effect pedal

guitar knowledge?

any of my followers have any knowledge of guitar accessories? i’m looking into gettin a few more effect pedals and i’ll need a pedal board to keep them organized and not get the cables tangled when i move them. i’m looking into both power & unpowered pedal boards but i’m more interested in powered since i would have to put less work into building the thing. do the power supplies fit with most pedals? i can’t seem to find any useful infos online. i’m guessing 9v is good with most pedals but i want to make sure. also, any musthgave effects? i have fuzz & distortion so far, was looking into eq & reverb/echo.

Two really cool looking Sunn0)))-centric fuzzes from Sunmachine.  Very grimm.

“FUZZ O))) A while ago a customer asked for a device that would bring him close to the monolithic Sound of drone legend SUNN O))). I suggested some pedals and we agreed on a dark meathead. After some minor changes to the original circuit, the implementation of a low pass filter and three switchable input caps (dark and deluxe specs + ultra evil) which increase the amount of low end let through the circuit, I found the outcome to be quite convincing. At least it does sound like a Southern-Lord-in-a-box …”

I don’t think I’ve ever posted my rig, so here it is.

Whilst on the 2000km drive to Melbourne my speaker cab was in the trailer with all the furniture and the tolex was ripped and destroyed.
First project of the new place was removing the remaining tolex and staining the cab with some organic walnut ink I had left over and then sealing it with the Australian beeswax I use on all my wood pieces.

I wish I did this sooner.

The head is very very special.