Chords and Lyrics to A Tavrisprite fansong by PhemieC

I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight

I’m gonna be my nightmare tonight

G#m                                       B
You’re pretty picky, you’re a clique of one
G#m                                       B                                        E          
I’m right though, surely I’m not the only gun you’ve got loaded?
F#                                   E                 C#
How do you keep from gloating?

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your fics and wondered if maybe you had fic recommendations to share? Searching Tumblr FFN and AO3 is really hard ((there's a lot of fics ; ^ ;)) but maybe you can direct me to a few you liked? Angst or fluff doesn't matter, rating doesn't matter either. Thank you friend!

[ Sorry for the late response, gray! I needed to go through my arsenal and also wanted to save this for fanfic writer appreciation day (I’m late, I know D:), just so some of my favorites get some extra love. If you’ve read my stuff, I can safely assume you’re into AoKise, but I’m gonna throw in a few others from other fandoms just because I wanna spread a little appreciation to those writers/fics as well. Here we go (under the cut for length):

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fallout 4 gameplay dissection

character creation

  • new “sculpting” system a la Sims 4
  • be a man or a women
  • customize both you and your spouse (and consequently your baby)
  • options seen for both sex and body (what they do is unknown)


  • you are alive before the war
  • vault boy now has animations!
  • ron perlman is heard again (possible character in game?)
  • sole survivor of vault 111 for unknown reasons (also alive 200 years later for unknown reasons)
  • your pip-boy has all sorts of cool tapes and games etc

out in the wastes

  • everything, including dialogue, playable in first or third person
  • dialogue is done “mass effect” style with dynamic angles and a summary of what your character will say
  • each choice mapped to a face button
  • one choice was colored yellow instead of green (possible skill-based choice? karma?)
  • apparently you can do anything during conversations. leave, kill, etc
  • it seems like your dog can be found early in the game
  • your dog (and possibly complanions) have a separate mode where you can order them around just by pointing at things


  • mole rats and other enemies can come out of the ground
  • the new pistol looks quite different (its possible its a 10mm with a new design, it has a similar sound)
  • enemies react more when they get hit
  • VATS is now super slow-mo instead of completely stopped (and the percentages change in real time)
  • crits seem to be done differently. instead of a dice roll, the player can activate a crit, that depletes a meter, with a button
  • definitely confirmed to be boston and the surrounding area
  • a variety of environments including swamps, quarries, and the city proper
  • many different kinds of weather (unknown if they’re locked to certain areas)
  • relatively blue skies compared to the captial wasteland maybe not quite as bombed out?

Video 2


  • lots of costumes (and dont seem to be locked to gender, like 3)
  • new weapon: laser musket (like a rifle but requires a crank after each shot)
  • new enemy variations: raider scum, psycho raider, siege breaker sentry bot, raider waster, raider veteran, raider scavver
  • lots of weapons have new looks (possibly due to customization)
  • your dog can grab enemies and knock them down
  • grenades may have a dedicated button, watch the way he throws the grenade them immediately starts shooting
  • automatic laser rifle!
  • completely new enemy: synth strider (possibly an android faction?)
  • he’s using a fancy new energy weapon too

power armor

  • power armor is super different
  • animation for getting inside
  • has its own HUD resembling that of a car

more combat

  • deathclaws are really scary, they can pick you up now
  • there seems to be some kind of combat arena in the game
  • here the dog is named “Dogmeat” (you probably give him a name at some point)
  • cars still explode big
  • new enemy: bloodbug. a giant fucking mosquito
  • looks like you can call in a vertibird and fly around (and shoot) in it
  • the rock-it launcher is back and you can skill knock people’s heads off with teddy bears
  • player is shooting a brotherhood initiate. they may not be the good guys this time
  • also, you can knock armor off enemies
  • your power armor has a jetpack (that consumes your AP)
  • you are like a tank in power armor
  • a spaceship looking thing is exploding
  • seen attacking the brotherhood again
  • an orbital-looking weapon, like in New Vegas (possibly tied to a story event)
  • dog

thats all for these

building and crafting here

pip-boy and stats here