It Started With A Bang

It started with a bang,

Then came the boom clap,

Over ridden with the riddles from the Wordsmith’s den,

Crafting each sentence so to capture your minds

With these barred passages, clanging with every rhyme,

Giving you the instrumental to my heart scheme

Resonating from the clashes of a cup half filled

Still thirsty for a taste of this new found freedom,

46664, fighting inner demons,

Instead of facing truth,

We bury all our secrets

Barely coping with the feelings

Anger boiling now we steaming

Can’t avoid it in the cities

Ladies clutching at a shadow,

The hues sparking up a fear we thought would disappear

After 18 years,

Still racing for a balance

Still searching through eyes borne callous,

Hereditary prejudice,

Jaded generations

Tryna find a place in this world,

Never knowing what they’ve been purposed for

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Ode to My Progenitors

The spawn of a leader

His decorum precedes me

Like a blanket

It shields the warmth from within

Bay the forces that prey upon the weak

The trails of the pomes

Hasn’t strayed from the core

Still in view of the oak

Like a symbol of hope

See his heart is adjacent to the GOD that he brought

To the family, his home

Continually defying the status quo

Driven by the past of a single home

Only seen his dad through the frame of a lens

Vowing that his roots would not determine his ends

Motivated self to excel (so supreme)

The flames of his trails turned the spark to degrees

Lighting up the path, for the ones that couldn’t see

Proficient in the tongues of éclat

The blessings of the father now endowed to the kin

Married to the queen, the jewel of my heart

A nurturing mother Never fearing the rod, keeping me in line

Now I’m versed like a Psalm

Sparking up a fighter from a passionate writer

Endearing in her ways in defying the means

A teacher educated in the art of adage

Equipping every student with the tools to exceed

A symbol of grace in the heart of the meek

The quintessence of beauty, though a trophy she ain’t

Her genesis wouldn’t let her play the sideline event

Independent, motivated

Flipping scripts instead of plates

Inspired by her will to never be the second best

The toils of her love, I appreciate

From the days on her back, where she’d fend for my needs

An ode to the woman that is coated with esteem

Love reigns supreme to the mother of prestige