effy and dominic


Submarine (2012) - Richard Ayoade

5 things about this movie:

1- The soundtrack is really awesome, it’s the debut EP by the Arctic Monkeys lead singer, Alex Turner.
2- It’s sooo cute, but it’s also sad.
Each character has a color: Oliver is blue and Jordana is red. As Oliver gets to know Jordana more red gets into his palette.
4- It’s based on a novel by Joe Dunthorne.
5- Craig Roberts is cute. Yasmin Paige is cute. Everyone’s cute.

Skins: Effy Stonem (ENFJ)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by http://hannah-elizabeth-j.tumblr.com/

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Effy is always aware of what other people are feeling and uses it to her advantage. She easily charms people to get what she wants out of them because she knows what will work on that person even if she hardly knows them, if at all. She tells Katie that she also sees through her act and this is true since she has a knack for knowing what other people’s emotional needs are. Although she spent most of her time while on the show with psychotic depression so is really unhealthy but she still cares a lot about other people. She tells Freddie that ‘she didn’t mean to fuck everything up’ and never meant to hurt either him or Cook it was just that she was mentally ill and doing the best she could with what she had. For example when she knew that she wanted to kill herself she broke up with Freddie and told everyone that she wanted to say goodbye and tried to break connects with them before she did anything because she thought that then it would hurt them less.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Although her psychotic depression may look like an Ni breakdown, its not. That’s just a part of the mental illness she has and has nothing to do with her personality type. Although this function does appear in the first four seasons I think the best example of it is in Skins Fire. This shows her later in life when she is completely stable and her functions work better. As soon as she decided that she wanted to have a serious future in stocks she got Dominic to teach her everything he knew and picked it all up in one afternoon. There were some problems because of her dick of a boss but she had clear vision of what she wanted for her future.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She lives very much in the present. Her life style is somewhat reckless, drugs, alcohol and sex are three things that she spends a lot of her time on. In Skins Fire Freddie wasn’t even mentioned showing that she spent no time living in the past thinking about him despite what he meant to her. She had also seemed to have cut ties with Pandora despite the fact that they were best friends for four years. Yet she was still patient and forgiving with Naomi and Emily because they were the two that were still in her life.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Effy is never rational if it is a matter than involves feelings. She can be logical when it comes to her work life but tends to be consumed by her emotions in other matters. My favourite example of her inferior Ti is when she is blaming her Mum for what was happening in her life “Stuff was happening. Every kind of fucking stuff and…you didn’t warm me.” Blamed the fact that she didn’t know what to do in situations on the fact that her Mum hadn’t warned her it might, completely irrational but that’s what she felt so she said it.

Note: Okay so I kind of expect to sort Effy as an Fe dominant may get a few raised eye brows since she is also mute for the first two seasons particularly around her family but, as an Fe dom with an Fe dom sisters who grew up in an emotionally abusive household this can happen. So in the case of my sister and me the fact that our love maps got a bit screwed up (like Effy) meant that we stopped trusting people since our Fe had been damaged and had to separate ourselves from family and romantic connections as a way of self defence. Effy’s household was dysfunctional although not emotionally abusive but the behaviour is consistent of what I know Fe doms can be like when their Fe was screwed with from an early age.