effect pedal

TBT: My first initial experiments using tape loops as an instrument - this is what the Suitcase of Drone looked like as a baby. 

Current rig is getting out of hand! I’m loving every second.

Jazzmaster or Talman

EHX Superego (Line 6 Space Chorus in loop)
Aria Cool Vibe
DOD Vibrothang
Multivox Bi-Phase
Boss TU-2
S Cat Auto Wah
EHX Holier Grail
Boss NS-2
MXR Dyna Comp
Digitech Whammy (Midi Controller)
Dr Scientist BitQuest! (Bright Onion Fav Switch)
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Visual Sound Route 66
DOD Gonkulator Modulator
Earthquaker Devices Organizer
Frontline Modded Stereo Chorus
Behringer Vibrato
EHX #1 Echo
Boss FV-500h
Behringer FX-600
Boss DD-5
Red Panda Particle
EHX Pulsar
Dr J Shadow Echo
EHX Memory Man w/Hazari
EHX Analogizer
Mid-fi Electronics Clari(not)
Strymon El Capistan (Bright Onion Fav Switch)
Line 6 DL-4
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame
Boss RC-3 (Bright Onion Contoller)

Running stereo into the two inputs on my FAL Kestral (70’s transistor amp) or the old 4-track cassette recorder for headphones. fuckyeaheffectspedals what do you think? Haha!


New pedalboard build in progress. I have some digital stuff in the rack so this will be an all analog pedalboard. No digital stuff for now.

MXR Stereo Chorus for cleans.

MXR Analog Chorus for overdrive sounds.

EHX Deluxe Memory Boy analog delay for Solos.

Way Huge Supa Puss Analog Delay for cleans.

EHX Riddle Analog Filter for both.

Suhr Riot Crimson Edition for crunch and leads.

Marshall JackHammer and Guv'nor Plus (both modified)

Dunlop CAE Wah (Great Wah)

Boss Line Selector and EV-5 Expression pedal.

Powered by a Joyo Power Supply 2 which surprised me in a good way, it did improve the noise performance.

The pedal board is a Pedal Train Pro.

Not pictured : Amptweaker Big Rock Pro which will be added in a few days.


Here is the complete board. Its not bad but the jumper got a hot and the insulation melted. This is the enclosure but I need to drill the in/out holes on the sides (just as a quick fix). I plan on buying another box and drilling the holes in the right place next time. Thanks to crusherdestroyer for your help. Next step is wiring the pots and switches. This will be a clone pedal so +1 life point to whoever guesses the original pedal.