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rewatching s1 for like the 100th time--at what point does all the brilliant animal sight gag stuff (eg the croc wearing crocs) get added? is it like, we need to have a croc wearing crocs, where can we fit this in? or do you start out by needing someone to guard the food and say let's do a crocodile--hey, he should wear crocs? or some kind of total afterthought, or something else entirely? thanks. love the show, my favorite of all time.

Hello! I am going to answer your question, and then I am going to talk a little bit about GENDER IN COMEDY, because this is my tumblr and I can talk about whatever I want!

The vast vast vast majority of the animal jokes on BoJack Horseman (specifically the visual gags) come from our brilliant supervising director Mike Hollingsworth (stufffedanimals on tumblr) and his team. Occasionally, we’ll write a joke like that into the script but I can promise you that your top ten favorite animal gags of the season came from the art and animation side of the show, not the writers room. Usually it happens more the second way you described— to take a couple examples from season 2, “Okay, we need to fill this hospital waiting room, what kind of animals would be in here?” or “Okay, we need some extras for this studio backlot, what would they be wearing?”

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that the croc wearing crocs came from our head designer lisahanawalt. Lisa is in charge of all the character designs, so most of the clothing you see on the show comes straight from her brain. (One of the many things I love about working with Lisa is that T-Shirts With Dumb Things Written On Them sits squarely in the center of our Venn diagram of interests.)

NOW, it struck me that you referred to the craft services crocodile as a “he” in your question. The character, voiced by kulap Vilaysack, is a woman.

It’s possible that that was just a typo on your part, but I’m going to assume that it wasn’t because it helps me pivot into something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last year, which is the tendency for comedy writers, and audiences, and writers, and audiences (because it’s a cycle) to view comedy characters as inherently male, unless there is something specifically female about them. (I would guess this is mostly a problem for male comedy writers and audiences, but not exclusively.)

Here’s an example from my own life: In one of the episodes from the first season (I think it’s 109), our storyboard artists drew a gag where a big droopy dog is standing on a street corner next to a businessman and the wind from a passing car blows the dog’s tongue and slobber onto the man’s face. When Lisa designed the characters she made both the dog and the businessperson women.

My first gut reaction to the designs was, “This feels weird.” I said to Lisa, “I feel like these characters should be guys.” She said, “Why?” I thought about it for a little bit, realized I didn’t have a good reason, and went back to her and said, “You’re right, let’s make them ladies.”

I am embarrassed to admit this conversation has happened between Lisa and me multiple times, about multiple characters.

The thinking comes from a place that the cleanest version of a joke has as few pieces as possible. For the dog joke, you have the thing where the tongue slobbers all over the businessperson, but if you also have a thing where both of them ladies, then that’s an additional thing and it muddies up the joke. The audience will think, “Why are those characters female? Is that part of the joke?” The underlying assumption there is that the default mode for any character is male, so to make the characters female is an additional detail on top of that. In case I’m not being a hundred percent clear, this thinking is stupid and wrong and self-perpetuating unless you actively work against it, and I’m proud to say I mostly don’t think this way anymore. Sometimes I still do, because this kind of stuff is baked into us by years of consuming media, but usually I’m able (with some help) to take a step back and not think this way, and one of the things I love about working with Lisa is she challenges these instincts in me.

I feel like I can confidently say that this isn’t just a me problem though— this kind of thing is everywhere. The LEGO Movie was my favorite movie of 2014, but it strikes me that the main character was male, because I feel like in our current culture, he HAD to be. The whole point of Emmett is that he’s the most boring average person in the world. It’s impossible to imagine a female character playing that role, because according to our pop culture, if she’s female she’s already SOMEthing, because she’s not male. The baseline is male. The average person is male.

You can see this all over but it’s weirdly prevalent in children’s entertainment. Why are almost all of the muppets dudes, except for Miss Piggy, who’s a parody of femininity? Why do all of the Despicable Me minions, genderless blobs, have boy names? I love the story (which I read on Wikipedia) that when the director of The Brave Little Toaster cast a woman to play the toaster, one of the guys on the crew was so mad he stormed out of the room. Because he thought the toaster was a man. A TOASTER. The character is a toaster.

