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I decided to share my notes taken from this amazing 1 hour Youtube lecture by Marty Lobdell. i really liked him and his tips, i think they are super effective and cover a lot of situations! i highly recommend it!!!!! wow

but here are the tips and examples Marty mentions, so if you don’t have the time to go through the full hour, you can just scroll down. hope this helps somebody!

  • Break your study time in chunks with breaks
    • most students lose focus at 25 minutes
    • it’s a mistake to keep going once you do, since you won’t actually learn anything and you’ll hate every minute of it
    • so when you start losing focus take a 5 minute break
    • do something nice like talking to someone or listening to music
    • it’s something you practice so with time you’ll be able to work for more time without losing focus
    • in the end of the study session have a big reward you look forward to
  • Create a study area
    • environment highly affects the way you act. Bedrooms are for sleeping, kitchens for eating: you’ll feel sleepy in your bedroom and hungry in the kitchen. So if you have a study area, it’ll be easier to start studying and staying focused.
    • study in a specific room like an office or school library if you can
    • if you have to study in your bedroom use a specific object you only use for studying: a lamp/desk. Make it a no-distraction, away from your bed, blank walls area.
  •  The more active the learning, the better
    • 80% active learning 20% passive
    • ask yourself: is it a concept or a fact?
    • learning a concept: understand/grasp/know it
      • put it into your own words
      • really think about the meaning of it
      • relate it with something you already know
      • teach somebody else. Recapitulate what you’ve learned. Talk out loud even if you don’t have anyone to teach - talk alone. Or at anyone that listens.
    • learning a fact: memorize it
      • use mnemonics
        • Acronyms (e.g. colours of the rainbow RoyGBiv – red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)
        •  Coined sayings - anything popular or sayings you’ve heard since you were a child.
        • Interacting images – work even better if they’re weird. Creative associations make you never forget specific details. (e.g. 1 gram of fat has 9 calories: picture a fat cat – each cat has 9 lives)
      • any time 2 things are highly similar but not the same you will get maximal interference!! USE mnemonics!! (e.g. afferent vs efferent neurons: SAME - Sensory Afferent Motor Efferent)
  • Be a part of  study groups
    • others can help you in ways you never thought before
  • Recognizing VS remembering
    • never confuse the two
    • while reviewing a chapter you may recognize concepts but not actually know them
    • and when you get to the test you won’t be able to remember any of it
    • so quiz yourself without looking at it
    • or stop in a page of your notes/textbook and ask yourself what is the concept immediately after and before it
  • Get your REM Sleep 
    • get ~8 hours so you don’t undo your studying
    • this is how your brain stores permanent memories
    • without it you’re ability to remember seriously decreases
    • most people don’t even begin to take the advice but it’s simple: sleep better. Do better.
  • There’s 162 hours in a week. There is time.
    • reflect on what you are doing with your time and what activities you have to prioritize to succed as a student
  • Taking notes is vital.
    • right after the class take 5 minutes to expand everything you’ve jotted down, give it depth.
    • NOT hours later. You won’t remember half the things you wrote down.
  • Ask your questions to class mates and teachers.
    • teachers want you to succeed and it’s more than ok to ask your question in the teacher’s office or in the next class
  • How to use a textbook: SQ3R technique
    • Survey Question Read Recite Review
      • Survey: skim through the entire chapter in a couple of minutes.
      • Raise questions: e.g. what is osmosis? What is this graphic about? What is a prototype?
      • it causes you to look for answers and you’ll find the information better once you actually study it after. If you intend to find something you learn it better.
  • Start studying for tests early.
    • don’t undo yourself. You should only be reviewing the days before the test. don’t leave it till the last minute!

(don’t just scroll through this!!!! really think about these methods and how you can actually implement them so you can benefit from them!!! these actually work but only if you put them into practice boo good luck!)


Anidala small sketch comic part 1: Awkward 13 year old Anakin end up flashed by 18 year old Padmé (accidentally). 

