effects of good government in the city and country

  Dashor is a country known globally for its culture, music and especially its crime. For almost a century the five families of its capital city, Trille, ran country more effectively government could, although not peacefully. Up until twenty five years ago, there was an intense rivalry between the mafia families. Then when Anthony, don of the Delgaard mafia took charge, he managed to persuade the other dons that their approach was doing more harm than good, and they should each be in charge of their own businesses, instead of fighting over which family could run the same businesses better than other.

  So now each of the families run one major dealing, no more trying to be on top. They’re equal and all do business with each other. The five mafia families each in charge of one of the following: weapons, drugs, prostitution, gambling, loan sharking.

   It was going well and they lived in relative harmony until Anthony was killed. Whilst his underboss’ son, the dons protege took over as don with the aim over continuing his mentor’s legacy, the unloved son, Ricardo, wanted power, wanted revenge. For now he is lying low, scared to move against a united front, but he is plotting, scouring dark alleys and smoke-filled bars for accomplices to destroy the peace and gain more power.

  Still, even without Ricardo’s plotting, the peace might not last.  The envy and suspicions never disappeared between the families and it became clear that one little spark would be enough, to make everything Anthony had worked for go up in flames.


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Part 3: A Vital New Breakthrough In Modern Egypt

Some of the most important new developments in the teaching and practice of the true holistic energy science are now emerging from Egypt. Although still almost unknown in North America, a remarkable Egyptian Architect and Scientist has recently demonstrated the ability to detect, differentiate, manifest, and transmute the living energy qualities which create our world.

The Architect is Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, who has developed an entire holistic science of energy quality which he has trademarked under the name of BioGeometry. His work only began to be made public in Egypt in the 1990’s, following an astonishing series of scientific projects where he demonstrated the ability to create energetic effects considered ‘theoretically impossible’ by orthodox scientists. Here are just a few of these projects:

Egyptian National Research Center:

Dr. Karim was brought to this advanced research facility run by the Egyptian Government, and challenged to alter the life functions in living organisms using only simple geometric forms. The assembled scientists and medical doctors at the Research Center were shocked by the successful results. The report on the experiments issued by the Center’s Department of Microbial Chemistry stressed that “Further experimentation on this type of interaction between the Bio-Geometrical shapes and a variety of microorganisms is a top priority… To me the essence of this type of interaction seems to surpass explanation through our traditional and classical knowledge in basic science.”

The experiments were so successful that Dr. Karim was named the head of a special new research project at the Center, studying the Effects of Geometric Forms on Life Processes.

Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project:

Hepatitis C is rampant in Egypt and North Africa, leading to the Egyptian government sponsoring medical trials to determine the most effective remedies. Along with groups studying the effects of Interferon and other pharmaceuticals, one research group was given to Dr. Karim to use only BioGeometry geometric patterns with those patients. Dr. Karim gave each participant a special medallion he had developed, which was covered with geometric patterns he calls “BioSignatures”; these are 2-dimensional representations of the actual movements of energy within the human body which create life functions. The magazine Egypt Today described the results of the Research Project: “Dean of Al Azhar University’s faculty of Pharmacy, Taha Khalifa, invited Karim to take part in a National Research Project aimed at testing the available medication for Hepatitis C. Karim created a special aluminum laser-engraved chip which was used by 300 patients over a period of three months. The results were astounding, with the normalization of the liver enzymes of 90 percent of the users in contrast with the usual success range of 20 to 25 percent.”

Project leader Dr. Khalifa also announced the successful results with BioGeometry on a national prime-time Egyptian television program. This television show revealed the existence of BioGeometry to the Egyptian public for the first time, and featured numerous patients from the BioGeometry control group of the Hepatitis C research project speaking about their experiences. Many of the patients on the program even brought with them their official medical records, proving that their blood now tested clean of Hepatitis C. That program and other television coverage elevated Dr. Karim to celebrity status in Egypt.

Vibrational Medicine Research:

Reuters News Service distributed internationally an article on Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry, including interviews with Egyptians who had experienced stunning transformations in their personal health. In one case they reported that: “a 24-year old engineering student with a low platelet count had some reservations about the healing power of shapes. But having undergone a $25,000 course of treatment in the United States and having had his spleen removed to no avail, he decided to try Karim’s method. ‘When I met Ibrahim he put a ring on my finger with a design print on it, then he gave me a medallion. At first I thought it was strange, but after all I’d been through I was prepared to give it a go,’ he said. Overnight his platelet count went up to 35,000, and in four more days it soared to 250,000, he said.”