I try to think about that when writing new characters— is there anything inherently gendered about what this character is doing? Or is it a toaster?


Lately ishida has written some pretty crazy stuff (eg: Matsuri’s death) so I was worried the virgin talk would end up being a little anticlimatic. However it was the opposite. I loved the flow of the conversation. From the way Touka expressed her feelings to kaneki not being able to have romantic feelings (yet) for her due to his depression. I feel like here sex is not seen as just pleasure and lust. It’s a way to show someone your affection and love. It’s not dirty. It’s natural. I don’t think kaneki perceives it the same way anymore though. He doesn’t think about it at all. And it’s not just it, he has pushed aside many things,emotions and activities people normally do. It somehow feels as if he has forgotten how to live. Of course I’m not saying that sex is the only way to live well or something everyone enjoys. But in this scene in my view Touka uses it as an example for living. She probably does so because a Kaneki with less problems and less worries (Haise/Past Kaneki) is a kaneki who would think of such things and eventually chase what makes him happy (Haise coming often to the coffee shop, Kaneki going on a date with Rise). Touka knows how Kaneki looks when he’s interested romantically in someone else. She also knows a lot of other expressions Kaneki makes, because she has always been observing him and watching him. Therefore, when she sees that these apects no longer exist in the current Kaneki. She understands immediately the reason and confronts him about it in her own way. When she asks him if she’s stupid she felt happy at Haise glancing at her , it feels like she already knows she’s not. Instead what’s wrong is Kaneki who doesn’t allow himself to be anything else than miserable.

Reading up on mythical creatures is hard cause there is too much of people trying to piece their creation based off direct linking them to stuff (eg the idea that Griffins are based off protoceratops fossils) and not nearly enough looking at actual history and art (Griffins did not develope where protoceratops fossils are, they are also a hybrid of two animals with a lot of symbolism attached and share similarities with other creatures both conceptually and etymologically around that time period)

Right now I’m trying to research the development of Qilin to figure out if it’s more likely that they originated as “dragons” people stuck hooves under or did they originate as deer/giraffe/horse based creatures with later added dragon elements like scales and whiskers as decorative elements due to dragon’s popularity and commonplace nature in design

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You know, is it weird that I felt the DickKory hugs from Judas Contract were more expressive of their love than their kissing?

Nope. I agree. I like the fact they only hinted at the sexual side a little and I like the fact they didn’t overdo it with kisses or anything.

The hugs were such sweet gestures and showed you their loving relationship more than either of the aforementioned stuff eg kisses would.

I live for those hugs.

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how do you deal with having a parent whos actions are abusive, when you're pretty sure they honestly aren't trying to be? i think my mum has problems like undiagnosed mental illness and possibly some sort of developmental disorder that make it hard for her to understand that certain things aren't okay and stuff (eg i think she has little to no empathy and she's said she tries but can't understand things she hasn't experienced herself) abuse is only when its on purpose, right? :s

hmm i’m not so sure. my mom is severely mentally ill and very abusive. much of her abusive actions are due to her mental illness.

i believe that we still have to take responsible for the actions we perform. when people are bad or abusive, regardless of their reasoning, they are still acting bad or abusive. 

if you feel comfortable doing so, you can call your abuse “abuse”. it doesn’t matter the motives of your abuser. what matters is that it is happening

i think as for dealing with it, try to set up boundaries if you feel comfortable doing so. she can’t have a reason for disrespecting you (even due to being mentally ill) if you have made your demands for your treatment clear. 

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this may sound random but I'm just really curious... RFA finding out MC used to be in a gang

(my friend buddy pal you have NO idea like omg this is my FAVOURITE SCENARIO EVER literally I COULD WRITE A 10K fanfic about this bc I love Gang!MC So. MUCH!)