(ノ ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a big fan of your art and an aspiring artist. I was wondering if you had any videos/tutorials/ect on drawing the human body that you've used or reccomend. I've already looked up several myself, but I thought it'd be a great idea to ask someone I admire! Have a good day :)

Dohhh goodness gracious me… THAT is a hefty question!!! the human body is sort of a really broad term! there’s gesture, proportion, anatomy.. there’s a lot to it! if you really want to know everything i recommend, this is gonna be a long ass post, okay? asdfkadjfhasdf you asked for it! (oh god this is gone be like a mile long master post jesus have mercy on my soul lol)

this post will be like in sub sections to make it easier: Gesture, Proportion, Anatomy, Figure Drawing. in each section i’ll put what books/sites/videos i use about the topic.

so alright, the human body.. ok well i guess i’ll just pull out everything from my shelf here about the subject hold on gimme a sec-

…. yea that’s every book about the human body that i use, yup. books are your #1 savior. they are your art bibles, understand? you’ll get so much more information, accurate information, from a book then what you can usually find online. start with books. READ them. LEARN them. and draw everything IN them as you learn and read them. they are tangible and you can take them with you when your out and about. books books books understand?


Okay. Firstly, if you want to start right, you have to start with Gesture. Gesture is really the foundation of any figure you’ll draw. If your gesture (and proportions) are off, incorrect, etc., no amount of knowledge of anatomy in the entire world will save your drawing. it just won’t. so for gesture, here’s what I recommend

Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators by Mike Mattesi It’s really not just for animators. If you want to bring fluidity, weight, and life to your figures, this book will teach you how. Gesture is very emphasized in this one.

As for a video…

  • Proko’s video on How to Draw Gesture WATCH IT. ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. SUBSCRIBE TOO WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. It is the best video about gesture that I’ve ever watched by far. This video helped me so much when I was teaching myself about gesture. it’s like a SIN to not watch this. in fact, watch EVERY ONE OF HIS VIDEOS. he covers a the human body very thoroughly. 


Next, once you have gesture down; Proportions. Proportions will teach you how to structure the body correctly. Now there’s not really any books that focus solely on proportions, but here’s the books that include a very thorough understanding of them which are the books on Figure Drawing. (the following figure drawing books are sort of the all-in-one books, they cover a lot of material)

Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth by Andrew Loomis I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; every book by Andrew Loomis is literally worth it’s weight in GOLD. He was a master illustrator and all his books cover the subject of the human body very effectively, from gesture, proportions, anatomy, composition, figure drawing, color theory: he has books on it all. five stars. 10 outta 10. if you dont have this book or his others why???

Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton  Smaller and more compact, this book also covers the whole of the human body very well. He has a great section on gesture and building the body up from there. Emphasizes a lot on structure.

The Complete Guide to Figure Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels by Dan Cooney If you plan on going into the comics and graphic novels field (like myself), this is a good book to get! Unlike figure drawing for illustrations, it focuses more on drawing the figure and how to position them in comic panels.

Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing (Techniques and Tips) by Henry Yan Now this book is hard to find online for cheap. I bought this at one of the school buildings of my art school for $25, but online it’s crazy expensive!!! But if you happen to find a copy for cheap, GET IT. Henry Yan, if you don’t know, is quite literally a master at figure drawing. Google him. It’s like magic what he does, and this book is like a tome of wizardy in figure drawing. The pics I took don’t even scratch the surface nor do it justice. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon one of these, GRAB IT. SHOVE PEOPLE OUT OF THE WAY FOR IT. KNOCK CHILDREN OVER IF YOU HAVE TO.

now the following two books focus more on certain parts of the body, and are not really about figure drawing as a whole, but these are very important;

Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis …PEWPEWPEWWW ANOTHER ANDREW LOOMIS BOOK PEWPEWPEWWW. This is a comprehensive book on the most difficult parts of the human body; THE HEAD AND HANDS. It goes without saying that these two (especially hands) are a NIGHTMARE for an artist to grapple. This book will ease the pain, not all of it, but a lot of it. I frequent this book quite often still. Another must-have of the Loomis series. 

Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon I feel the title is self explanatory lol. This books uses models, from young to old, making countless facial expressions. It also has a section with how the mouth moves when speaking, a big ol’ section of people wearing hats at different angles, as well as a bit of a couple nose kissing to macking hardcore! Its a good ref for expressing emotions effectively. You dont want your characters to look flat you want them to look lively! This is a good ref for that. 

Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure by Barbara Bradley This book goes over figure drawing, but it’s main focus is on drawing the figure clothed, and you know what that means??? That’s right! You’re worst of worst nightmares! FOLDS. This books is probably the best on folds, tbh. It covers them all and how and when to expect and apply them to different types of cloth material, how they function relative to gravity, wind, etc. Unless you draw a story about nudists, you’re gonna have to draw clothes my friend. This book will help in that way immensely. 


Now those are all my books on Figure drawing, but now to tackle the BEAST of them all!: Anatomy. Artists dont have to learn every muscle and bone, but even still, there’s a lot to know, and it can be daunting, but when learning anatomy please pace yourself. Online usually doesn’t give you enough detail, so for this I definitely recommend these books: 

Classic Human Anatomy: The Artist’s Guide to Form, Function, and Movement by Valerie L. Winslow Artistic anatomy made simple to understand, def recommend this to any artist.

 Classic Human Anatomy in Motion: The Artist’s Guide to the Dynamics of Figure Drawing by Valerie L. Winslow By the same artist/author, sort of like a volume 2 to the previous book; very similar, but focuses more on, as the title says, the muscles in motion

Drawing the Living Figure (Dover Anatomy for Artists) by Joseph Sheppard I love this book, because it shows you a model in a certain pose, and on the opposite page what the muscles look like underneath and how they effect the surface form in that particular pose, as well as the skeleton, and how it creates the framework for that pose.

Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists) by Joseph Sheppard   This book really hones in and fine-tunes the anatomy of the figure. Unlike the Winslow books, employs more technical terms, not as simple to read, but like i said, focuses more and explains more on the muscles individually.

Human Anatomy for Artists: The Elements of Form by Eliot Goldfinger This one is actually a textbook! And is probably the priciest of the lot (to own, which I do. You can rent it if you prefer.) But this book is a fully detailed, comprehensive guide to human anatomy for artists. It’s like the Winslow and Sheppard books combined into one, thick mother-effer… It’s actually my favorite of them all lol. It’s just so thorough and detailed. It’s the best of the lot, IMHO. 


So you got gesture, anatomy, and figure drawing and the like, but to actually figure draw you need live models! Figure drawing is taking your knowledge of gesture and proportion and putting them into effect. Figure drawing is what you NEED to do as practice for improving your human figures. Figure drawing is key. You won’t get far if you don’t do figure drawing, and to do figure drawing, you need live models. Live models are the best, but if you dont have a figure drawing class or have live model session meet ups in your area, books and websites are the next best thing; 

The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist by Mark Edward Smith This book is usually my go-to for most of my figure drawing needs. It has a lot of variety in poses, and, unlike most of the following pose ref books I list, the models in this are fully nudey, which is a plus! (You cant avoid the naughty bits forever my dear.)

How to Draw Manga: Character Guide - Girl’s Body …now I know what some of you might be thinking. Usually when a book is titled ‘How to draw Manga,’ it’s usually of really generic, incorrectly proportioned manga stereotypical characters, like so. (I used to have that book btw, so i am not BSing you) well. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BOOKS. its all and only photos of a real female model in like a MILLION different poses and angles as well as clothes. and even tho it’s completely in japanese, the diagrams are really straight forward and simple to understand… I FUCKING LOVE THIS BOOK. (these japanese ref books tho are pricey, but are so worth it if you can afford them). I bought this and all my other japanese ref books in person at the Kinokuniya store in San Francisco, but animebooks.com has them as well, and has a ton more! Take a look, it’s literally a gold mine.

Real Action Pose Collection Vol. 1 - Fist Battling Photo Book Need fighting ref? NO PRUB BUB. 

Real Action Pose Collection Vol. 3 Reference Book - Heroine Action Book Have a female fighter in your story? THIS GURL MODEL GOTS YOUR BACK.

