sheering them on.
And all because, a little boy, brought them together, and so both their journeys began….
And the list goes on and on and on and on
(It’s hard to compete with that. No matter how many penises you have)

The most “famous/engaging/developed” story in Ouat is Regina’s happiness/redemption arc. People are meticulously looking out the outcome of this 4-season-long story. (Some Reg fans ship OQ cuz a happy reg = content fans)  (Others actually like robin.) (Others opposed robin cuz he’s not good enough. “Regina deserves better”)

A Shallow Designated Love Interest for regina presents a problem, to the show as a whole. Since it might not satisfy the audiences long stretched anticipation of reg’s resolution. 

(Now, that i think about it I’d hate for them to dangle emma back and forth as reg’s idea of happiness, as they have with robin. I’m really exited to have lived their journey. And savour every moment and subtle changes/stepping stones in their relationship. i admit i enjoy the slow burn, i’d prefer a canon slow burn but thats off topic.)

To see her lay all her hopes of happiness in the “oh, so happy life” she is to live with a Stranger, it’s kind of insulting. Tho, i understand her desperation; I’d much rather see her discover that the happiness she strives for, she already has, as she continues to forge her love with emma and have the consequential familial unison/bliss their love will extend to with their son. Im smiling like a fool

Ouat, have Reg be happy off the fruit of her labors, off something she actively worked for, not pixie dust.

Hook and Hood (or as i like to call them “the penis” and “the other penis”) make it very easy for SQ to find reasons against them, cuz they are minor characters. While their window-display version of “love” comes off as flat and sterile. Swen, as an audience, sees a bigger picture within the story, one without the limitations of heteronormativity. One where this “i have a penis, please love me” justification for true love, just doesn’t cut it anymore…

Not after “You’ve worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed” is what emma gives her life for.