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I have ADHD, but I also struggle with anxiety and (to a much lesser degree) depression. I have had bad side effects with concerta & vyvanse. My psychiatrist decided I should try anti-depressants instead. I am not more focused or energetic on anti-depressants, & now I'm really frustrated because I'm STILL struggling with controlling my focus, time management, procrastination, & I just want to be able to accomplish my goals! I just want to say " I want to do this" and be able to do it.

I understand the struggle! There are certain antidepressants that can help with executive dysfunction. For example, I am taking escitalopram (Cipralex/Lexapro) for depression/anxiety, and I noticed that it had some effects on my executive functioning – about the same as I’ve ever had with stimulants – so I looked it up and learned that it’s been shown to improve both executive functioning and cognitive abilities in stroke patients and in elderly people who have depression. There are certain things I still have a lot of trouble with – the same things I always have trouble with when on stimulants – but it’s been great (except for the fatigue, but now coffee helps, I don’t know why).

ADHD coaching and/or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy could be helpful since they will give you methods for dealing with your challenges when medication isn’t helping as much as you need it to.


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Hi! Do you know or have good links to info on how adhd and coffee interact? I know it doesnt work the same as for neurotypical ppl and that it can help us concentrate but apart from that im finding it hard to find info. I find coffee often makes me tired, exactly when it should be kicking in

Here are some relevant posts:




Here’s a weird thing: I’m one of the people who doesn’t usually have any effect from caffeine. But if I’ve taken a stimulant for my ADHD and I drink caffeine, I get really anxious and vibrate all day and stuff. However, I am not currently on ADHD meds but I just started an antidepressant that has fatigue as a side effect, and drinking coffee totally helps with that. I have no idea why this is like this.


one cold, grey morning at the end of March; wandering; somewhat amused, I learn that my clumsy exercises of introspection have approximately the same efficacy as acrobatics in a zero-gravity theater: they only reveal the void; Freud was probably right when in one of his late essay noticed that life is that which heals and there is nothing one can do about that, there is no substitution; thoughts and words, both are capable to contain life, but not to make it arise; So I find words I never thought to speak / In streets I never thought I should revisit / When I left my body on a distant shore…

I have to do this online module thing about the use of surgical energy (aka fancy tools that burn tissue in surgery)

But they’re trying to explain physics to me again and they’ve forgotten that I erased all my physics knowledge the second I walked out of the MCAT. 

They also told me that the “practically minded surgeon” would use this formula to be more efficacious in surgery…. 

I am clearly not practically minded. 

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I've been using fish oil to manage my hyperactivity. It's been almost a month and I've been somewhat calmer and I'm not as loud. It doesn't do anything for inattention, however, but I've noticed that I'm considerably moody now. Has anyone else tried to use supplements to manage their symptoms? I know I have a scary temper, but I feel like it's amplified.

There are some studies on the effects of fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids when it comes to mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Some research has also been done on treatment of ADHD with Omega-3. Generally speaking fish oil does improve symptoms in some cases, both in mood disorders and ADHD, but this effect is far from consistent and the effect is only seen in a small subset of people. Basically, fish oil can be helpful for some people while others aren’t affected at all. According to research, this difference can be because of several things. In general, individuals react to substances differently. The quality of the fish oil can also have an effect, as well as the ingredients in it. 

Based on this I’d say it’s possible that the fish oil is affecting your mood. However it’s also worth it to consider if there have been a lot of stressful things happening in your life lately, since that can affect your mood. 

Here are links to two articles I found on the subject; one on Omega-3 and depression and another on Omega-3 and ADHD. 

Article 1

Article 2


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So adderall helped me last semester with work and notetaking during lectures, but it made my anxiety really bad and ended up having really bad ptsd flashbacks at night. Concerta reduced my appetite to the point of me being underweight as well, and made me twitch my toe and bite my tongue a lot. Do you have any other med recommendations? I'm currently considering Focalin or Vyvanse.

Focalin is methylphenidate, like Concerta; Vyvanse is amphetamine, like Adderall. Each drug is a slightly different formulation, though, so you never know. Strattera is a non-stimulant that works for some people. It’s related to antidepressants (but isn’t one). You can learn more about ADHD medications at this web page.