New Pose Catalogue Vol. 4 - Wall Perspective Need couple poses? HERE YA GO.

Super Pose Book - Men Reference Book Vol. 9 The Super Pose Book line so far has 20 volumes! This is the only volume with a male model tho lol, and the only volume I got. All the others are purely of female models doing… well, different things lol. Check em out!

Source Book Pose Vol. 2 - Motion Poses Need ref for daily activities and clothing and fold ref? BABUUM. 

Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha Now this book is a BEAST. It’s heavy, bulky, but full of beautiful, elegant, and very dynamic poses, 1,000 to be exact (with sweet dynamic lighting and shadows to boot!) 


Those are all the books i use for figure drawing, and i prefer to use these books more often than websites (easier on my eyes… bright screens @_@) but here’s a list of good figure drawing websites I like to use every now and then:

  • Artists.pixelovely.com This website is great because it times you. Timing yourself will not only increase your speed, it will also force you to simplify a pose in a minimal amount of strokes, improving your efficiency, accuracy, and your gesture drawing. You can either choose to draw human figure, animals, faces and expressions, or hands and feet! This is a great tool for hands. Try it please you must.
  • Posemaniacs.com these are 3D generated models that you can rotate, and display all the muscles (mind that becuz theyre 3d generated, some of the way the muscles are isnt accurate because its a skin on the model) still a useful tool for figure drawing.
  • Scott Eaton’s Bodies in Motion If you look through the older entries, this website has sets of a single figures doing various actions/poses in stop-motion type photos. 
  • Eggazyoutatsu.net/atarichanDrawer This one is a recent discovery for me, but it’s super cool! It generates a stick figure in a random pose and at a random angle, and you have to draw over it! Super effective for practicing foreshortening.

So that’s almost it, there’s just one, final website I recommend

https://www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh/ This. This site. this has everything. Everything! I mean it! It has it ALL…. ALL OF IT. from Anatomy to poses to drawing grandmas to toddlers to hats to clothes to color theory to environment design to architecture to character classes like knights or steampunk or warriors…. LITERALLY. It has a board for almost every. single. thing. you can DReaM of. Do yourself a favor and bookmark it if you don’t have it bookmarked already. You’re welcome


Websites are fine and dandy, but you know what else is cool?? PHONE APPS!!!

  • SKELLY An app made by Proko, this app utilizes a posable skeleman you can pose to do whatever! 
  • ARTPOSE Instead of a posable skeleton, its a posable person! There’s one with a male posable person and a separate app for a female posable person.
  • MD3D L’Ecorché This is my favorite one. I use this one the most. It’s not a posable model, BUT it’s a model in a stationary position that comes in various forms: a simplified geometric figure, a color-coded muscle figure, a skeleton, and the original. It doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it’s soooo helpful. my #1 go-to for anything


Now my last ref, my trump card. For all those super hard poses and for all your foreshortening troubles…


It’s a 3d software tool that let’s you pose models however you like down to the pinkie finger. It comes with hair, clothes, props, lighting features, a male, female, and child model, and you can change theyre body type from buff and muscular to skinny or chubby, and you can even change their proportions! Give em a teeny head or small feet or man-boobs or a wide upper body or a narrow lower body adfafdahkfaf It has so many features to it and guess what?? IT’S FREE. Completely free. 

So there you go! That everything I use personally. There’s a ton of other books or websites or apps or softwares im sure are helpful too! But these are just my points of reference. Now just a few final words

