Tartan Tart - For Fatshion February!

I have wanted this wrap for ages but it was initially £25 and I was adamant I would not pay that for a glorified picnic blanket. A few months down the line it was reduced to £10 and so I accepted it into my life! Best decision ever, I have essentially worn it non stop.

  • Tartan wrap: New Look
  • Basic black top: H&M
  • Leggings: Savour confident curves
  • Boots: New Look

Winter Neutrals - For Fatshion February

I should have heads up mentioned that I can only really take fatshion february stuff on the weekend since I’m out the door at 7am in the week (dark) and back at 6 (still dark). Also once I get home I am pretty much straight in my jammies!

We went exploring today and this was my slightly impractical “I don’t want to wear a coat anymore” outfit (is anybody else going through this phase?!). I got these jeans/jeggings for like £6 at primark and even though they could probably do with being a little bit more high waisted (every so often I have to do a little jump&jiggle to pull them back up) they aren’t bad for, you know, £6.

My fringe is now finally long enough to tuck behind my ears. However, my new years resolution was to stop dyeing my hair and let it grow out so I’m going through a bit of an awkward hair phase. If you are thinking to yourself “Geez, I really want to go back to my natural hair colour” I haven’t coloured my hair since September and I still only have like two inches of roots. My hair grows very slowly. It’s a slow, painful process.

  • Top: Asda
  • Jeans: Primark
  • Cardigan: Very (like 3 years ago!)
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Necklace: Primark