effect spore

Alternate Video Game Titles

Mass Effect: Everything is cool and amazing and we are all gonna die.

Mass Effect 2: Interstellar Suicide Squad

Mass Effect 3: The lens flares will cover my tears.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Less Dragons More Suffering

Assassin’s Creed III: Angry child becomes Vengeful Adult

Assassin’s Creed IV: Mean Pirate becomes Somewhat Nice Pirate

Fallout 3: The world sucks and I can’t find my father.

Fallout 3 (Updated): The world sucks and my father is dead.

Fallout 4: The world sucks and I can’t find my kid.

Fallout 4 (Updated): The world sucks and my kid’s a dick.

Fallout New Vegas: Cowboys and slavers and anger and booze.

Spore: Make a penis monster and rule the galaxy.

Sims: Drown your people, rule their lives, delete the toilet.

Call of Duty (All of them): GUN BULLET GUN

Battlefield (All of them): GUN BULLET PLANE TANK GUN

Gears of War (All of them): Testosterone and Chainsaws

Halo (All of them): Kill Shit to find Ultra Shit

Minecraft: (Explore+Build+Die)^3

The Last of Us: Emotions Hurt More Than Zombies

Subnautica: Fuck the Ocean - Alien Edition

Until Dawn: Get Everyone Killed and Restart

Grand Theft Auto IV: My Cousin Got Me Killed

Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas 2

Saint’s Row: Urban Gangs

Saint’s Row II: Ultra Gangs

Saint’s Row III: Criminal Syndicates

Saint’s Row IV: Governments (wait a second…)

Whispore- Mushroom Pokémon

Type- Grass/Ghost

Ability- Effect Spore/Hydration/Unaware (Hidden)

Whispore gather near corpses deep in Novrai’s forests, murmuring strange incantations as the body decomposes. Once they have planted themselves near a corpse, they cannot be moved even with great force- they only disappear when the body is drained of nutrients. If you encounter them in the forest, you’re headed the wrong way.

Fungeist- Gatherer Pokémon

Type- Grass/Ghost

Ability- Effect Spore/Hydration/Unaware (Hidden)

Evolves from Whispore at level 30.

Being a ghost is tough. It’s disorienting, you can’t interact with the physical plane anymore, and there’s tons of Pokémon that are very much hoping to eat your soul. Fungeist welcome in lost spirits, be they people or Pokémon, and provide them with shelter underneath their mushroom caps. Their sedentary nature means lost souls can live with them for years before gaining the courage to move on to the next life. 


How Bulbasaur came to Kroel is a very similar story to that of squirtle, but with a very different outcome. While Squirtle’s popularity as a pet eventually faded away, Bulbasaur became an incredibly valued pokemon among breeders and collectors who saw a great potential on the pokemon. With the pass of time, Bulbasaur was breed with many species of pokemon native of the region in an attempt to make it even more appealing to the eyes, and soon it became a completely different breed of pokemon from its kanto counterpart. By losing its poison over the course of its breeding, and due to its constant pampering from collectors and pokemon contestants, Venusaur became less aggressive yet more resilient, and with a calm nature and easy-going demeanour, it is not strange for many smaller pokemons to wander under the bell of its fungus looking for shelter, specially fairy pokemons which he welcomes happily and even looks after.


-The Seed pokemon
-Ability: Effect Spore - Wonder Skin(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 16<–

-The Seed Pokemon
-Ability:  Effect Spore - Wonder Skin(HA)

–>Evolves at lv. 32<–

-The Seed Pokemon
-Ability: Effect Spore - Fairy Ring(HA)-Ally Fairy-type Pokémon are protected from status conditions and the lowering of their stats

–>With Venusaurite<–

-The Seed Pokemon
-Ability: Power Plant- All Grass type moves are treated as Electric moves at the same time, and get a 20% power up boost

Mushmettle- Roasted Pokémon

Type- Fire

Ability- Lightning Rod/Fiery Spirit/Effect Spore (Hidden)

Despite its appearance, Mushmettle is actually a fungal Pokémon, similar to Shroomish and Morelull. They’re born when a tree branch holding their spores is struck by lightning and ignited, granting them their fire powers. Their bodies are soft and squishy, so they live in large groups and constantly shove up against each other in the hopes of toughening themselves.

Shishkebox- Roasted Pokémon

Type- Fire/Fighting

Ability- Lightning Rod/Fiery Spirit/Effect Spore (Hidden)

Evolves from Mushmettle with a Fire Stone.

Shishkebox’s body is coated in its own spores, which harden under high heat and form a temporary protective layer for it. It’s tenacious and brave, fending off the multitude of predators seeking to chow down on Mushmettle. Its fiery punches can reach temperatures of over 750°C, and give off a lot of smoke on contact with a foe. Anything pummeled by Shishkebox reportedly smells delicious for hours after defeat.

Fiery Spirit is a new ability in Novrai. Pokémon with Fiery Spirit will always land critical hits against targets afflicted with a burn.


