DAY 3282

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Mar 22/23,  2017                    Wed/Thu 2:15 am

A birthday of Ef Sudhir Kulkarni .. Thursday the 23rd .. and may it bring happiness and great productivity for the immense work you undertake .. love from all the Ef

We sit in discussion of betterment and creativity and conditions of our state, or rather the state of mine .. we are mature and learned in our thoughts and we are precise and concise in our limited way, to decision .. decisions that shall improve our worth and our standing and our values ..

It is therefore quite surprising to find, the least, to be the most .. the ignorant to be the most revered .. and the disconnect between the maker and the audience to be as pronounced ..

Gloom has myriad ways of dispersing the dark clouds of anxiety and grief .. they are indeed the same end of the coin .. but if the two coexist, along with the reality of the moment, then shall there be a tangential discord .. not of very great presence, but there all the same ..

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi  …

What has gone has indeed gone .. its lamentation doth not reappear in form or substance .. it may never reappear too .. but then that is the gamble ..

There is strong and definitive inputs and desire to bring to the world the works of my Father .. many prominent publishers seek audience to reprint, to re dress, to modernise and in effect dress up the moment again .. i shall consider ..!!

Posterity shall never compare the strength of my Father’s writing .. his points of relevance and how he reached the final version of it .. but as the next generation after him, I do owe him a safe journey beyond which he may seek solace in its execution ..

And so to the generation that shall with hope, read and understand his works, to a presentation that is alluring as well as indulgent, it shall pave a path that shall make for better presence .. better availability to the next that have no inkling of what poetry means .. !!

That age of large, very large, consumers of the verse, written by the mountainous personalities of them that lived and spent their time with us in our home - constrained though it may have been …

The tragedy of recitation then, to now, is the absence of record  .. the absence of the live committed audience .. their space their listening their keenness and eager strength .. ones that inspired the greats of the literary world to be present in large time sanctions .. and to add to the demands and expectations of that silent majority - the masses, the audience …

But in effort shall there be change .. to compile to construct to design to present in ways that encompass the beauty of verse with the aura of the mass .. of that there has been effort and direction .. and hopefully, soon, after there has been sufficient consultation and management, to bring back that glory albeit in a form that shall be independent, aloof and personal  ..

This I strive for .. and lament the presence of the intrigue which haunts places of worship in and around us, connected to the essence of the written word .. not mine but my Father’s, in the decibels that ring with mine ..

That world of the past has to be recreated and brought back .. for, the next generation shall be ignorant of its bearings and worth … 

We cannot allow the liberated writings of such immense genius to go unnoticed and unknown  ..

Of that there shall be strife and commitment .. labour and effort .. belief and bearing .. understanding in explanation, and then the understanding of its value .. of this there must be a seeking .. a seeking from them that look upon such with idiocy ..

For, a day shall come when those adjectives shall have value only to further propel the designer the reader the composer the singer .. the poet ..

So help me God … !!!

Amitabh Bachchan


     It wasn’t exactly difficult to work out that something had been wrong with Marcus. Watching the other stride off how he had…Alec could only wait a efw minutes before following after him. Long enough that if he had been doing his business in there he’d be done by the time the door swung open and Alec had him pressed against the wall. Caging him in using his arms and not giving him an escape if he wanted one.

     “He’s an asshole.” His words were a low murmur, even as he dropped his head. Nose tucking against the others hair and just offer something stable for the other. “Oh, people have. It’s why he refuses to help in training any more.”

DAY 2920

Jalsa, Mumbai               Mar  29/30,  2016               Tue/Wed  12:12 am

Birthday - EF - Rajeshree Bhanudas Divkar  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

to Rajeshree we send our greetings and love for the day and endless days to come .. be happy be content and be with smile .. love from the Ef

We live in times of great communication. Never before in the entire history of the world were we subjected to such emphasised detail, on aspects of our being. Invention, technology has converted us into encyclopedic mutants that converge in grave numbers about. Our dependence on what we see, read, hear and seek is now within the combined efforts of not our sensory faculties, but in the dexterity of our finger punching square tablets or remotes .. 

The desire to be heard and seen was never as strong as it was before. And if it was, it was never so rapid and immediate ..

And this really is where all of us, subjected to the intrusive powers of inventive machinery, succumb. It may not necessarily be to our wanting, but it certainly will be to the wanting of others. Desire and need to keep abreast, to keep knowledged, to ‘keep up with the Jone’s internet’, is now the fresh competitive obsession.

