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Franz Shubert

Piano Trio in E Flat Major - Andante con moto

by Vienna Mozart Trio

gogogotchi replied to your post: “Trial By Fire.” Aw, man, what a great…

I also liked it when Aurora asks what eflat major tastes like. Ep2 was alright.I just gotta get used to how they fly back and forth so quickly/easily back to Camp X from Europe within a span of 1 episode cos it breaks the illusion of the show for me

It’s funny, 2 eps in, I have no real sense of where Camp X is actually located geographically (even though obvs it’s in Canada) but it just seems like they bop back and forth from mission sites to back home so easily that it gets lost to me, haha! I think I was too dazzled by the transition animation.

…maybe the Canadians did have a Stargate after all…

anonymous asked:

I understand my dear you love Mozart! He is my passion and joy! My fantasy would be to play his concerto for 2 pianos in Eflat with you and then make love passionately! would you indulge me..?

Only if you promise to play The Magic Flute as well. 

…………… waits for it.