Another interviewee in the article reported similar success with an entirely different problem: “Hassan Hafez Amin, 57, a retired marketing consultant with gout, says Karim’s methods had worked where others had failed. ‘I went to Ibrahim with an open mind and he gave me a medallion inscribed with a geometric pattern to wear. In one month my uric acid levels decreased from 9 to 4.8,’ he said.”

Growing Corps - In Salt Water:

Dr. Karim was invited to the Red Sea by Engineer Adel Ammar to see if he could find a way to use salt water for irrigation, rather than Red Sea farmers having to pay the high costs for desalinization. As reported by Al-Ahram Weekly, by integrating specific shapes into the water channels and containers Dr. Karim actually succeeded in growing Sweet Potatoes in Salt Water drawn straight from the Red Sea; yet another result which was theoretically impossible until he accomplished it.

Clearing Electro-Magnetic Stress Problems From Entire Cities In Switzerland:

After a powerful cellphone tower was put in the middle of the Swiss city of Hemberg, residents began to fall ill. Animals and birds were seen to leave the area, and those confined to pens suffered miscarriages; animals raised for food were found to have tumors when slaughtered. The problems got so bad that Swiss evening news programs showed pictures of local residents who had moved their beds down to their root cellars, to try to escape the Radiation effects. Dr. Karim was invited to help, and by using precise Geometric forms and BioGeometry techniques was able to clear the area of electro-stress problems. One Swiss newspaper called Dr. Karim the “Wonder-worker from Egypt.”

Dr. Karim was so successful that the Hemberg town council gave Dr. Karim the Key to the City and demanded that the Swiss National Government implement similar BioGeometry corrections throughout the country. This led to Dr. Karim being invited to clear similar problems from the city of Hirschberg Switzerland, while being observed by Swiss government representatives; just as in Hemberg, the project was tremendously successful and was reported in newspapers and Television news programs across Switzerland.

Water Revitalization Research With Dr. Masaro Emoto:

Dr. Karim is also good friends with the well-known Japanese Water Crystallization researcher Dr. Emoto. Emoto’s HADO laboratory in Switzerland studied the effects of Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry shapes and tools in improving water structure. They found perfect structures created in their water samples simply by having one of Dr. Karim’s tools (known as a BioGeometry Cube, a modified Cube shape covered with specific energy patterns) in the same room as the water. Researchers also commented that Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry created more consistent crystallization patterns than virtually anything else they have tested. Dr. Emoto joined Dr. Karim for an international press conference in Cairo, revealing photographs of the powerful structuring effects of BioGeometry patterns on water crystals.

This is only a very short list of Dr. Karim’s successful projects: there are many more projects conducted with Government agencies, European Universities, Medical Doctors, etc. which are beyond the scope of this article.

We should note that Dr. Karim, an Architect by profession and not a Medical Doctor, makes no medical claims for his work for obvious reasons. Instead, as he puts it, ‘My job is to carry out an experiment with BioGeometrical shapes, demonstrate a fact, repeat this experiment until it becomes a scientific phenomenon, and allow specialists in every field to start research work.”

Although still almost unknown in North America, Dr. Karim is having a powerful impact in the Middle East. He has been given his own Arabic language television show, broadcast on satellite throughout the Middle East; it’s title translates as “God Grant Me More Wisdom”; in it Dr. Karim teaches simple ways to improve one’s life and transform the energetic environment around us using BioGeometry.

Remarkably, BioGeometry is also now taught at the University level in Egypt for advanced Architecture students. In these courses students are shown how to design according to energetic principles, tie buildings into the Earth’s own energy patterns as was done in the Sacred Design of ancient times (so that buildings act as living organs conducting the Earth energy through them, as was done with the Ancient Egyptian Temples), and much more.

I first heard of Dr. Karim around the turn of the century, and sought him out to learn his methods. Although beyond the scope of this short article, I should note that the principles, patterns, and methods of his work are of amazing depth and power. I have found that Dr. Karim is willing to publicly teach highly practical, advanced energetic information which is literally not available anywhere else in the world. His system allows one to be able to directly detect, manifest, and transmute powerful energy qualities through the precise use of shapes, angles, proportions, movements, colors, and sounds. His work applies to energy balancing not only buildings, environmental areas, and objects, but also all living beings as well.

I am extremely fortunate that after years of working together, Dr. Karim allowed me to become the first non-Egyptian instructor of BioGeometry, with authorization to teach both the Foundation and Advanced levels of his training in North America. I now teach his work through the Vesica Institute in Asheville North Carolina, and sponsor him to come to North America to teach specialized topic courses to graduates of the Advanced BioGeometry training.

By: Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.