egagement ring


Since I got engaged almost 2 weeks ago I should probably tell you guys my engagement story.

He had been dropping hints all day that I had a “big surprise” coming next week and to “be prepared for anything.” It was about midnight on the 11th and our 2 year old was asleep. I asked for him to get my sleeping pills. He grabbed the bottle out of the closet, we keep it there for LO safety, and handed it to me. I poured out a pill and was about to take it and he goes “REALLY!?!” I said “What??” He told me to look in the bottle again and carefully this time. I looked again and I saw something shiny! I immediately poured out the whole bottle on my lap and screamed “Really?!” He said “Yes, baby. Do you want me to do it properly?” Then he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! Of course I said yes! Wedding to come August 2016.