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ACTION ALERT: Tell the Senate Any Amendment Must Include Corporate Personhood! | Move to Amend

Senate Joint Resolution 19 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United, but it doesn’t address corporate constitutional rights at all.

Move to Amend has vowed that we will not support any halfway measures that don’t amend the Constitution in two necessary ways:

  1. Make clear that only human beings, not corporations have Constitutional rights;
  2. Make clear that money is not speech and campaign spending can be regulated.

Tens of thousands of volunteers across the nation have been building a grassroots movement over the past four years from the bottom up. This movement came from everyday people taking this issue to their city governments, to town meeting debates, to candidate forums, to newspaper opinion pages, and to the ballot box directly. Nearly 600 cities and towns have now passed amendment resolutions.

Polling shows 80% of the American public believes that corporations should not have the same rights as people. State legislatures have been pressured to stand up as well, with 16 states passing resolutions calling for an amendment. “Ending Corporate Personhood” was a major theme in the demands that came from Occupy encampments across the country.

The plan is that this amendment will get a vote in the Senate this year – before election season. We cannot allow a proposal that doesn’t address corporate constitutional rights to get traction – the amendment must match the demand of our movement: “A Corporation is Not a Person! Money is Not Free Speech!”

Fill out this form to send a message to the authors of SJR19 – let them know that Corporate Personhood MUST be included in the language of the amendment.

Efficacy of alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hands soiled with dirt and cooking oil

“ABHS reduced levels of E. coli by a mean of 2.33 log colony forming units (CFU) per clean hand, 2.32 log CFU per dirt-covered hand, and 2.13 log CFU per oil-coated hand. No significant difference in efficacy was detected between hands that were clean versus dirty or oily. ABHS may be an appropriate hand hygiene method for hands that are moderately soiled, and an attractive option for field settings in which access to water and soap is limited.”

New Flu Study - a survey of old research

You might give lots of credence to new research but “opinions based on surveying old research papers and "averaging” it and making implied judgments on research that was not done?

I got my shot and will continue doing so, until I see basic research based on current vaccine results - not a survey on other people’s research.

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School Grade: 5th (10 years old)

This character was formerly written 效, which is a combination of exchange and 攵 strike/coerce. Here 交 means “interchange,” as well as “match/emulate” by extension. Together with 攵 it gives “make someone emulate/make someone learn to perform something.” Over time, the coercive aspect faded, giving just “ability to perform,” or, “efficacy.” In its modern form 攵 coerce has been replaced with strength.

Definitive Diagnosis!!

Just thought I’d let everyone know that scientists have discovered a foolproof method of ADHD diagnosis.

Based on involuntary eye movements in anticipation of visual stimuli, this method not only is a objective method of detection of the disorder, but provides ample evidence that stimulants do infact help!

[This is just a first study but they are trying to replicate it with more subjects; so far it looks really promising! -J]

The real problem is that a small group of wealthy individuals have hijacked our sacred right to self-government, and are using the political and legal systems to legitimize that theft. We must get money out of elections, to be sure. But we have to go deeper than that to address the reality that corporate lawyers use the illegitimate doctrine of “corporate constitutional rights” to overturn public health, environmental protection, and worker safety laws – and have for decades. Such laws relate to political questions that should be decided through public debate, discourse, and the opportunity to vote and participate. When the decisions are made in the courts, ‘We the People’ are relegated to spectators.

Liberals are surprised that petitioning, canvassing, cold calling, campaign fundraising, and voting did not effectively stop the SCOTT WALKER/KOCH BROTHERS machine.

More importantly, they also do not remedy resource scarcity, the demise of education or homelessness.


When you called for a recall, you should have called for a strike. Stop giving your power over to the institutions of the oppressors. Voting for leaders is not a solution.

… Scotus gives the example of a man “who hurls himself from a high place.” Does not this act terminate his freedom since he now necessarily falls? According to Scotus, it does not. While the man is necessarily falling, compelled by the law of gravity, he remains free to continue “to will to fall,” and can also of course change his mind, in which case he would be unable to undo what he started voluntarily and would find himself in the hands of necessity. … [in other words]–no law of gravity can have power over the freedom guaranteed in interior experience; no interior experience has any direct validity in the world as it really and necessarily is according to outer experience and the correct reasoning of the intellect.
—  Arendt, Life of the Mind