What should we cut off first?’ Efram got closer and raised his blade. ‘Eeny,meeny,miny or moe?’ he said pointing it at Cas’ wrists, nose and crotch. 

Maybe moe will go first? What do you think?’ he turned and looked at his companion - Jonah  ‘It’s been a while since Castiel used it for the last time’  he stared back in Cas’s eyes.’Or maybe you have found yourself another whore to play with?’ he whispered. For the first time in hours Cas felt fire burning inside him. And it wasn’t the curse.

Angel walked to the small table in the back and sat on it. ‘How long has it been? A year? Something like that right?’ upon seeing hurt in Castiel’s eyes the angel continued. ‘She is in Heaven now’ he looked at Jonah for confirmation. He nodded. ‘Unbelievable’  Efram scoffed ‘Obviously you don’t need much to go there. Well maybe sleeping with angel. Maybe that was how she wanted to define her worth because let’s be honest there wasn’t anything else’  Castiel swayed in his chains.

Don’t…you…ever…dare…speak…of…her…again’ he gritted his teeth. That only made Efram smile.

Tell me Castiel don’t you think you wasted your time on this filthy mortal’  he came closer to his hurt brother.’She had to be good’ Castiel spat in his face. 

Efram looked at him disgusted and punched him in the face. ‘And what do you think Jonah? Why our brother’ he said it like something loathsome ’protect her so much right now?’ 

‘Maybe he feels guilty. He was with her the moment she died’ the asked angel said.

Oh yes! You were there! How does it feel that you couldn’t save her? With all your powers? You were so useless then. You coudn’t help the one you claimed to love. You could just sit there and looking at her while she was bleeding out and getting cold. While her eyes were becoming dull. Did you ever manage to clean up her blood from your hands?’ each of the sentence was followed by small cut on Cas’s body. But nothing, nothing hurt more that the image of your last moment that appeared before his eyes once again. So vivid an real. Castiel’s eyes were full of so much pain and despair right then. It only spur Efran to cut him with his blade once again.

This is probably the most advanced animation I’ve ever done. Efram’s gallop is based on Muybridge’s classic animation of the gallop, showing four-beat footfall sequence, but reduced to 8 frames.

I haven’t really fleshed out the details of Efram’s side-arms at this point, but suffice to say they function as futuristic six-shooters with unlimited ammo.

I’ll likely use this sprite as a base for at least one enemy sprite, as well.

I know I know, I’ve said this before but...

CASTIEL: Mercy, brother, please!
EFRAM: Brother? Ha! What are you?
CASTIEL: W-what? I’m an angel of the Lord.
EFRAM: That so? ‘Cause, near as I can tell, when you have to choose between heaven and the Winchesters …
JONAH: You choose them.
EFRAM: Every time. So, see, you’re not my brother. And if I had it my way, I’d take this blade, stick it in your heart … and call that a damn good day.

Compare that with 11.23:

Dean: How you doing? You good? I mean, you know, the whole Lucifer thing.
Castiel: I was just… so stupid.
Dean: No, no, no. It wasn’t stupid. You were right. You were right to let Lucifer ride shotgun. Me and Sam wouldn’t have done that.
Castiel: Well, it didn’t work.
Dean: No, but it was our best shot, and you stepped up.
Castiel: I was just trying to help.
Dean: Well, and you do help, Cas. You know, I– You know, sometimes, me and Sam have got so much going on that.. we forget about everyone else.
Castiel: Well, you do live exciting lives.
Dean: Yeah, that’s one word for it. But you’re always there, you know? You’re the best friend we’ve ever had. You’re our brother, Cas. I want you to know that.
Castiel: Thank you.

It’s not like Cas hasn’t always tried his best for Heaven, for the other angels (well except that time he was suffering from Leviathan poisoning and sort of obliterated them willy-nilly, but we’re past that…). What Efram and Jonah tortured him for here, what they were willing to kill him for, what they’d disowned him for–

Dean knows all of it, knows why Cas said yes to Lucifer, even though it didn’t help in the end, but understood his reasons for putting the rest of the world at risk that way, and not only reassured him that he’d done the right thing, but that he’s still family, too. That he’s a brother, and that he’s wanted and accepted for who he is.

This still makes me all verklempt. 


Beach Day!! 🏄🏾 

Mi Baby Lovess @qxeenkj & @anitacole on This Beach Breaking Necks! One Guy was Staring So Hard, Almost Got Hit by a Car.

Soaking Up All the Sun We Can Get on This Beautiful Day. I Couldn’t Bring My Heffas Down Here and Not Take Them to The Beach. Beer in the Cooler and We Just Chillin. Oh and Found Two Bodyguards (My Uncle Efram & Cousin Giovani) on the Way So Kenn Won’t Get Taken LMAO. 

See that little red pole thingy? That’s the border between Poland and Slovakia - they used to have guard on point there in days gone by. At 6500ft above sea level, that’s a hell of a climb to get to work everyday if you ask me!

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