eff you photoshop

Happy Birthday Dee! 生日快樂! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

You’re getting too old! Reverse age a bit okay? I know I’m not as close to you nor Jazz that much because I’ve been too into my little own kpop world and didn’t think of you guys as much. ( ;_ゝ;) I always see you post and you have lots of friends here in tumblr ufufufu. And then I never talk to you..(*´Д`)!

But truthfully, I really do miss chatting on CR with everyone and I’m just glad you are still here today. (。・ω・)ノ Stay healthy (?) and eat lots of fruit! Because they are delicious ke ke!

My edit isn’t as good as Jazz nor yours but I’ll draw something for you soon, and if not, you can… I dunno. Keel me? Anyways, happy birthday! I’m planning on learning mandarin soon for you~ Just kidding, I just like languages fu fu but wish me luck! (´□`)

Also, to those people who don’t know who eonity is, she is quality. So yeah. That is the reason why she will get 10k followers in 1 week! ( ・ε ・’’)