nockFORCE by Roy Macintosh

With ianjq and jimforce, we’re jamming in the internet. Let’s hit it!

WASSUP ROCKERS!! This here is an internet band that’s so old, they gangbanged with the MySpace hebrews. However, it may be old, but the (nock)Force is genuine when it comes to nostalgic Youtube and independent rap. That’s to say, can’t stand independent rappers nowadays and that’s because there’s really no effort to it anymore. With these two, they helped me learn that it takes mind, and dope, to rap it up good. This the Nocka Flocka Force, what’s the deal here?

STORY TIME! Two wannabe rappers hit it up in Magical Brooklyn, where nymphs and goblins roam the streets and those like Beyonce are always getting their ass kicked. My kind of place. We have effnocka (Quartey), the negotiator, rhymester, (not)token black man of the crew, and playboy. Then we got FUCKFORCE (Gisriel), co-creator, the joker, the cleaner, the dooby scoob, and playboy. The two unite to converse… and that’s it. Best synopsis ever. Also, Monkey D. Luffy becomes King of the Pirates in the end. How do I know this, you ask? Because the Royal wields it so!


Sorry, took some mindtaking lessons. Anyway, the show is basically just an animated podcast. Something I certainly don’t see everyday, and that’s not a bad thing. However, the bad about this that it died too soon! ATTICA!! I’m sorry, but nockforce was so short lived. And why is that?! I’ll show ya. To the transition; WATCH OUT!

FLASHBACK TIME! From the far past of 2008 or so, Quartey had plans to make all this into a full-on TV series. With Jim by his side, he had his pitch ready for the company. Adult swim (assuming) was like, “What the fuck do we do with this?” Comedy Central was all, “What the hell do we do with this?” And FOX then was all, “What with our whitest of God do we do with this?” Small note, never go to FOX with an idea. Now long after the many rejections, the force split forever, but what happened to the squad? Well, Jim Gisriel is now a local Youtube reviewer and is a member of pan-pizza‘s Pizzy Party Podcast. As for Ian Jones-Quartey, well, he was apart of Venture Bros., Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, & Steven Universe. If you knew what I mean there, you’re awesome. Alright, out of everything, how is this as good as any other Youtube shit I’ve seen?

“Fuck tha Police! Fuck Homeland!”

Nockforce, in a way, reminds me of me and my friends playing Smash Bros. When we’re not focusing on kicking each other’s ass, we’re talking about whatever pops to our minds. We can and are funny in our own way, and that’s the whole for the force. Not every joke is a hit, and we can’t care about that, we just got to groove on, ya know? That’s what Game Grumps have been doing, that’s what I’ve been doing, and that was what Nockforce already did before us. However, I just talked about the show, how does their music stand out?

After pirating- I mean downloading their known albums, it’s not bad when you consider the two did ‘em themselves. I mean, while a majority of songs are less than a minute, they’re mostly for the toon’s outros. As for those full-on tunes, let’s just say they’re very relatable; my favorite song being ‘Chillin’, because it’s all about chilling… bitchin’. The songs can be quite relaxing and upbeat; like a mix of Common, Black Star, and Del tha Funkee Homosapien. They’re no Cadillac record classics, but the tunes never wasted my time. I say give ‘em a try when you want nice beats away from the usual stuff you hear. Then again, that’s just hipster old moi.

“Just chillin’ and grillin’ and flippin’ the news.”

I say this is a definite blast from the past, like Youtube Poop or Afro Samurai. The comedy’s pretty genuine, the music’s a tranquil beatmix, and I did watch “The Reader”. Not a bad porno, though Kate winslet kinda acted like Pam Anderson from Scooby-Doo. Just stating, guys, had as much emotion as Iggy Azelea.

Go back to see nockFORCE, see what you think. As for me, I’m Roy Macintosh, love and peace, and the force, bitch. Bust it!!

So sue me, I tried. Goodnight, everybody!

Special thanks to the original nockforce and their crew for the use of their art. We use it only by means of fair usage for commentary, criticism, and entertainment.


nockFORCE J-Dog

Recorded this song the same day as Jay Street and it’s really just us fucked around but it came out pretty good. This is a real collaboration Ian asked me to help come up with some of the gags in the background. Also I know Rebecca Sugar animated some of the kids dancing in the background. Just like Jay Street it was a lot of fun to do and it always makes me smile.This was an intense video to make but it’s so well done.

the Siege at Death Mountain will be out later tonite 


nockFORCE Jay Street

In the years since nockFORCE I rarely see this one brought up but it’s really funny. we made this song just fucking around and later Ian came up with the idea to animate. i love it. Still is the hardest shit we ever did

The Siege at Death Mountain mixtape will be out later tonite.