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since we’re on the subject of shassie headcanons…


so i was thinking about this thing i saw on pinterest:

and i was like. what if shawn did his own version of a “check yes or no” sorta thing and typed up and printed “I want to ki__ you.” on a piece of paper and handed it to lassie one day like “I want this paperwork filled out and on my desk at the Psych office by noon on monday” and just leaving carlton at the station sitting at his desk like ???

and lassiter’s first instinct would be to crumble it up and get back to what he was doing, but he doesn’t, because something about the way shawn gave it to him seemed… different. almost like he was nervous. like maybe it wasn’t just a throwaway joke. but the thing is lassie doesn’t KNOW that for sure, and he sure as hell isn’t gonna assume, because, what the fuck would he say if he turned in a paper admitting he wanted to kiss shawn spencer, and shawn hadn’t been serious? so the paper just. sits in his desk drawer over the weekend.

but then monday morning comes around and lassiter hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it all weekend and he yanks open the drawer as soon as he gets to the station and he pulls out the paper and with a surprisingly steady hand fills in the blanks with two S’s and he grabs his keys and goes right on over to the psych office, sneaks in, sets the slip on shawn’s desk, and hightails it back to the station where he subsequently freaks out and regrets every choice he’s ever made because SHIT what if it was a joke what if spencer completely forgot about the whole thing and never even expected the paper back, let alone with “kiss” as opposed to “kick” or even “kill” on it??!?

so while lassie’s panicking back at the station and debating whether it’s too late to go back and take the paper before shawn gets to the psych office, shawn’s already there and panicking because WHAT?? IS THIS A JOKE?? did lassie finally learn how to play along with his games because if so this was TERRIBLE timing because shawn was actually half serious here, but he never imagined carlton would actually reply, and he was starting to think he couldn’t read because there was no way it actually said “kiss” on that paper. no way.

so he calls gus, and blurts out “CARLTON LASSITER WANTS TO KISS ME” as soon as he answers, and gus is just all kinds of confused bc he had no idea shawn had even given him this paper in the first place. so once shawn explains the situation and frantically asks him “is he serious? he can’t be serious, right? tell me he’s serious, gus.” gus is like “uh… well… it wouldn’t be like him to respond at all if he wasn’t serious, right? i mean, if he disapproved of the letter, he probably would have just torn it up right in front of you, right? i don’t know, shawn, why don’t you ask him?” and shawn’s like HA. no.

but what else can he do? so he heads over to the station where lassiter is about ready to consider sending in a letter of resignation because how could he live with the embarrassment that’s about to come?? what if spencer tells the entire station what his response was?? But he lucks out because shawn shows up and before lassie can make up some bullshit like “i was just playing along with your games”, shawn holds the paper in front of him and says “you forgot to sign it.” and lassie’s just like. “i’m not gonna sign it.” and shawn’s like “well then i can’t fulfill your wishes because for all i know buzz or jules or even chief vick could’ve filled this out when you weren’t looking.” and lassie’s like “no one else filled it ou–wait, what do you mean fulfill my wishes??” to which shawn replies “you wanna kiss me, right?” and carlton just. gives up. he nods. shawn smirks. he sets the paper down on lassie’s desk, getting a liiiittle too close as he puts a pen in the detective’s hand. “sign it, and i’m all yours.”

then they have to stop themselves from making out in front of the entire station and everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.


Punk!Percy Icons

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well, there’s only one explanation for this: i wanted to show appreciation for the people on my dashboard who end up making me smile or laugh one way or another [mostly because of their tags or their screaming]

anyways, thank you all for having amazing blogs & i hope your holidays + the rest of the year goes smoothly for all. i hope all of you meet your faves in 2k17!!

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