efren bata reyes

Steve Rogers had a variety of odd jobs in order to make ends meet and to compensate for the fact that he was so often prone to illness.

Among his more obscure talents was the fact that he was a born pool hustler. While Steve made it a point not to hustle the “innocent” - so to speak, any loudmouthed jerk at the bars and pubs he and Bucky frequented was fair game. They were all taken in by big blue eyes and his patented earnest, innocent expression.

Steve was often good enough to make rent and then some. Bucky, of course, took care of the jerks who felt “cheated” and would lay in wait for the tiny shrimp who “stole” their money.

Seven decades later, Steve would find himself hustling in a pool hall somewhere in Manila, trading a trick or two with Efren “Bata” Reyes.

He did agree with Mr. Reyes that San Miguel was a particularly good brand of beer.

—  Headcanon because yes, I’ve read that fic where Steve is a wizard at billiards and it makes PERFECT SENSE. And also, the idea of Cap meeting Efren “Bata” Reyes a.k.a. the Filipino God of Billiards amuses me.