Ranch Horse Pleasure

Today’s video highlights the newest class added by AQHA. 

It’s sort of a combination of reining, western pleasure, and trail. 

I, for one, hope APHA adds it!

Hey everyone! Kelsy here! I hope everyone is enjoying the blog so far, as we’re trying to keep it fresh and reblog stuff that will interest you guys. 

Right now, Lyss and I are both working and in school, so we’re working on scheduling and keeping things fresh. I’m off for the next few days, so I’ll be working on searching around for new pictures and an article for this weekend!

I’ve been going through our followers blogs and reblogging pictures of your guys’ personal horses, as I think it’s cool to see those on the dashboard!

Please, please, please make submissions, asks, and ideas! We really want you guys to enjoy this blogs and post things that you all want to see!

Thanks again!

Some more information about this blog!

Hey everyone! Lyss here.

I just wanted everyone’s attention to be brought to the tags on the side of the theme. We will be posting pictures and articles and videos, tagging them by breed and discipline. However, for the time being, we will just be putting links up to the breeds! We will be tagging our posts with disciplines though, so if there’s something you want to look up, just put /tagged/(whatever discipline you’re looking for, without parentheses) after our url and hopefully we’ll have what you’re looking for! 

If there’s ANY questions at all, please ask and don’t forget to submit! We want to see all of our followers’ horses! 


Hi guys, Kelsy here! Sorry for the complete lack of activity. Between school, work, and show season, life has gotten in the way x.x

Any who, this weekend I hope to try and get some new stuff put on her and get it back up in running.

In the meantime, what would you guys like to see?

Hello everyone! Sorry for the major lack of activity for the past week. School and horses have kicked in, and it can be hard to sit on the computer and keep blogging.

I hope everyone is getting to enjoy their pones as spring is coming, shows are starting, and the fun begins!

As always, don’t forget the submissions and asks! We love to hear them! And if anyone has a video they want us to use, let us know! Don’t forget we also have an email if you want to be anon. (effyeahstockhorses@gmail.com)

Hey guys! Kelsy here, just going to explain a few things!

-First off, as Lyss has mentioned we’re adding multiple tags. Those also include Photographer Tags. All Photographers are tagged, as well as the picture links back to their website. If there is no photographer listed, pictures will be linked back to the website or original Blogger they are from.

-Second, we’re hoping to start a “Spotlight Article” of the Week. These will be covering anything from show tips, to hauling, or nutrition. I’m not sure what day they will be put out, as we are still deciding!

-Third, we’re also planning on doing a “Showing on a Budget” series. That will definitely take a while, so be on the look out for it!

-Last! You guys have been awesome so far, and keep up with the Comments, Asks, and Submissions! We want this blog to cover what you, as followers, want to see! So keep those ideas coming in!