  • There are some artists I hear who think they shouldnt use reference…. that’s complete garbage. Throw that mentality into the trash, throw it into the toilet and FLUSH IT. FLUSH IT TWICE. EVERY ARTIST USES REFERENCE. Google it. Gil Elvgreen to Klimt to Monet to Picasso to J.C. Leyendecker to Norman Rockwell. THEY USED REFERENCE. The difference is not to depend on it for every drawing you do. 
  • Improvement. Dont let it take over your life. Dont become obsessed with improving. Pace yourself, learn when you want to and when you feel good about it. For awhile it was my waking obsession, and it only made me depressed and angry and sad and made me hate drawing. My obsession to be better at art literally sucked the joy out of art for me. It took a while for that to go away. So from someone with experience, have FUN. and draw what you want when you want. If drawing isnt making you happy or its not fun, theres something wrong. 
  • Lastly, you said you’re an aspiring artist. Aspiring is a word that doesnt settle well with me. When you say you aspire to be something that means you dream of a goal, but dont do anything to achieve it, simply dream of it. My friend. Do you draw? If yes, than you’re not an aspiring artist, you are an artist. An artist isnt a term just for professionals who have mastered their craft after years blahblahblah. If you do that thing, you are that thing. Dear anon. You’re an artist, you are. Doesnt matter what skill youre at. If you draw, you’re an artist. 

well thats it! thats all of it. thanks for the ask! hope this helped

Regulation of Digestion

All aspects of the GI processes are controlled by neural, hormonal and paracrine controls, specific control systems include

  •  Long & Short Reflexes 
  • GI peptide reflexes 
  • The autonomous function of the enteric nervous system (ENS) 

Long Reflexes 

  • Integrated within in the CNS 
  • May originate in or outside of the GI tract 
  • Feedforward & emotional reflexes are initiated and integrated entirely outside the GI tract 
  • Called cephalic reflexes 

Short Reflexes 

  • Integrated in the enteric nervous system
  • Initiated by changes in pH, distension, osmolarity, products of digestion 
  • Submucosal plexus contains the sensory neurons 
  • Afferent information to ganglia 
  • Efferent information to submucosal and myenteric plexuses for control of secretion, motility and growth 

GI Peptide Reflexes 

Peptides released by the GI tract may act: 

  • as hormones 
  • Secreted into the blood 
  • Act on accessory organs, other parts of the GI tract or the brain 
  • As paracrine signals 
  • Secreted into the lumen or extracellular fluid 
  • Lumenal signals bind to apical epithelial receptors 
  • ECF signals act in the immediate vicinity of secretion 


  • Peptides alter secretion and motility 
  • Alter behaviour related to eating 

Enteric Nervous System 

  • Allows for the autonomous behaviour of the digestive system 
  • CNS control is not required for digestive functioning 

Commonalities between ENS and CNS:

  •  Intrinsic neurons – similar to interneurons of CNS 
  • Extrinsic neurons – composed of autonomic neurons 
  • Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides 
  • Nonadrenergic and noncholinergic receptors - same as adrenergic and cholinergic in CNS 
  • Glial support cells – similar to astrocytes in CNS 
  • Diffusion barrier – cells around capillaries in the ganglia are tight, just as the capillaries in the brain, forming the BBB 
  • ENS acts as its own integrating centre, just as the CNS does 

Cephalic phase

  • Stimulus-CNS-Vagus nerve-ANSSalivary glands-salivary amylase & lingual lipase 
  • Enteric Nervous system-increased gastric secretions and motility 

Gastric phase  

  • Stores food; digests into chyme 
  • Protects (mucus and HCl)

Intestinal phase

  • Digestion of proteins, formation of chime in ileum 
  • Controlled entry of chyme into ileum 
  • Concentration of waste and digestion in colon 
A Bingaverage fanfic

Based off @markired’s headcanons (ilyyy ❤)


Bing grabs Chase and pulls him in for a hug, having been so worried for him after he had gone missing for days.

“The doctor saved me, Bing. You don’t have to worry anymore. He’s a good man.” Chase smiles though watery eyes. He was so, so afraid that he could never see Bing or his kids ever again after that encounter. Bing doesn’t say anything, wishing that he could cry to show some form of emotion, or find some way to tell Chase that ‘I was so scared to lose you for good’.

All these replica emotions make Bing self-conscious about simply being a search engine, but when he feels Chase shudder against him and feel the warm trickle of tears against his shirt, managing to push though all the coding in him and out into his synthetic heart is one, genuine emotion: love.

Bing manages to calm Chase down enough to ask him if he would like to see his kids again, and Chase nods, letting Bing wipe the tears away.

