efeu:over 200

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through long religious ceremonies even though they are no longer religious.

shoutout to everyone who isn’t in a safe environment today and can’t express their opinions

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through homophonic and transphobic table talk.

shoutout to all my girls who have to hear endless stereotypes & sexism today.

shoutout to everyone who will hear “you look good without makeup though!!” and “but, you’re a boy, why are you wearing makeup??”

shoutout to everyone who is suffering through an eating disorder and still have to sit through dinner.

shoutout to all my boys or gender queer people who are wearing dresses today no matter what their families tell them. And also those who weren’t able to.

shoutout to everyone who has to hear the wrong name or pronouns today.

I’m sorry that today may be very overwhelming for you, please remember that you can always leave to go the bathroom for a few deep breaths. I love you, thank you for being alive.

okay so i live in the bay area where there’s like a hUGE concentration of wiccans/witches/etc compared to other places

so basically i was looking for books on witchcraft in the library and there was NOTHING and i went up to the woman at the counter and she just laughed and went
“we have over 200 books on witchcraft and every single one is checked out”

Follow Forever/Bias List for 200+ followers!

Some of you may already be aware, but for a while now, I have met a threshold of 200 followers, being on this blog. I can’t even remember how long it’s been since I made this blog, but out of the few months that I’ve had it, I’d just like to thank those of you who have tolerated me and dealt with my bs and being enjoyable partners for me. Without further adieu, let’s proceed. 

People I’ve grown very attached to/wanting to write with them every day:

@barefootwargoddesslelia @deriision @crimsonpunches @furrliciia @guerreradelosmuertos @cinispetalis @thegodofchaoticpleasure @haremquean @dokuseiryu @sunny-explosions @rxdiansa @celestialprincesslulu @whisper-ofthe-stars @beautyoftheeast @jourdevanille @sanromerohuntress

Mutuals I interacted with before, but not as much and still wants to interact with them: 

@chronically-hysteric-queen @glassghxst @rising-superstars @thecenteroflove @you-disgustme @nymphasaeva @somnia-sorceress @liimura @empressofmakai @herxina @umbranlollipops @pincernapugnis @yuffiesonthescene @vixdictive 

People I never interact with/wants to interact with/rarely interacts with/is too shy to interact with: 

@mademoisellecerisenoire @prxmiumhxart @cpring @roses-and-steel @machiyuu @sxvxgeprincess @aenxland @Incubabe @twindisciplines @sassymetalworker @inappropriateskirt @flxxrgxardian @blueclawedmonarch @bluehairedshortie @blueraingoddess @icedmyrtle @xmxgibloom @elderinwhite @skraxseidr @juviasbutt @fcxtailed @slxttydisciple

That’s probably all I can hit for now. If you did not appear in this threshold’s follow forever list. don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to appear in the 300 one. I generally try not to include the same person in more than one. But some other reasons why I didn’t include you: 

-We are not mutuals

-I have no intentions of rping with you. 

-You generally just didn’t strike out as me having no desire to add you to my list. 

Above all; It’s nothing personal. But once again, I’d like to thank everyone who appeared on this list for sticking with me. I hope I continue to not disappoint you. 

cute things I will do as ur girlfriend

•hold ur hand
•have a folder on my phone of cute photos of you
• I will also take cute photos of you
• because you are cute and I will remind this everyday
• write poems about you
• I’ll probably draw you too many times
• I’ll make you lots and lots of playlist of songs that remind me of you
• I have a lot of cute date ideas
• my lips are always available to kiss
• I’ll tell everyone we’re dating bc I’m proud to say so
• I’ll comment on your pictures
• especially your selfies
• we can cuddle a lot
• you can pick the movie
• I don’t even like movies
• but I like you