I’ve never known a joy more elegant or effortless than the one I have found with you. Our energy is infectious, the chemistry is wild, and your crazy and my crazy are perfectly aligned. I am positively convinced we were written in the stars, and if not, I will carve our names into the sky myself.
—  Beau TaplinE f f o r t l e s s 
Lack of discipline; can wash out every talent, every effort, every dream from your life.

You are told from the moment you enter school that time is constant. It never changes. It is one of those set things in life that you can always rely on, much like death and taxes. There will always be sixty seconds in a minute. There will always be sixty minutes in an hour. And there will always be twenty-four hours in a day. Time does not fluctuate. It moves on at the same, constant pace at every moment in your life.

Truth was, time did fluctuate. It was easy to lose hours or even days in a blink of an eye. Other times, it was a struggle to get through a mere hour. It ebbed and flowed as relentlessly as the tides, and just as powerfully too. The moments that you wanted to last forever were the ones that washed away all too soon. The moments that you wanted to speed up slowed down to a snail’s pace.

—  Effortless - S.C. Stephens


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Setting up options for the weekend after an entertaining interview with @theoandharris. Thanks for the laughs guys.
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