effy season 4


The best Effy eye makeup tutorials (for the look in s4x08)

- Link 1 (dramatic, close to original)

- Link 2 (softer version) 

- Link 3 (pretty much spot on, but not best quality video)


Well,I know it’s been a long time since I have posted something and I am really sorry,but I am doing something ‘special’.I am doing a back to school Effy outfits.I have been thinking a lot of doing this and I am so sorry that I haven’t posted it before.And I also know that the most of you guys allready started school,but I thought that you all used the outfits that other people posted so you need new ones.And i am here to save you.Well,for Effy’s style there are some others rules that I haven’t told you yet and I am excited for you to see them so lets get started.
Effy style rules :

1.Be fucking confident! Even if you aren’t,at least pretend you are.Never be shy to do something just do it.Even if you think it doesn’t have to do with style you’re wrong.
2.Never wear just black! This is a mistake everyone does.Effy isn’t just about black.She is about black , gold , grey and sometimes - white.I know I have postet some all black oyfits but it would be better to add some gold necklecess and bracelets to them.Because black doesn’t represent Effy,long necklecess and a lot of bracelets -do.
3.Always wear high top shoes.They always make you look more like effy than like a princess.
4.Your shoes should be black,red,grey,dark blue or ,at least white.Don’t bother spending money for  colourful shoes if you wanna look like Effy.Even if you don’t notice,shoes always complet an outfit.Shoes can make an outfit gorgeos,but also they can ruin it.
5.Choose a verry simple backpack or bag.It also shoult be black and\or white.You also could buy a red one.It could make you look kindda Effy,too.

So these were my back to school rules for Effy’s style.Stay tuned for another post about Effy.And don’t forget to write me what alse would you like to see.Byee <3