calamari-democracy  asked:

Hi there! I'm thinking of maybe creating a gemsona, but I'm a dude, so I'm thinking male gem. Do you have any idea on weapon or specific gem that would match? I was going for a (still male) feminine, narcissistic nature, outgoing and unique. ideas?

Sounds like he might be a bit showy! You’ll want to look at weapons that exemplify that show-offy nature, something that can be used for performance as well as battle. Narcissism as a trait brings mirrors or other reflective surfaces to mind, so that makes for one option (a mirror is Okami’s main weapon, for example). Outgoing means that their weapon is either built to withstand being outside for long periods, or perhaps is even made of or complimented by natural materials! The all-natural route can also doubly compliment the feminine personality. Its uniqueness, however, is up to you.

As for gems, you want to look for ones that focus on the self: self-healing, self-exploration, promotion of self-growth, etc. A lot of gems of that range also tend to work with past life recall, so perhaps that can also play into their narcissism!