Chase looks much better after driving to Stacy’s house and playing with the kids only makes Bing grin as he watches the motor plane fly around the room with the kids and Chase giggling non-stop. Stacy props herself against the wall beside Bing and smiles slightly as well. Bing feels slightly uncomfortable, due to the fact that Stacy might feel that Bing was in the way of things, but after the both of them having small talk while watching Chase play with his kids, he finds out that she’s actually happy about Bing being there for Chase.

“But you’ve got to look out for him and don’t let him do stupid things or get himself into trouble. He’s not very good with pressure, as you can tell from the recent events.” She hints at Chase’s neck, the rushed stitching an obvious sign.

Bing nods.

When Stacy moves to help the kids get some clay out of their hair, Bing immediately fires up his search engines to look up 'the best date ideas to impress your significant other’ and 'lit memes for 2am texting’ just to add some flavor for later. He also texts the doctor, thanking him for what he did for Chase and asking him if he’d like some drinks; his treat. Schneeple gladly accepts within minutes and by the time Bing and Chase get home they’re already prepping to get to the bar on time.

Bing’s glasses fall off his face while pulling a clean shirt on and he scrambles to grab them, but Chase’s hand softly touches his and Bing stills, a blush forming on his cheeks. “Your eyes are so pretty, Bing. You should take your glasses off more often…” Chase offers Bing a shy smile and lifts Bing’s hand to his lips. “Will you be my date for tonight, darling?”

That suave muthah effer.

Bing only remembers the bit where they greet Schneeple at the bar, and everything’s a blur until they’re stumbling out the doors of the pub (not Bing, he can’t get drunk) with Chase and the doctor literally tripping over their feet, mumbling all sorts of bullshit like 'ToO mUcH aLcOhOL iS *hic* bAd FoR yOu’ and 'did I ever tell you that I luv you so much, darlin’?’

Bing drops Schneeple off at his place and ensures that he gets into bed safely without falling down too many times before driving back home, with Chase completely knocked out in the backseat.

He gets Chase tucked nicely into bed after changing and cleaning him before preparing for bed too, slipping on some of Chase’s merch that he got signed by the man himself.

“Heh, I look really good on you, don'cha think?” Chase drunkenly mutters, probably having woken up due to the lights from the adjacent bathroom. Despite being more drunk than a lord, Chase manages to realize how it actually sounds and tries to hide his red face by burying himself under the covers and whimpering. Bing can only barely keep his laughter in as he records all this with the secret camera he’d installed in his chest not too long ago.

Chase has fallen asleep again by the time Bing slides under the covers after a final check for anyone who wants to hurt his precious man and he wraps his arm around Chase’s waist, breathing in Chase’s natural scent. It’s clean and fresh, just like a spring morning. Like their blooming relationship.

Mistletoe Kissing with TG guys <3

Ken (black): As soon as he realized everyone was staring and him and you, he’d grow concerned and worried, not knowing what was going on, then after noticing the mistletoe, would turn red and bite his lip. He’d shuffle towards you extremely shy, not used to performing such acts of affection to an audience. When he reached you, He’d still shuffle and fiddle around, until it was up to you to do the final move and kiss him. There would be a few applause and when you pulled away, he’d still be blushing as he gave you a smile and wished you a happy holiday.

Ken (white): Upon noticing the looks he was given with you, he’d narrow his eyes, thinking they were going to make fun of one of you. Then after you pointed out to him you two were under a mistletoe, he’d look back at the people watching and shrug before grabbing you by the waist and smashing his lips onto yours. The people watching would go wild and as you pulled away, he’d put on a small smirk, his hand never leaving your waist and lead you somewhere else to socialize.


Hide: Hide would notice the mistletoe first and as soon as he saw everyone was watching would try to make sure his and your time in the spotlight would be memorable. He’d grab you and dip you into a cheesy romance movie kiss as he’s flashing everyone else a thumbs up. Then after he’d let you back up, he’d smile widely and shout: “BEST ENTRANCE EVER RIGHT!?”