  • MC never really considered telling him
  • sure, it was part of what MC had been in the past-
  • but damn
  • Yoosung is just, so pure and nice
  • maybe he’d feel put off by that?
  • it just seems like he has this image of MC
  • where he sees them as an innocent and precious being who came from the heavens to help
  • and something tells MC that being part of a gang isn’t something he’d ever fathom
  • they know that if Seven didn’t reveal it when he had the chance, it means they’re being given a chance but still
  • eventually, as their life advances, MC just forgets they never told Yoosung?
  • they’d been having such a normal relationship they just forgot?
  • and they probably wouldn’t have ever told him
  • until one day, MC and Yoosung are at the mall
  • there’s a creepy person trailing behind them, and MC suggests they leave
  • the creep follows them out the mall and MC acts on reflex when they see the creep’s hand reaching for Yoosung’s shoulder
  • Yoosung is in shock
  • MC just aprehended this person and is holding- a knife? MC flipped the creep over and is holding a knife to their throat?
  • MC had just followed their instincts and did to the man what they’d do back then when someone from a rival gang tried to attack
  • suddenly MC realizes they’re doing this in front of Yoosung
  • let go of the man, throw the knife elsewhere, take Yoosung’s hand and run
  • “Woah… Where did that come from, MC?”
  • MC bites their lip, but hey, what’s even the point of hiding it anymore?
  • “… Well, I was in a gang when I was younger. It was, er, just something I remembered from back then.”
  • Yoosung is… Well, he’s shocked
  • “Are you still there?”
  • “No, I left when I joined the RFA. Figured we had enough of a dangerous person with 707.”
  • MC is not in danger, so he’s really not angry or anything
  • Mostly surprised, and as long as MC promises to stay out of dangerous stuff like that, he’s seriously not worried


  • MC could see Jaehee not trusting them in the first days
  • I mean, she had her reasons not to, but it still felt a bit fishy to MC
  • for all Jaehee knew they were a normal person right??
  • but then MC realizes
  • that’s exactly why Jaehee doesn’t trust them
  • because they could be anyone
  • So, MC decides to just drop their personal information (besides, that hacker dude probably already has their info, no?)
  • When Jaehee connects, MC just drops a huge list
  • Full name, birth date, birth place, gender, family, education, past jobs, hobbies, height, etc.
  • Just thing after thing
  • “MC? Why are you telling me this?”
  • But MC is not done
  • “also to top it off I was in a gang. Not in it anymore, so please don’t worry. I’m not doing anything that could damage the RFA now”
  • Jaehee just assumes gang as in, y’know, some teens drinking liquor behind 7/11 and driving underage, egging houses and stuff
  • “… I’ll add all this to your file. Thank you, I suppose?”
  • from there on though, Jaehee does seem to trust MC more- I mean all the lowkey flirting in the chatroom probably happens due to MC’s blatant honesty the first day
  • In the party, Jaehee mentions how surprised they were to see MC was in a gang
  • “You didn’t seem like that kind of teenager to me, to join a gang and all. It’s amazing how time can change a person, right MC?.”
  • Teenager?
  • “Actually, I was in that gang up until I joined the RFA, and then I left.”
  • what
  • Jaehee realizes that was no small fry gang when MC explains a bit more
  • “Yeah… I guess it wasn’t the healthiest group, and all. I- I didn’t do anything too illegal, and my criminal record is clean though. I didn’t get caught doing anything and now I never will, so don’t worry Jaehee.”
  • um
  • she worries for like, half a week and then calms down because if MC smuggled weapons and now invites people to parties maybe they’re safe now


