Brave dog receives life-saving care

The UF Small Animal Hospital is treating a brave German shepherd who developed a rare, skin-attacking disease called Pythiosis. Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a clinical assistant professor of integrative medicine at UF College of Veterinary Medicine, performed Darwin’s surgery. The infection was so severe that Darwin’s tail was amputated.

Efram Goldberg, Darwin’s owner, drives the 17-month-old pup for regular treatments in an oxygen-rich hyperbaric chamber at the hospital. Goldberg, a graduate student at the Florida Institute of Technology, launched a GoFundMe site to raise donations for Darwin’s mounting veterinary bills: www.gofundme.com/darwinsfund.

A reporter and photographer from the Gainesville Sun met Darwin and Goldberg at the UF Small Animal Hospital last week.Read Chris Curry’s article here to learn about how Darwin contracted Pythiosis. You’ll also find pictures of Darwin’s treatment in the hyperbaric chamber.

The below pictures were taken by Sarah Carey, M.A., A.P.R., director of public relations at the  College of Veterinary Medicine. Even without a tail, Darwin is a playful pooch who shows affection by launching his wriggling body on his owner and covering him with sloppy kisses.

“I knew he was special when I saw him as a puppy,” Goldberg said. “I’d do anything for him.”

Hard at work at the National Slate Museum, Snowdonia.

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The majestic Kingsdown beach is lit up with the afternoon sun!

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