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Hey, there's a post I saw that debunked Jared Letos rumors. You got it wrong.

are you talking about how the condom wasn’t used but still out of its wrapper? ok but thats still weird af and gross lmao. and not all of them have been “debunked” as you called it (ex. the bullets sent to viola and the other ‘gifts’). but it’s kinda to the point where its hard to even really tell whats true and whats fake anymore. and its not like jared is going out of his way to debunk any rumors himself. in fact he seems to be loving the attention that he is getting from it like he even brought a snake on the jimmy fallon show

but even if they were all false, its not like it changes anything. i’ve said in previous asks that even if all this was made up and was just rumors thought up to promote the movie, its still not okay. like this is not something that should be promoted, real or not, as ways to get into character.

right now pretty much everything about Leto’s involvement in suicide squad has turned into a mess. like the marketing team effed up so bad on this because these so-called “rumors” have completely backfired and now people won’t even take his portrayal seriously no matter how much work he might have put into it. also this whole mess has taken away attention from other cast members and the ACTUAL MAIN CHARACTERS of the movie who also worked hard for their roles without surrounding themselves in controversy 

anyways, i’m sick of hearing about about jared leto’s minor role in the movie. I’ll be seeing suicide squad for the other talented cast members. thanks.

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do you think bryke would make another avatar series?

yes, i really do

nickelodeon has proven to be a couple of greedy hos when it comes to successful series (see: icarly, jimmy neutron, idk what else because honestly who cares about any other show there) and lok did REALLY well critically, regardless of how bad their marketing effed up the TV ratings. this show has a legacy and incredibly strong fanbase that’s inevitably gonna skyrocket after that finale

i’m not saying full length but probably another miniseries that korra was initially supposed to be (12 eps)

basically, we’re never gonna escape this