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As someone who's tried to explain to a friend about EMDR-that it is exposure therapy, now she's quoting Bessel Van Der Kolk from "the body keeps score", which says it is not a form of exposure therapy, psychologists are not properly trained in how the "memory-processing system works" and that studies show EMDR is more effective than exposure. Have you heard of this MD? Anything I can cite back to her??

huh. I don’t know what discipline is better trained in memory, except maybe neuroscientists and some neurologists. 

I have heard of van der Kolk- I tend to disagree with him about a lot things. 

EMDR is definitely an exposure therapy, and is definitely not more effective than Prolonged Exposure. There’s some evidence that EMDR works faster, but the effects of Prolonged Exposure are stronger and last longer. Meta-analyses tend to find that EMDR and Prolonged Exposure are equivalent in efficacy, but that makes sense- EMDR is just exposure + magic hand waving. 

The idea that if the government does pay for something/provide something it means that the government is “getting rid of”, “doesn’t want you to have”, “wants to take away” that thing is so pervasive in society. It’s such a bad thing it garners a culture of dependency and even worse it destroys self efficacy which is so important in so many ways. It a major factor in depression, learned helplessness and lots of other psychological disorders and phenomena.

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So I thought 70mg was working for me, I was only coping with day to day things, finding a job and applying for a course, but now I have a job and am rehearsing for a course and my mental health has cleared up, I found I felt quite flat near the end of a rehearsal and now I'm home I still feel flat and I feel nauseas. I'm nkt sure if I'm just mentally tired or if I should lower the medication? Could you give me some advice?

I would give it a few more days to see if it’s a pattern. It could be too high a dose, but it could just be that you’re doing too much for right now and as your stresses lessen over time, it will get better.


Metodi efficaci

Io i bambini che non la smettono di creare confusione li faccio smettere usando un bastone*. Fortissimo, dritto in testa.

* Un grosso “basta”. Cosa avevate capito?

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Top 5 party members from any games

we’re gonna do this based on efficacy, one party member per game

Best Healer: Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4

Best damage output: Tsarevna Alena from Dragon Quest 4

Best offensive support: Fie Claussell from Trails of Cold Steel

Best defensive support: Aigis from Persona 3

Best tank: Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII

Best dressed: Balthier from Final Fantasy XII

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Hii I was recently diagnosed with ADD (I'm 16 yr old girl) and my doctor prescribed me to 10mg adderall take two a day and after being on it for a month I don't see literally any difference I don't think it has improved my cognitive abilities I don't expect it to do some magic or anything I do take it and really try to focus and set myself to finish my HWs I have another apt soon I wanna tell him this but I'm scared he'll put me on something harsher especially when my parents don't even (1/2)

-believe in things like this and if it does harm me I will get the last of it but I really need some guidance and was wondering what’s your opinion / the symptoms I went to him for were lack of concentration/memory problems (2/2)

also (2/2) 16 yr old anon person although I don’t see improvements on the adderall I get all the symptoms I have huge loss of appetite I’ve lost almost 9 pounds since being on it I do get dizzy at times as well it super calms me

It sounds to me like amphetamine (the active ingredient in Adderall) might not be the best choice for you, since you’re having bad side effects and not really seeing any improvement. When you talk to your doctor, ask if you can try something like Concerta or Ritalin (methylphenidate), or even Strattera (non-stimulant). Be honest about your reactions here and tell him you want to try something else.


For He seems to do nothing of Himself which He can possibly delegate to His creatures. He commands us to do slowly and blunderingly what He could do perfectly and in the twinkling of an eye.
—  CS Lewis - The Efficacy of Prayer

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I'm prescribed Adderall XR and my pharmacy always gives me one of two different generic versions: either "amphetamine salts" or "dextroamphetamine." I've been on these meds for about a year now and have noticed that amphetamine salts don't feel like they work as well as the dextroamphetamine, even though they're supposed to be the same. Has anyone else experienced this?

They aren’t the same.

