hey guys! i recently reached 1000 followers, and although i don’t deserve all of you, i’m extremely grateful! i just wanted to say that i love you all so much and i really appreciate you following me, so here is a list of perfect people who i will never unfollow. i’m really sorry if i forgot you idk i’m bad at remembering but basically if you’re on here then i love you so so much :’)

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Ian: Is it so unbearable to have me love you? Is that it? I can keep my mouth shout, Wanda. I won’t say it again. You can be with Jared, if that’s what you want. Just stay.
 No, Ian. No. I - I love you, too. Me, the little silver worm in the back of her head. But my body doesn’t love you. It can’t love you. I can never love you in this body, Ian. It pulls me in two. It’s unbearable.