Tsukiyama: He’d probably be the first one to realize you two were under the accursed plant of kissing. You’d be crimson, all eyes on you. Tsukiyama would be laughing and teasing you nonstop. It’d be really embarrassing to you, but not to Shuu. But he’d spend so much time teasing you, Touka would actually have to get involved. “JUST KISS HER ALREADY, @SSIYAMA!” He shoot her a tiny glare before capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. Then Ken would have to get some oxygen for poor reader-tan because reader-tan passed out.


Uta: You’d probably be the one to make sure he did this. He’s not to most over the top dude, so naturally, this was your chance. You stopped him before he sat back down. He’d be all confused and kinda annoyed like “?????? tf you stoppin my swagger for????” And then you’d point up and he’d be kinda like “o h.” and then everyone’s just kinda staring at you two as you guys silently bicker and you’re just like “kiss me you id  iot.” And he kinda sighs because again, he doesn’t feel naturally comfortable with PDA. After all, it’s Japan. The custom is five hundred percent different, PDA is looked down upon and everyone keeps it to themselves. HOWEVER, right when you’re about to give up in bickering, Uta catches you mid-sigh and gives you a sweet but short Christmas kiss. That’s right. Merry Christmas mother effer.


Ayato: As soon as he saw everyone’s eyes on him he’d know it must be because of a mistletoe and would growl at everyone, asking what the h3ll were they looking at before grabbing your hand and leading you away. He’d pretend he didn’t see your disappointed face as he led you around the party. After he was sure no one else was around, he’d kiss you quickly and after he pulled away would tell you he doesn’t put up shows for anyone.  


Arima: Arima chuckles, seeing you’re both caught red-handed. It went way over your head but the observant inspector immediately pointed it out. The flirt actually ended up taking you quickly, right as Amon noticed. And only Amon. You were dizzy from how passionate the quick smooch was.


Nishiki: Nishiki would be really, really dumb about it. Like first you’d be all giggly and blushy and you’d point up and he’d make the stupidest noise like “huh?” Then he’d kinda be like “Yeah so???” Not noticing its position. You’d have to actually explain you guys are under a mistletoe and you’re just a blushing idiot and when you’re done he’s like ‘well that’s stupid af.’ Then he’d sigh, because then story caught some attention. He puts down his coffee and kisses you, and man you can taste that mocha. His lips were soft and kiss was some what moderate. Nice job Nishiki. You covered up your idiot.


Amon: Let’s get this first though: Amon knows nothing but his ghoul training. He is an awkward nerd to the point some people were surprised he had a girlfriend to take to the Christmas party so everyone’s kinda like “OHHHHHHH” because if anything, a friend would notice before Amon notice and sure as heck, it swung by you. You’re both cherry red and Amon’s just kinda like “Do I????? What???? K i ss???? With this crowd?????” So he’s frozen stiff and you kinda have to stand on your toes and kiss the big dummy because Amon is Amon and Amon is a dork.


Banjo: After seeing everyone looking at him, he’d look up, point to the plant hanging on the doorway and say: “Ey’ Look _____! Mistletoe! I wonder who they’re lookin’ at to kiss under it!” Then you’d have to shyly tell him that it was you two under the mistletoe in which case, his smile’d drop for a split second before returning not a moment later and giving you a very chaste kiss.


Renji: You both walk in, everybody’s having a hella good time. Then wait a second- everybody’s looking. Then Hinami just smiles and points up and you and Renji look up. Renji has no reaction. What so ever. You’re like really red and he’s just analyzing you as different people are cat calling you guys. You’re still staring absentmindedly at the mistletoe, not really knowing what do or say and you suddenly feel some lips on yours and in your head you’re like: “????what tf???” and before you even know what’s going on, Renji already pulled away and started dragging you to some other part of the party as people are applauding.

Suzuya: Suzuya would run into the party adorning a HUGE smile and when he saw everyone looking at him and you, would look upwards and smile, telling you excitedly that “there was a mistletoe there! Yay!~ Now I get to kiss you now!~” before kissing you unexpectedly as a few applause is heard around the room. After pulling away, he’d smile and look into your eyes for a split second before becoming distracted by the snack table.

anonymous asked:

What's your advice to someone with fic/story ideas but has no talent/experience with writing?

