Datamoshing music video done for music pal EFRAIMEFRAIM.  Check his stuff out!

Click through for HQ!


Repostin this.  Datamoshing music video I recently finished utilizing found footage and gameplay of LSD: The Dream Emulator.  Pretty sweet.  Done for friend EFRAIMEFRAIM, check out his COASTS song, it’s p good.


EFRAIMEFRAIM - “GIRLS BAND” (Official Music Video)


Dear Everyone,

EFRAIMEFRAIM is no longer a solo project of Efraim Acevedo Klein.

LeftFromEfraim is now the band of Efraim Acevedo Klein and Jonathan Whitehead, pictured above.

We’ve been very busy recording our new demo album, which will largely consist of new interpretations of EFRAIMEFRAIM songs, but with new instrumentation and composition that we personally believe to be a sound all its own. It’ll make you move, up, down, and all around. It’ll make you run faster. It’ll make you jump higher. It’ll make you party harder.

This is going to be really good music. I’m sure some label will agree.

– Efraim