The key inputs to information and knowledge may differ from one to another, but what never does differ is the impulse to be in possession of it. 

It may well be a reflection to our state of hunger. Having starved for a time when hunger was breaking all the doors of resistance, the sight and layout of the very first vision of that morsel of food, could well develop into a ravished rage of devouring the very air about, provided the package of eatables, went into that most important opening in the human body - the mouth !

Our times of passing time has become so.

We seek. We open. We read. We transfer. We message. We share. We group. We app. We just devastate.

Nothing wrong here. Except we eat into our time of contemplation. Of thought. Of purpose. Of regimented discipline. And eventually perish in its aftermath ; that moment when nothing but nothing seems attractive enough to sustain and ponder over.

We have found the most perfect alternative. We have found a friend philosopher and guide in Googledom .. in its dependence, in its value and most importantly in its wisdom and projected knowledge.

Much of what has just been deciphered is not in the domain of one. It is in the domain of many ‘one’s’. But domain it is. That never changes. In its reliance therefore, we have found ourselves victims of pigmied intelligence. What could have been a wider more vasted a domain has now limitations because of our deliberated habitual exigencies. The exigencies of invention.

That first piece of human or animal bone that was raised in self protection as a weapon to devastating effect, became the first initiator of not just violence, but of the development and manufacturing of weapons of destruction.

 When the hand to hand weaponry and battle was considered valorous, there was great emphasis of individual strength ; emphasis on the power that wielded the weapon on hand. But as invention developed means other than the existent, the battles became more complicated. That artistry of personal contact was suddenly distanced. Now destruction and annihilation took place from a distance. A cylindrical mass of metal containing atomic power commodities, when dropped from some thousands of feet above the airs of a civilisation it wiped out an entire city. The power of distance and destruction was never more astounding. That one exercise brought decision. It stopped the war.

My great grand father threw his sword in the well within his premises, when the first cannon ball landed some feet away from him. When he could not see his enemy and without engagement the enemy could defeat him, he felt the sword was futile !

The modus operandi of modern warfare, is one of the most sophisticated weaponry ever seen my humankind. Pinpoint devastation sitting miles away from the scene, enables one the extreme power, it perhaps never imagined or measured.

The usage of the instruments in other forms of battle, the social moral and personal, have been developed in no small measure.

Communication has the ability to wreck havoc upon the enemy, by sitting in the comfort of your own security. True, not just in the battle field, which really is no longer a designated region as before, but also in the regions that we create in society.

Personal animosity does not require a back to back decorum gun battle at the count of three. It is the free birded designation of the waves in the air, that take firm care of it. They invite, they provoke, they accuse, they battle … within the air waves. And they never have a winner or a loser !! No enemy is ever destroyed. No victory is ever hailed or achieved. The victory is of the medium. The slaying is momentary, as is the battle cry of victory. You finish one and another starts. And nothing lasts for more a couple of days, because distant warring is distant and garners a lot of distaste in its bearing - it gets boring. The time span of attention, and that is the most essential in all confrontations, is short and not necessarily sweet. Variety is the key factor, even in battle, accusation, vilification. The poison has limited life. Why ? because the poison was constructed for limited effect, much like the content of channel communication. Bored content .. switch to channel 476 .. or whatever .. there are 800 of them in just one country .. how many will one watch .. how many will one get affected by .. if there has to be competition then surely one must strive to be different to the other .. but how ..? the material the issue is the same .. so creative presentation drops by on stilts of suggestion .. one shall look two in another and eleven in another .. and on ..

Belief and value then dear reader or watcher or eye baller, takes a beating. Result : non interest and non belief ! 

What remains then is the minimal period of some disfunction - a ¾ day span and then .. on to the next situation ..

The faster the communication speed the less its stress and perceived importance. But just because it is so does not mean that belief shall take a beating always … naah …there are other aspects that shall take and mingle and devastate and destroy the property, the content ..

The effort then for a sustaining effect is to bring in some newness each other day ; and it could be in any form. It could be contrived, perceived, alleged .. and many more such .. so long as it does not wander away from the basic issue … battle !

When content is truthful and clear .. there is no fear. Its when it is convoluted that doubts creep in .. doubts that could have initially damaged, but eventually laid away ..

My medium may be selfish and one sided .. but so could that of the opposition !

Amitabh Bachchan