The Pacific Rim fan book, Beyond the Breach, is now live on Kickstarter!

Beyond the Breach is a group effort, combining illustration, comics, writing, crafts, and costuming, all culminating in 92 pages of wonderful, Pacific Rim related, creations. I urge everyone to check out each one of the listed contributors, as this project would not exist without their help.

Editors: alienfirst | irisbleufic | priellan

Artists contributing to specific reward tiers (and the book): alienfirst | pixiepunch| eckses-art | kowabungadoodles

All Contributing artists (writers, illustrators, crafters, and costumers): Alienfirst | Baron Von Chop | Boredbyreality | Blairtrabbit | Cptgideon | Cerigg | Cryokina | Darowen | Eckses | Emily Cheeseman | Explodinghye | Feriowind | Flux | Gentletrees | Glassvines | Gunkiss | Haley\Ivan Kasof | Hamish Steele | Holland | Homuzu | Irisbleufic | Jade Rose | Kaysha Siemens | KayteaEM | Kelly Tsvahl | Keto | Kiku Hughes | Kory Bing | Kowabungadoodles | Kurama2212 | Lunaris1013 | Maria Ku | Melanie Souchet | Noël Mashburn | Owlinaminor | Parasitebeans | Pembroke | PhantomSeptember | Pixiepunch | Pooryorick | Rachel Blier | Rehd | Ronnie Ritche | Sash-kash | Savannah Horrocks | Sam Skaluba/Seileag | Snailontheslope | Stunnerstorm | Therailsplitter | Toucanparty | Travelistaa | Vongchild

For up-to-date information (as things change and reblogs may not have the newest tidbits) follow any of the following links:

Kickstarter | Beyond the Breach Tumblr | Contributing Artists

Something for the record...

As far as the old “World of Fizz” archive goes, taking it down was not an easy decision. “World of Fizz” is my baby, and it hurt removing some 7-8 years of work, but it was necessary to move on in an effort to revitalize the comic.

Even still, I do plan on re-using individual strips and story ideas, as well as coming up with new stories, so all is not lost. This may be the case at first, as I really want to get the strip going again soon, but writing new stuff has proven to be a challenge. This is mostly due to some personal stuff I am going through. But I can’t let that stop me from creating. I was born to create. And create is what I will do.