Hi, Anon.  First off, thank you for reaching out.  It takes a lot to contact a total stranger so, yay.  Thanks!

The Writing Process

Okay, well let’s see here.  First of all, and this is completely corny, you have to want to write.  Do you want to do it?  Do you love it?  Do you feel passionate about it?  Like if writing itself were personified, you would totally want to make out with it? If you don’t write, do you feel antsy/angry/like something is off?  If your answer is yes, then all right – you have the passion and fire in your system.  So that’s good!

Write All the Time.  Exercise Your Writing Muscle.
Now, writing like any other thing requires consistent dedication.  And by that I mean that you have to write all the time.  You can’t write once a month and expect to improve.  Writing is a constant thing, and the more you write the better you will become.

Share Your Work with Others.  Get Feedback.
“But how do I become better, Wrath?” you ask?  Well, you have to share your work with others.  Find people whose opinion you respect – not just Yes Men who will say, “I like it!” even if you just wrote something that was a turd on wheels.  No, you have to find people who will be brutal with you, who will be honest, people who will tell you what they think.  Which leads me to…

Talk with Other Writers.  They are Your People.
Writers are a very special kind of human being.  We’re egotistic, yet highly sensitive.  We are filled with bravado, yet highly insecure. (Most of us, anyway. Not all of us, however.  Some are just talented mother effers who are basically like, “I am the shit, and I know I rock.”  And they do! Bless!)  Become friends with other writers, talk about your work, talk about your writing process.  Other writers will speak your language, they will share feedback in a way other people can’t. They are also your best cheerleaders and comrades.  You have writer’s block?  They will sit and commiserate with you.  You have a character breakthrough, they will serve you a drink.

Read Anything.  Read Everything.
Expose yourself to the writing of others as much as you can.  Read, read, read.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  Even if it’s a genre you may not like, read.  Read canonical literature, read graphic novels, read biographies, read poetry, read about history, art, music – all of this will help you become more aware of the world, of the thought processes of others, and will expose you to good writing and bad writing.  

This also touches on a big aspect of my writing process.  Research. RESEARCH.  To make something believable (even if it is in a fantasy or magical realism story) you have to have some truthful foundation to it.  You have to write as though you know what you are talking about, what your characters are doing.  My character lives in Baltimore? Then I will definitely research Baltimore.  What neighborhood would they live in? Where would they go for dinner? I Google restaurants, then Google their menu. My character and his partner are looking for a surrogate to start a family?  Then I will research what that entails as if it were me looking for the surrogate.  You just can’t be like, “Oh, I don’t know anything about XYZ” and leave it at that.  You’re better than that shit.  You owe it to your readers – and yourself – to be thorough. Research, I stand by it. Always.  

What About School, Wrath?
My degree is in English with a creative writing concentration and I loved it.  Do you need a degree in English/creative writing?  Not necessarily.  Does it help? Sure. The writing workshops, the seminars, the readings – all wonderful, but to be a more fully fleshed out writer, I think a degree in the humanities is also lovely.  For my graduate studies, I want my degree in the humanities. Again, it’s about learning more about the world and people around us.  All of this helps. The broader your general knowledge is, the richer your storytelling will be.

People Watch.  Just Don’t Be Creepy.
I love sitting and watching people.  You can learn so much about human nature just by being still and watching.  Humans are the ultimate story prompt.  I remember I was sitting at a restaurant one time, and a woman at the table next to me told her companion, “That’s when I realized my entire life was a lie.”  I was leaning over thinking, Oh, shiiiiit.  Tell me more.  That became the basis for a short story I wrote.  When you become a writer, all of your friends and family know that everything they say is up for grabs in your work.  I know mine do.

Books on Writing?  Sure, Why Not?
There have been several books on writing, punctuation, etc.  Here are some of my favorites.  There are many, many more.

Learning how to write is a process.  For very few people, the gift of writing comes innately and/or easily.  I’ve been writing almost my entire life, and I still feel I have so much to learn.  So be persistent, and if this is what you really want to do, then you have to dedicate yourself to it completely.

I hope this helps and I’m open to any other questions from anyone. xo