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└ Power of five connect in a powerful storm.

Cr: Tsunagu PV + Making of + JAL CM + MS Ultra FES 2017


Once upon a time I got seriously into the idea of creating a RWBY OC…Then I lost the momentum and didn’t really do much with her…The only thing for certain was I wanted her to be called Tawny and i wanted her to be owl faunus…but NOT a tawny owl and she’d get really annoyed if you assumed she was a tawny owl from her name.

But anywho, long story short i did a crap ton of looking up names and creating team names I thought sounded cool when coming up with this character and I thought I’d share my little ‘database’ of names and team names for anyone making RWBY OC’s so my time gathering all this wasn’t a complete waste.

****NOTE - If anyone wanted to suggest more names I’d be happy to add em to the list.

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Aang and the Lion Turtle.

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.”

The lion turtle reminds me of Aang, the lion turtles of the air nomads. I’ve never seen this parallel pointed out before, but I believe it can be significant, and shed new light on the above quote and ATLA’s ending in general.

In one of his moments of greatest doubt, Aang desperately asked the universe for a way to save the world without having to take a life, via meditation, and the lion turtle answered. Why? When I first watched ATLA, I thought it was because of his status as the Avatar. After all, back then, the Avatar was supposed to be the vessel of the Spirit of the Earth: we saw how Aang could connect to the life around him, how the earth itself could call to him and help him on his quest (in The Swamp for example). So, without thinking much about it, this is how I kinda subconsciously read this scene: the lion turtle came because it should, because it is a part of the universe - it represents the universe - and when the Avatar asked for its help in trying to restore balance to this universe, it was only right that it does.

But now, I think maybe there was something more personal there? More unique and relevant to Aang as a person and the Lion Turtle as an individual being.

(as usual, this post accidentally got long)

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It won’t show up when I try and photo it but like there’s some weird natural sepia effect over my town and I wanna know why it’s happening.

hi so the scene where Hanna was abducted and thought she was dreaming wth spencer was real for several reasons 1- no “fx EFFECT like sepia or a little blurry” like all of the other dream scenes 2- spencer doesn’t have bangs in the dream 3- they touch and that never happened when the liars are dreaming 4- “spencer” mentioned how “IF AD can get in and out, so can you” but she couldn’t have possibly known about AD since the first text from them that they receive that is signed AD is received AFTER HANNAS ABDUCTION. So who was that girl? Spencer’s sister? Real spencer?

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The Kid

“He was the spittin’ image of Slinger Jawson with that pike and them pistols.”

For today’s daily Inktober challenge, I did “the kid” from Bastion, a game by Supergiant Games (you should definitely go play it, it’s a beautiful game!). The story is bittersweet, with a lot of emotion tied into it. I drew the Caelondian kid here with one of my favorite weapon sets in the game.

Inks done with Micron Pens and Chinese ink and bamboo brushes, then edited in Manga Studio 5 for the sepia/grainy effect.