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Let’s go eat sloppy Joe’s and gossip about how we can make the world a better place~

Happy International Women’s day! XD

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Thank you for allowing your young child to pee all over the floor, leaving a wonderful trail through our main line area and not saying anything; leaving the floor crew worker to find it just before the cashier nearly slips in it. Go eff yourself, you've failed as a parent.


You’re not in competition with the girl next to you on who’s prettier, because you both are stunning. You don’t have to discourage others in order to make yourself feel better. You’re beautiful in your own way, and so is she! XD

There’s a lot of scepticism around middle sized bodies because there is such a variety of them. I am I size 12-14 but constantly told I am fat.

I am in no way saying I don’t feel that way some times but because some of my size 12 friends look skinner I feel like I’m fatter.

The truth is “fat” is a societal construct created by a false democracy, you are beautiful. You are valid.

Cellulite is normal, having a roll or two is normal, having a shadow of a double chin is normal and having a wiggle to your legs are normal.


Pretty in Pink, but still the fiercest on the street! XD


Question: What is the last thing that haters want to see?
Answer: A chubby/fat/morbidly obese/chunky/overweight person smile and be content with themselves.

 Happy Bir Girl Appreciation Day!!! XDD

Do you know what I really hate? When I see people being rude to girls for wearing too much makeup. I love getting dolled up and looking my best and no girl should ever feel bad for wanting to do that. So I decided to take a picture of me first thing in the morning looking my worst and to the right a picture after I was done getting ready. I will never stop looking the way I want to for anyone 💕

Getting ready for swimwear season and I’m so proud how much I’ve grown to not only love my body but to love myself as a person! Be proud of your body and OWN IT! 

I’m a size 16-18 Wearing my favorite swimsuit from TORRID 

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I got a big gut, chunky rump, swollen cankles, sweaty pits, and a spirit you can’t break! XD


It’s okay to be different! You don’t have to be like everyone else! You can be you and still be wicked cool! XD


Today was amazing. My only day of the week off work. I spent it as one should, sleeping in, dressing up, looking through records, playing bass guitar, listening to music and then working it in front of a webcam because I was feeling myself. Today the sun has come out, so instead of the usual black jeans I can wear my cutie high waisted shorts that I hardly ever wear. I think I worked them today :3


I was a little inspired by Hendrix with the head band ;)

Uploading more photos because I took too many…. hahahaha


I was spinning free (Whoa,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh)
with a little sweet and simple numbing me~ 

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Hey Jax-senpai OuO I gots a question. What do you think is Better for getting Lean. Intermittent Fasting or Cutting out Carbs and just eating meat and veggies? I want to start the new year off right and Ive been slipping on my diet but MMA has helped me keep the fat in check and your tips as well but diet-wise I need some help? what do you think is better?

Oh Hey Britney! and sure thing. I’ve done both a Ketogenic Diet and I consistently have done Intermittent Fasting for the last 3 years. and I want you to remember this about IF. 

Intermittent Fasting is not a Diet, its just a way of not eating for certain periods of time and then getting your calories in a certain window. You can follow any diet plan with intermittent fasting since all you are doing is giving your body a break from eating so it can burn more fat.

But lets get to it Starting with Carb Depleting

Now with Carb Depleting You cut out starchy Carbs from your diet

So you wouldnt be eating foods like

-Potatoes (unless they are sweet potatoes)

And since you are doing this you are putting your body in a glycogen deficit which is Glucose which we store in our muscles and is one of our primary sources of energy. So when this happens your body will start having these side effects. Your body has to become accustomed to running without the Glycogen and there have been studies shown that self control relies on glucose as a limited energy source. If you read this book

It talks about how when your glycogen is low that you have lower self discipline. And then there are numerous studies for it but enough science BS how does it work. 

Well with this Diet plan you lose a TON of water from the lack of starchy carbs in your diet and for most bodybuilders and fitness people myself included you start noticing more fat loss quicker because your body has to turn to fat stores for energy since its so low on glucose

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Sweet you are leaning up and losing fat quickly just by eating Meat and Veggies? What could go wrong?

You see there are many annoying Side effects to cutting out your carbs since your brain has primarily been using Glycogen for fuel. 

Side Effects include
-MASSIVE Irritability 

 Also it takes a while for your body to get accustomed to Carb Depleting. On average I’d say about 4 days- 1 week. It sucks LIKE THE WORST HELL EVER

But my God your Gainz will be Badass and you’ll look like a fuckin action figure if your training has been on point as well

This is what most Bodybuilders do before they step on stage and then they refuel with carbs because the muscles get really flat looking when you are carb depleted.


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I’ve gone in depth numerous times on how to do Intermittent Fasting 

Heres a link if you’re interested How to start Intermittent Fasting

All your doing is giving your body a rest from eating so that it can burn more fat and if you are in a deficit for the day BOOM it works better.

If you wanna start just fast 16 hours of the day, and eat in an 8 hour window

Examples of eating windows w/ 16 hour fasts would be




but it could be any time just as long as you fasting 16 consecutive hours. And yes you can drink water and beverages with zero calories otherwise you would eff yourself over.

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Also Intermittent Fasting is a lot better when it comes to adapting. For me it took 2 days for my body to adapt to it. and I’ve been doing it consistently for 3 years now. 

I notice every morning my body has more lines in it when I do a Strict Intermittent fasting. But if you REALLY WANT TO KICK UP THE FAT LOSS Big Time with Intermittent Fasting you could try the Warrior Diet style that I’ve been doing since the start of this month. 

With this Intermittent Fasting routine you are fasting 20 hours of the day and feeding in a 4 hour window. I’ll say this the Fat loss with this is FUCKIN QUICK like it’ll be dropping off at your ankles when you see how fuckin fast it works

For me the way I do this is I make my eating window either

12pm- 4pm


1pm - 5pm

and then I have a BIGASS Feast in 2 meals and then Im good the rest of the day.

Now if you attempt this one you may feel like you want to skin an elephant and eat it at first but the results are fast But be careful the results are really fast and can make you look like skeletor if you go too far with it and you are not adequately feeding yourself.

But if you are asking which works better test on your own body and see which works best for you. I love IF so thats what I stick with but a lot of my friends still do the low carb diet so find your own path. and Good Luck this New Year

Generally, I wear lingerie for myself NOT for men. I wear it because it makes me feel like a secret sexy superhero. This bra is one of the rare few that make me wish I had a man to go on a date with then undress for or be undressed by.