Captain’s log, stardate 3417.7. Except for myself, all crew personnel have transported to the surface of the planet. Mutinied. Lieutenant Uhura has effectively sabotaged the communications station. I can only contact the surface of the planet. The ship can be maintained in orbit for several months, but even with automatic controls, I cannot pilot her alone. In effect, I am marooned here. I’m beginning to realize just how big this ship really is, how quiet. I don’t know how to get my crew back, how to counteract the effect of the spores. I don’t know what I can offer against paradise.

Jigglwiggl- Gelatin Pokémon

Type- Poison/Fairy

Ability- Effect Spore/Regenerator/Water Absorb (Hidden)

Jigglwiggl are soft-bodied, fungal Pokémon related to Morelull and Mushmettle that live under the sea. Though they taste sweet and resemble some desserts, don’t try to eat them! Their green tint comes from the spores that fill their body, which begin growing into new Jigglwiggl once ingested. In the wild, they get fish Pokémon to nibble on them in order to reproduce.

Bogglwoggl- Gelatin Pokémon

Type- Poison/Fairy

Ability- Effect Spore/Regenerator/Water Absorb (Hidden)

Evolves from Jigglwiggl at level 33.

Bogglwoggl’s squishy body is incapable of experiencing pain and it boasts incredible restorative abilities. This makes it a common target for predators, but it barely even notices- even if half its body mass is eaten, it can completely regrow in under a day. Its green flesh is bland and tasteless, but the small purple section is scrumptious, at least until you start vomiting out baby Jigglwiggl.

#056 Shroomish
Mushroom Pokemon | Grass/Poison | Effect Spore / Moxie / Corrosion (HA)
“Norra Shroomish are even more gloomy and grumpy than their ordinary counterparts. Small Pokemon are attracted to its red color and scent, which it dislikes, fending them away with toxic spores.” / “Trying to bite into a Shroomish will cause you to become poisoned. They are notorious for sitting amongst other mushrooms and attacking others if they get too close.”

#057 Breloom
Mushroom Pokemon | Poison/Fighting | Effect Spore/Moxie/Corrosion (HA)
“It has an incredible poker face, which makes it unpredictable in combat since it gives no hints towards what it will do next. It acts with speed and precision.” / “Its brilliant red coloring is a warning to others that it’s toxic. As a tactic in dire situations it will shove its tail or head cap into the opponent’s mouth to poison them badly.”

Warmup doodles of some Fakemon.  Alternate Morelull Line inspired by Gardevoir and Gallade lines.  Type changed to Poison/Fairy.  Female would have Queens Majesty/Effect Spore. Male would have Iron Fist/Effect Spore as well as a new signature Fairy move call K.O. Punch that has a 30% Chance to Sleep the Opponent.

Magickal Properties of Grass Type

Originally posted by cursola

Plants, life, energy, growth, the natural world, food, sustenance, natural cycles, daytime, restoration, health, functions of the body, weather effects, putting down one’s roots, far reach, natural beauty.

Grass type is of course all about plants, nature, and the Earth. Green witchcraft, kitchen witchcraft, people who use herbs, flowers, roots… I have a feeling Grass type Pokémon will be important to your practice.

Even though Grass type houses a variety of mostly plantlike creatures, I still think that it is a type very heavily rooted in the body. In a different way than, say, Fighting type would be. Grass is about the way our bodies interact with the world. Grass types have a tremendous potential for growth and a very heavy impact on the health of other Pokémon and people. Many of their moves directly impact the nervous system/the respiratory system to do damage. Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, the ability Effect Spore. This can induce paralysis, sleep, and poisoning. Just like real plants, Grass Pokémon’s toxins can effect the body. Never forget that Grass types are commonly paired with Poison type. Not all herbs, roots, and flowers are safe to use; not all Grass types are free of poisons! But many grass types can benefit your health rather than harm it. Aromatherapy can heal status effects of the Grass type’s party. In the Pokémon world people eat food produced from Pokémon like Tropius, Cherubi, and Grotle.

Since I just did Fairy type, let me make some points about Grass type by juxtaposing the similarities and differences. I claim both are associated with life, and there is a lot of overlap in how they manifest. As similar as it is, the subtle distinction I’d like to make is that Fairy’s life domain is more about a spiritual concept associated with the soul, whereas Grass is more about the very physical aspect of life. Our cells, our breath, our body. I also say both are about beauty. I think it can be said that Fairy beauty is more of a “glamour” beauty, the type of thing you’d use for glamour spells, whereas the beauty emphasized in Grass types is more of the beauty that grows naturally right out of the ground. The Earth’s beauty. I don’t think this is 100% true across the board, as many Fairy types have a natural beauty, even derived from having flower motifs in their design! I just want to point out that while life and beauty are both aspects of these types, if you wanted to focus in on the subtleties then this is one way to break it down.

I also made a point back on my Normal type post that Normal types have a lot of healing moves, with Grass type being the other type well known for healing moves. The difference here is that Normal types often are self generating healers, whereas Grass types drain energy from others. Absorb, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Leech Seed… Grass types can take energy at the expense of others! There’s hexing potential there…

Weather effects Grass types more than any other type. They are strongly associated with sunlight and daytime. Many can cause rain, and rain weakens fire type moves. Solar Beam Synthesis, and Growth are all boosted by the strong sunlight condition. Rain and Sun are good for plants. Working with Grass involves Rain and Sun and getting outside!

Grass type is about being rooted into the environment you’re in, being in balance with it, being a part of the natural community associated with the place where you are. Grass types often gain bonuses from rooting themselves into a single spot, like through Ingrain. The user restores HP, but can’t switch out. Many grass types are well suited for a very particular environment and tend to stick there.

So if Grass is about committing and living in balance to a specific place, then why “far reach” as well? Just because you’re sticking somewhere and putting down your roots doesn’t mean that you’re not maximizing your use of space. Plants spread their roots out far underground to soak up as much nutrients as possible. Grass type Pokémon in the anime are known for being some of the most dexterous Pokémon there are, as many of them have Vine Whip, which they often use as a far reaching hand. Grass types manage their spaces well, and can navigate these spaces with skill due to their familiarity and those handy vines of theirs.

Seriously, those vines were way more useful than they had any right to be in the anime. Those things could go really far. Don’t know how they did it. Where do the vines come from? Where do they go? We may never know…

Thanks for your support with this series! It means so much to me! More of these are on the way!

#110 Foongus

#111 Amoongus

#112 Mushmash
Drip Shroom Pokemon | Grass/Poison | Effect Spore / Contrary (HA)
“Since its hunting technique worked poorly as a Amoongus it upon evolution develops a new strategy. By vigorously draping any prey that comes close with a sticky and corrosive liquid it slows them down and weakens them.” / “The black goop which hangs from its cap is sticky and vile, while the red capsules contain a poisonous liquid which tastes foul and makes others gag. Pokemon tend to avoid coming close to it and refrain from biting it.”

*Evolves from Amoongus at level 50.


Claydol and Breloom fusion

Grass/Ground Type

Ability: Keen Eye

Hidden Ability: Effect Spore

Stats: HP - 70, Atk - 120, Def - 100, SpA - 65, SpD - 100, Spe - 95

The All Seeing Pokemon

Sometimes known as the watcher, it can see everything.  It must be careful when using sand-based attacks as its black eyes are very sensitive to dust. It is actually a giant fungus and absorbs nutrients through its feet.

Request for @anawizachu585. I hope you like it.  Oh no.  This thing.  The eyes look like giant tarantula eyes. This thing. Oh boy.  It’s certainly something. 

The tension within this spot of the forest was unlike any presence felt before. Pressure so heavy, so intense, that everyone’s hearts froze  as they laid their eyes on the fox-like hybrid and the fan-dancing fairy, their gazes seething with righteous fury fueled by their own agenda.

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Cycle Eight--Week 1


The bright blue leather of the book’s cover has faded over time, and the silver metalwork has tarnished, but the ink inside is still crisp and clear.

A (condensed, if I’m being honest) version of Lucretia’s journal from Cycle Eight.

Day 1

For the first time, we spend the night of our arrival still airborne.

Lup is eager to explore the land below us, a world covered in vast glowing forests of fungi. Even now, when the single sun is on the far side of the planet, it glows as though it were daytime (At least, if daytime were characterized by an ever-shifting pattern of neon hues). The air is filled with clouds of spores which diffuse the light, concealing the edges of individual mushrooms so the entire world looks like a great ocean of light.

Tomorrow we head for one of the dark spots we can make out on the horizon in search of a clear landing ground. Captain Davenport has ordered that no one is to leave the ship until we can verify that the environment is inhabitable. Thus far, we have had the good fortune to only visit worlds on which we can walk and breathe, but there is no guarantee that every set of Planes will be so hospitable.

Magnus offered to go down to the surface by himself. “It’s the quickest way to see if we can survive!” he said.

Taako scoffed. “Oh, right, check it out by dying, that’s a brilliant idea. Idiot.”

“Yeah, Maggie,” said Lup. “You only just got back! Is the company really that bad?”

He didn’t push the matter, but offered to man the helm for part of the night so Captain Davenport could get some sleep.

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babymarionette  asked:

May I request the fusion of zorua and parasect?

Name: Zorasect
Species: Wolf Shroom Pokemon
Height: 3'03" / 1 m
Weight: 65.0 lbs / 29.5 kg
Type: Dark-Bug
Abilities: Effect Spore, Illusion
Hidden Ability: Damp

Dispite Zorasects size, it’s bark is a lot better than it’s bite. It lives in deep and shrouded forests only showing the glowing mushroom on its back. The huge pincers on the mushroom are only for scaring predators. Once it finds it’s own pray, it infects them with a hallucinating venom that makes Zorasect look like other Pokemon.