Dextroamphetamine is the same as Dexedrine. Amphetamine salts are probably closer to Adderall. Adderall is actually a mix of levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine, while Dexedrine is just dextroamphetamine. You can try asking the pharmacy to always give you the dextroamphetamine version as it works better, or you can ask your doctor to change your prescription to generic dextroamphetamine.


Probably it will elucidate the drift of these foregoing obscure utterances, if we here insert somewhat of our Professor’s speculations on Symbols. To state his whole doctrine, indeed, were beyond our compass: nowhere is he more mysterious, impalpable, than in this of “Fantasy being the organ of the Godlike;” and how “Man thereby, though based, to all seeming, on the small Visible, does nevertheless extend down into the infinite deeps of the Invisible, of which Invisible, indeed, his Life is properly the bodying forth.” Let us, omitting these high transcendental aspects of the matter, study to glean (whether from the Paper-bags or the Printed Volume) what little seems logical and practical, and cunningly arrange it into such degree of coherence as it will assume. By way of proem, take the following not injudicious remarks:—
 "The benignant efficacies of Concealment,“ cries our Professor, "who shall speak or sing? SILENCE and SECRECY! Altars might still be raised to them (were this an altar-building time) for universal worship. Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule. Not William the Silent only, but all the considerable men I have known, and the most undiplomatic and unstrategic of these, forbore to babble of what they were creating and projecting. Nay, in thy own mean perplexities, do thou thyself but hold thy tongue for one day: on the morrow, how much clearer are thy purposes and duties; what wreck and rubbish have those mute workmen within thee swept away, when intrusive noises were shut out! Speech is too often not, as the Frenchman defined it, the art of concealing Thought; but of quite stifling and suspending Thought, so that there is none to conceal. Speech too is great, but not the greatest. As the Swiss Inscription says: Sprechen ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden (Speech is silvern, Silence is golden); or as I might rather express it: Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity.
 "Bees will not work except in darkness; Thought will not work except in Silence: neither will Virtue work except in Secrecy. Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth! Neither shalt thou prate even to thy own heart of ‘those secrets known to all.’ Is not Shame (Schaam) the soil of all Virtue, of all good manners and good morals? Like other plants, Virtue will not grow unless its root be hidden, buried from the eye of the sun. Let the sun shine on it, nay do but look at it privily thyself, the root withers, and no flower will glad thee. O my Friends, when we view the fair clustering flowers that overwreathe, for example, the Marriage-bower, and encircle man’s life with the fragrance and hues of Heaven, what hand will not smite the foul plunderer that grubs them up by the roots, and, with grinning, grunting satisfaction, shows us the dung they flourish in! Men speak much of the Printing Press with its Newspapers: du Himmel! what are these to Clothes and the Tailor’s Goose?
 "Of kin to the so incalculable influences of Concealment, and connected with still greater things, is the wondrous agency of Symbols. In a Symbol there is concealment and yet revelation; here therefore, by Silence and by Speech acting together, comes a double significance. And if both the Speech be itself high, and the Silence fit and noble, how expressive will their union be! Thus in many a painted Device, or simple Seal-emblem, the commonest Truth stands out to us proclaimed with quite new emphasis.
 "For it is here that Fantasy with her mystic wonderland plays into the small prose domain of Sense, and becomes incorporated therewith. In the Symbol proper, what we can call a Symbol, there is ever, more or less distinctly and directly, some embodiment and revelation of the Infinite; the Infinite is made to blend itself with the Finite, to stand visible, and as it were, attainable there. By Symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched: He everywhere finds himself encompassed with Symbols, recognized as such or not recognized: the Universe is but one vast Symbol of God; nay if thou wilt have it, what is man himself but a Symbol of God; is not all that he does symbolical; a revelation to Sense of the mystic god-given force that is in him; a 'Gospel of Freedom,’ which he, the 'Messias of Nature,’ preaches, as he can, by act and word? Not a Hut he builds but is the visible embodiment of a Thought; but bears visible record of invisible things; but is, in the transcendental sense, symbolical as well as real.”
—  Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus