If you are looking for me at the con I will be wearing a glow-in-the-dark traffic cone on my head with a spinning and blinking “C” on top.

additionally I’ll buy those LED mlp shirts and dress in christmas lights while holding a boombox that plays AC/DC’s “big balls” on loop.

Just so you know where I am at literally all times.

It's not too late to plan for EFNW this year is it?

Think I might go this year, it’ll be a looong trip but I’ll get to hang out with great people and possibly bring prints(?) to the convention.

I heard it’s great fun from a friend of mine who went last year (she brought me back a Fluttershy t-shirt *squee*) so I am looking into attending.

If I eventually went, what would you like to see from me there?

To anyone who took pictures this weekend of the car with a giant rainbow dash on top!!! That was me and my family ^u^ Could you tag me with it? Just thatcorbincrow, please!

Also any pictures of me(The twilight with the light-up horn, purple eyes, and spellbook), my dad (the starswirl with a beard and a bunch of bells and a long-ass cloak), or my brother (the spike with purple sweat pants and a green mohawk) could you tag those with thatcorbincrow as well? Or my dad’s tumblr for that matter, poetmunky.

THANKS TUMBLR! I’d really like those pics.