JUST SO YOU KNOW YOU ARENT THE ONLY ONE ECSTATIC FOR THE DOCTOR STRANGE MOVIE! I’ve been waiting for it for a while and meanwhile everyone’s off dissing it and is like “there’s not gonna bE another Marvel movie for a while…•someone mentions Doctor Strange• no more movies…”. But just so you know Im also excited for it too
- @icelegend7

thank u :3 it feels good, and I know we’re not the only ones, there must be more people so excited as us, also I know!, the people criticizing it because of the efects and I’m like ‘’sorry? have you read/seen a Dr Strange comic?’’ damn I bet when the movie comes out everybody will be like ‘’I always liked Doctor Strange, he’s the best mcu superhero’’ uughh. anyways, no reasons to be displeased because the movie coming and it’s gonna be so great 

leeshy-loo-squid-squad replied to your post:yikes i hate to admit it but i think we’re too far…

that’s our fault, the first 2 days we didn’t verify accounts and now tey got terminated. I lost ~20k of my votes their voting rate didn’t increase, we can catch up with the new voting system if only we at at least 100 people helping there’s 20 of us, 20 voting the /efective/ way right now

i literally have no idea what you’re talking about is this in english 


Mass Efect 3

“Vancouver” - By EphemeralExis

Steven universe Theory.

In Mr. Greg I noticed that pearl dipped greg, when she is usually the one being dipped. I thought that this could be a slight metaphor for the fact that she always needed support and was always looking for it, but on homeworld she had nobody, until she met rose, who gave her all the support she needed. Rose was the first person she could trust. So when she felt rose left her for greg, she must of been absolutely heart broken. She seemed to keep looking for the support she needed from Garnet because she seemed to have everything under control, but Garnet knew that amethyst and pearl look up to her, so she tries to keeps a straight face all the time(which probably explains why she always wears the visor). Pearl told garnet (after she tricked her into fusing with her) that she wants to feel confident and strong, like garnet. But garnet knew the efect she had and told pearl so. Garnet needed just as much support. So pearl struggled with it but tried to be like garnet and keep a straight face especially in front of steven.
Greg probably had the same thing. Marty was supposed to be his friend and manager of his dream career but he threw him under the bus, I’m not sure about his parents.

So after they talked and pearl dipped greg she knew and understood what it was like to feel like you are just there, as a burden and understood that they both lost a person they put all their love into (rose) and they both need support even though they don’t always show it so she helped him and showed greg that she understands.

They both understood. They had something in common.

Even though no-one will read this and it probably doesn’t make sense, I just had to write it down. ;-;

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Idk if you noticed , it's an efect or you even care , but your pants are riped in the photo ( in the upper left side) Sorry if this sounded bad , I just wanted to warn you

yes i guess ripped underwear is my aesthetic now