Pedalboard update. Got rid of the ego comp for the PC2A cause of the bass VI. The ego was not my first choice anyway, got it on the cheap and it had enough settings for me to tolerate it.
Also took the wah I used as a fixed filter out of the board. I figure that it’s nothing the TL or KP can’t take care of. It’ll get a bit more use as a funny feedback loop trick.

Pedaltrain 2, Voodoo Lab PP2+, Gig Rig Distributor

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Things are getting gnarly over here. This is by far the noisiest heavy sounding chain I had ever compiled.

Turbo Tuner

Effectrode PC-2A Leveling Amp

TWA Great Divide Synth Octavator

Mountain King Megalith

Endangered Audio AD4096 Analog Delay and Echo

I think I have accidentally liquified the foundation of my house and may have collapsed one of my roomates lungs.