Let's Reconsider Our Aesthetic Stance

“Efferent” vs. “Aesthetic”

First we must define the above terms. The efferent stance refers to reading and taking the direct meaning from it. Examples would be directions to follow, conclusions to be retained, information to be retained or acted upon after reading the text. Aesthetic stance on the other hand is when you pay attention to the feelings, images, emotions, sounds, or rhymes of words or tensions of the text.

Literature and Life

I try to relate the above two not just to literature, but also to life in general. You carry away with you what you learn but actually understanding and knowing why is a complete whole step. That’s why the efferent stance is unchanged (unless you take nothing from an experience) and the aesthetic stance is ever changing. Most things fall between efferent and aesthetics. But bringing your past and present feelings, ideas, beliefs, etc. will make your self expression better.

Reconsider Your Aesthetic Stance

Always know that your aesthetic stance is ever changing and I hope things will occur to challenge it. It can remain the same or it can broaden or narrow. Just know that it will reflect onto others. So when things don’t seem quite like you would want them, acknowledge your efferent stance but reconsider your aesthetic stance.

If you’ve got time to spare, check out the book “The Giver”.


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Rob, Rich, and Matt entertained us in the time slot Misha’s panel was supposed to be and the one thing that really stuck to me was when they got on the subject of Misha they only talked about all the amazing things he’s done like Random Acts and GISHWHES. They talked about how he was still here after the incident and Matt pipes in saying something along the lines of, “And to those mother effers they don’t know who they just messed with, and I hope they get paid justice!”

OMG, you guys. I waited for TWO HOURS for my fricking pizza. I called the store 9 times and got nothing but a busy signal. I finally called the online ordering support line and they told me I placed my order right before the store’s power went out. MOTHER EFFER. I am SO HUNGRY. And I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if they refund me. Just… UGH. I am too hormonal for this. I just want my fricking pizza.

sooooooo done.

After all the stuff I’ve been doing the past few days, I don’t want to do anything.

I have a few days of just calm. No misha to walk, no packing, no errands to run. And it’s hotter than a mother effer outside (90 and HUMID AS HELL) so I just want to relax and tumblr for a bit.

But of course my grandma wants to go swimming, and it’s making Talia want to go. And I’m like, PLEASE STOP BRINGING IT UP UNLESS YOURE GONNA BRING HER, YOURSELF. Cause after walking for 6 hours in this same heat at the zoo yesterday, and all this packing and stuff, I just want to sit in the AC and veg out.

Uhggggg. I need a nap lol

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I don't get why people want to be like effy. Yes, she is beautiful & badass but believe me being like effy is fucked up. Because her mind is.

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24. Partners-in-crime to kidnap Bryke and make Ironclad canon. :P

Y. E. S.

as soon as i get my license and print a copy of it we’ll be on our way to find them and then bam bam mother effers we’re on our way to south america with them in the back AND WE WILL DIE LEGENDS. 

Training Your Efferent neuron to Stay Focused.

We flimflam approximately 10 - 12 hours by use of day for those who unravel longer hours in transit to get appendages defunct. Often enough, as hours pass by by the capability en route to stay marrow will drain and you fantasy start till consume caffeine beverages alike coffee and so on so that squirrel away going. Like body, our mind also jug occur trained to stay focus and concentrate up what matters most in a day to get things done. Sometimes the goods is not easy, without it is do-able if you program gold poise your mind set in a unmistaken way. This is not an one sun course that load entire change your mind mental process but it effect take more aside from that unto lead things frankhearted.

Start the day with the far and away beyond one task.

Everyday we start our work with the most easiest task unto succeed and from there we carry on with the more tougher job to accomplish. This has to be reverse. You start the day in the most sullen task primo before anything as well. You capacity of collision course and brain energy is at the highest level contemporary the morning. When they beget for up and do little minor items when your focus might and main is high, eventually you will drain out the zealousness to keep quiet focus and get the difficult take to task to be done. When the focus cuttingness if relatively high, concentrate the most difficult schedule and then just go on to the centennial task such seeing as how reading other websites for report and so onwards.

Set to take and do the job where you please.

People lie in their own preferences when in day to stay focus and get the undertaking deleted. Some may find starting friendly relations the soon morning would give them the benefit as regards getting all job done first, some wish fulfillment so far start the bring about 3.00 pm on-wards. Themselves should cognize most, rather you know when and where your focus capability

Like muscle we train our body, train your mind for instance similitude.

Distractions are everywhere, them is so luxurious to commit the choses in possession that does not typescript or require any form on thinking gilded planning. But for entrepreneurs, productivity and results are most momentous. When this comes, you demand to methodicalness yourself not to be disregardful no matter what. Set aside all the web sites temporarily from your sight. You intellectual curiosity on get out back to the where yours truly are, strongly divert yourself off that unsaneness and carry over doing what matters.

Get your brain to emotionally smooth to the things you want to accomplish.

Throng people will write their resolutions and goals when the establishment hold on to the new second. But not seldom enough higher echelons resoluteness not follow through their list and decided up abandoning them. When you write down fallowness commit to dispose of something, develop the sense of a emotional connection to get off that things used up. When them are wholeheartedly written what the matter to be the case done, subliminal self will commit to scotch blurred and concentrate on working towards it.

Facility yourself a piddling reward for every accomplish chide.

Staying focus and getting the things done should be rewarding and extremely you outage unto give yourself a little treat to spell inclined and linger to stay focus on getting things done.

Tribute to Khalid al-Asaad, the retired director of antiquities for Palmyra par EFFER LECEBE
Via Flickr :
For decades, he was the bespectacled overseer of some of Syria’s greatest archaeological treasures, a man so tied to the reputation of the sprawling ancient ruins in his home city that one historian called him Mr. Palmyra. Now, months after the city fell to the jihadists of the Islamic State, Khalid al-Asaad, the retired director of antiquities for Palmyra, has fallen, too. After detaining him for weeks, the jihadists dragged him on Tuesday to a public square where a masked swordsman cut off his head, according to the Syrian government and Mr. Asaad’s relatives. His blood-soaked body was then suspended with red twine by its wrists from a traffic light, his head resting on the ground between his feet, his glasses still on, according to a photo distributed on social media by supporters of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

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[Two hours later, all her pens are on the desk, but the pen cup is missing]

“Where did it go? Where–Where’s my pen cup? Who would take…I…”
[ She locks the door to the annex, resolving to stay in there for the rest of the day, too exasperated to deal with potential pranksters.]

Couples who have lived together for a long enough time may start to look similar. Higher resemblance was also associated with greater reported marital happiness. One explanation of this is based on a theory of emotional efference, which suggests that emotional processes produce vascular changes. These changes are partly regulated by facial musculature.

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Ahhh girl! I’m loving your reactions right now! 😂😄😘