  • did someone mention Zen was in a motorcycle gang??
  • MC reads that and they’re pleasantly surprised
  • “ahaha wow same I used to be in a gang too!”
  • Zen also finds this amusing and starts telling his experiences in the gang
  • “Yeah the only parts that sucked was when your leader was mid-deal with another gang and you were guarding, and the police showed up so you had to run from them making sure they didn’t shoot ur boss ;;”
  • Zen is. Sure this is not what they did at his old gang
  • running away from police??
  • sure but they did that to avoid being given tickets for speeding and stuff
  • “what do you mean avoiding your boss being shot?!”
  • MC realizes hey maybe your gang was nearly a mafia and not everybody has that kinda experience
  • “oooooh wait nvm forget that”
  • Zen never really forgets
  • but MC never brings it up again so???
  • he’s just a bit scared MC would get into shady businesses again
  • luckily, MC can tell he’s worried when they meet him
  • If I did that, I’d make you look bad no? I don’t want to harm you, Zen. I’m out of that, mkay?”
  • reassuring words work miracles for him
  • so now when he’s telling his old gang stories MC always one-ups them with their actually dangerous real deal gang stories


  • being in a gang was… Well, not something MC was ashamed of
  • it did shape them a bit as a person
  • but also not something MC wanted to bring out about themselves
  • and since nobody ever asked they never said anything
  • still, after the party and once they’re in a secure relationship with Jumin, they’re still on that “ask no questions receive no answers” mindset
  • on a miscellaneous day MC is walking down the streets with Jumin- probably after MC insisted on walking around after a long day 
  • suddenly, out of an alley a suspicious looking individual comes towards MC
  • it’s a woman, dressed in short ripped shorts, wearing a fishnet shirt with a black bandeau underneath, a handkerchief covering her mouth, many strange tattoos, and a knife in her belt
  • Jumin’s bodyguards start getting ready to act up
  • Jumin slowly wraps his arm around MC in case the woman tries to do anything funny
  • but MC just slips out of his grasp
  • and walks towards the woman with a large smile??
  • “Boss! It’s been a long time!”
  • the woman smiles and bumps fists with MC
  • “MC! Darn, how have ya been? I was scared somethin’ had caught ya, dropping out so suddenly!”
  • Jumin is, with good reason, confused
  • MC talks a bit with this boss woman, asking things like “how was everything running without them”, “if any new members had joined”, and “if the police had stopped trying to track down the hideout”
  • eventually they say goodbye and MC returns to Jumin’s side
  • “MC… Who was that…?”
  • “Oh, the boss of a gang I used to be in.”
  • back at home, Jumin tries to ask more
  • MC replies truthfully to his questions because what’s the point in hiding it??
  • Jumin is a bit surprised MC would ever join such dangerous people
  • also, he increases the amount of bodyguards for MC because what if an old rival gang attacked them?? 


  • he knew it was a bit more intrusive than he should be, but he needed to make a background check on MC
  • he enters their old chatting app acount and find some rather interesting chat logs
  • messages such as
    • “can’t hang out today, the boss has a deal w another gang and I  have to help out”
    • “can you believe I get to teach newbies how to shoot this is amazing maybe I’ll be the next boss!”
    • “be careful, the police are searching for our hideout and they’ve been lurking near. wear something that covers ur face and don’t bring guns today because if they catch you with those u r in trouble”
  • clearly not just, normal standard texting with friends
  • he can figure out pretty easily what they mean
  • he decides to bring it up on a call out of sheer curiosity
  • “MC, what did you do before the RFA?”
  • “I used to be in a little gang thing back then, also a couple odd jobs…”
  • he insists on knowing the gang name
  • and when MC tells him, he quickly makes his research
  • ok maybe not that bad but the gang is not rainbows and sunshine
  • he’s actually worried MC left the gang and now they hold grudges to them?
  • leaving organised crime organisations is never easy
  • still, MC insists it was just a small little side thing
  • Seven knows it was much more than that but he can tell MC doesn’t want to creep the others out
  • when he comes over to Rika’s apartment to fix the whole fiasco with the hacker thing, he actually scares MC
  • they didn’t expect him to get there so fast
  • he’s shocked bc when MC senses danger their hands move on their own
  • where a gun holster would usually be
  • MC admits that they’d been pretty used to having their gun handy-dandy 
  • also when he starts with all that “stay away from me I’m dangerous” MC is like
  • boi
  • “listen up if it weren’t for the gang’s shady contacts I can assure my criminal record would be the worst and I’d probably be in jail so don’t even try to tell me that”
  • eventually he’s like… chill?
  • like it’s in the past sure ok maybe MC was in a gang but he’s a dangerous hacker so who is he to speak

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since you consider Error to be a... Comfort character (?) what is your opinion on seeing/reading fanmade content of him (Bonus: Your reaction to really detailed art vs not so detailed (VS INCORRECT STUFF, eg. that fanfiction you mentioned about sleep one chapter sex the next)

have the answer through quick sketches by yours truly.

I love most content about the burnt toast, but that fiction  killed me and not the good way

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Heyyy there! Can I request headcanons for Yuri P., Phichit and Guang-Hong and how they would comfort their female s/o during their time of month (eg cramps and stuff) Thank youu


  • he’s heard a lot of stuff about crankiness and mood swings and isn’t looking forward to dealing with any of that
  • his s/o calls him out on his close-mindedness, and he feels bad for being like that so he wants to make it up to them
  • buys sweets and tea and basically anything and everything that he’s heard will make them feel better (he goes overboard lol but his s/o is super appreciative)
  • will cuddle if they ask him to. he secretly enjoys it though


  • comes totally prepared. food, hot drinks, heating pads and medicine for cramps, extra toiletries, e v e r y t h i n g
  • plays a movie or puts on t.v. as they cuddle together
  • offers to give massages and rubs. plays with their hair and holds them close
  • lots of smooches!!


  • he’s been keeping track of their menstruation cycle and surprises them by knowing without being told
  • he’s brought a gift for them too~
  • they cuddle with a teddy bear nestled between them as they talk and eat takeout food
  • doesn’t mind his s/o’s crabbiness. he tries to make it easier on them as best as he can


I need more blogs to follow sooo pls follow me/like this/reblog this/whatever if you post any of the following and I will check out yer blog and most likely follow you:

- nintendo stuff (eg Fire Emblem, Pokémon, ACNL, etc.)

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Thanks so much for these light novel translations! I love that Kamijirou is actually addressed as a ship. Does the boyfriend talk continue past the end of Part 2?

You’re welcome!! 💕💕 kamijirou alongside izuocha they’re pretty canon af lol esp izuocha anyways but in the nxt part they don’t carry on with the boyfriend talk:( but they do move into some other interesting stuff eg if they were a guy what kinda girl they’d date and if they were a guy which guy they’d wanna be so it’s still really fun!

Honestly Guys Just STOP

I casually type in ‘killing stalking ’ on the tag bar and when I press enter I see posts about how the fandom and the story sucks. I expect normal posts like theories and fanart, (eg) not stuff saying ‘don’t follow me if you like this’ or ‘stop tagging this it’s ending up in my dashboard.

Srsly, there is a thing called blocking the tag. For the people who keep making posts like that, please be considerate of the people who appreciate the series.


Thank you for your consideration, Troubled Ship Anon.

Okay so I just had a random headcanon to share but what if the reason why everyone in drrr survives the most impossible stuff eg. getting punched across the city by shizuo and falling off a building and being fine like chikage, is because celty is just not doing her job, she’s just there so every other dullahan etc has just gone home cause oh she is there guess we dont need to tell people theyre dying she’s got this, and that just makes a string of late appointments with death so like some kids are dead two times over but celtys being so bad at being whatever she is that just no one dies.

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could you explain!!! how you!! did your tile backgrounds!


DRAW A THING (on its own layer and stuff etc)










ofc u can make tiles with a wider variety of designs and stuff (eg. my cat tile where there were like five different cat designs) and experiment with different spacing and patterns and sizing or watever
but in the end for a tile to work i think the most important thing is that the stuff on the edges are matched and lined up correctly !

theres probably a lot more to making tiles lol but a basic thing like this is all im comfortable w explaining rn hahahhha ;;;;

i hope this was helpful!

also i use photoshop cs5