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Le persone che ti fanno felice non sono mai quelle che ti aspetti. E quando ne incontri una, te la devi tenere stretta.
—  Skins

“This is a mess…” she whispered. “This is all such a mess…”

“Yeah.” he granted. “But we’ll pull through. We always do. We’re still a team, right?”

He offered his hand, palm up.

She stared at it for a few seconds and then placed her hand in his before resting her head against his shoulder.

April Showers

May 8 - 2017 Edition!

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Happy birthday to the girl on fire! To celebrate, here is the annual update to my story, May 8!

Also available on AO3 and FFN.

Summary: The Mockingjay’s birthday has been declared a national holiday.

“What?” I nearly shout, clutching the paper tightly in both hands.

From the table, Peeta looks up from a drawing he’s been working on for the last hour. “Hmm?” he asks absentmindedly. I don’t answer, still too absorbed in the letter to process a response. This, ironically, captures Peeta’s full response as he forgets the drawing on the table. “Katniss, what is it?” he asks more urgently.

I didn’t even know how to begin to respond. “They… they’re turning my birthday into a national holiday. In honor of me.” Finally, I manage to tear my eyes away to look at him.

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Chasing Hope

Summary: “If I ask you to name all the things you love, how long will it take for you to name yourself?” A story on finding hope, forgiveness and love in a world they never imagined they would survive. Post-MJ. Previously.

10. Fitting In

“So, here you are,
too foreign for home

too foreign for here. 
Never enough for both.” - Ijeoma Umebinyuo

“She’s upset,” Haymitch remarked, watching as Effie stormed past him in the living room to the kitchen. “I know when she’s upset. Don’t work with someone for 15 years and not know. What the hell happened?”

Peeta let out a sigh as he unwrap the scarf around his neck.

“Just a little set back,” he said.

“Set back ‘bout what?” Haymitch pressed. “She’s in the kitchen making tea and if that’s chamomile, then it’s got to be serious.”

At that, Peeta arched an eyebrow but Haymitch stood his ground, not reacting to it at all. He knew Effie well and that was not something he should be embarrassed about, even if the boy was looking at him with a half-amused smile playing on his lips.

Haymitch peered into the kitchen to see the box of tea bags on the counter.

“Definitely chamomile,” he confirmed, reading the label. “So spit it out.”

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sirperson56  asked:

Quick question, is Effie muscular? :3

Yeah she’s fairly fit. All that running around makes one rather slim. However her legs are much more active, so she’s more fit below the belt. 

anonymous asked:

Niles: the stars are beautiful tonight. Effie: yeah. Niles: you know who else is beautiful? Niles: Leo. Effie: Elise.

They get into a fight over who’s more beautiful