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Could you recommend me some jikook soulmate au please?? Thanks a lot in advance ~

- scribbles and drawings by evil_pandabear
- a world for two by huilen
- stop playing “hard” to get by seungkwan
- drops of sky by untrueee
- you make me want to rip my hair out (quite literally) | take the pain away by pastelrainbows
- guy-liner by wontaek
- no, it’s actually my name by mochi_minnie
- you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever get by armystarlightgirl
love is such a sweet thing by egbuns
when the day met the night by graesun
soul-tied by wordcouture
- sick of losing soulmates by xosavageexo; everyonexjimin
we go where we want to by yoogni; vminkook

Love is Such a Sweet Thing

Title: Love is Such a Sweet Thing
Author: egbuns
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Angst
Summary: jeongguk’s wrist shows three months left. he wonders whether it’s even worth it to search for his soulmate. au where jimin only has three months to live. both jeongguk and himself try to make the best out of such little time they have.

Warning: Major character death