“I’m hoping to god we haven’t seen the last of him […] because when that guy wins… I’ve been in the audience when he’s beating Bomber on stage, I’ve seen him overcome a best of seven extended series with Boxer and I know how fired up people get about his gameplay more so than a lot of others and I wish that someday we get to see that again, because I know that he cares, I know that he loves it.” by InControl, May 09 2013


Idra doesn’t give a fuck - haha this made my day!

i was going to simply post that you’re a retard and you should shut up because your opinions are uninformed bullshit. however i was recently banned and warned that, while it was acceptable for me to tell stupid people that theyre stupid, i must do so in a more indirect manner so that certain moderators with weak stomachs are not offended.
as such;
good sir, you appear to be somewhat lacking in intelligence. please refrain from posting until this is remedied, since it renders your opinions slightly less than correct and has a tendency to irritate more informed forum-goers.
—  IdrA on April 09 2010 21:00