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I think Lucy traveled in time. Henry does seem younger in the Seattle scene as opposed to the EF version. It of course might​ be his haircut and yet..

I don’t think there was a difference, but it can be hard to tell when it’s the same actor esp since he was running in the dark. On women, they made it easier to look younger (young Regina w/ braids vs EQ Regina).

DAY 2556

Jalsa, Mumbai               Apr 14/15,  2015              Tue/Wed  12:34 pm

Prasha Ganesh   : a very happy birthday to you, and all our wishes for a beautiful life .. 14th April .. 

Dharmesh Seth  : happy birthday to you for the 15th .. tomorrow .. love joy fulfilment and prosperity .. ever form all the Ef .. and me of course !!

The mind sorts itself out gradually. So does the mountain of gifts and gracious wishes of countless fans and Ef during the past few days. It is quite overwhelming to discover the length to which most of you exert to, in order to express affection. I am most grateful. But for me the nature and size and quality of the gift does not matter. What matters is that loving note, often hand written, that expresses exactly what a Pyramid, a Sphinx, or a Ganapati in varied colours would convey.

Many among you show your gratitude in your communication and the wrappings of your love. I am deeply humbled by this and acknowledge your wish. And I wonder how would one be in a position to thank all of you individually. There have been general suggestions on this by staff and others, but for me the personal response pleases. It is an arduous task, but one that gives immense satisfaction. It is time consuming and often giving impressions that the deed has been overlooked or, by some consequence, believed that the effort on the part of the well wisher has not been of standard, and so its relegation to a non reply. WRONG !

Each and every little piece of paper that comes to me, wrapped in the immense love you show, is as dear to me as the intention with which it was delivered. 

A small magnetic ‘frig’ stick up, a large greeting card hand painted and constructed painfully over months of labour, a personalised mug, a key chain with engraved writings of the Lord, a plaque of recognition, t-shirts of varying sizes not just for me but for the entire family, papyrus drawings, that prayer directed to wards our well being, the bunch of flowers, a name engraved pen, photographs loaded on exquisitely designed albums, chocolates and goodies to be devoured … 

the list is endless and so pure and delicate ..

I can only say thank you, but you know as do I, that there is more than just that which constitutes my affection .. 

Our lives in this extraordinary era have become so prompt and immediate that its tremors are felt throughout the length and breath of the universe, magically in an instant. Many wonder whether the speed of this communicative device harms us all .. many think otherwise .. I shall rest with just one thought on this ..

The speed of communication between our Ef and me is the speed that attracts me .. this is my good fortune and this my ultimate connect ..

During the scheduling of my day with all its activities, there is that conscious time factor that plays consistently within, on the time to be given for this .. this our platform, our little home .. our resort of comfort and deliberation.

Many that do not indulge, wonder why I must do this. Why must I, who has relatively led an isolated-non-conforming-to media attitude, would now wish to be delivering each and every emotion and personal factoid to the entire world publicly. Why indeed !

They advise .. the enigma that is Amitabh Bachchan, the mystery .. shall disappear .. which they allege would harm the profile, brand and standing of an artist !

I abhor such thought. I abhor the mention of my name, not as a proper noun but as an adverb or an adjective or as an epithet. And as for the enigmatic element that they attribute …  really, at 73, what secretive quality is one looking for ..? And at this age is anyone honestly interested ?

Nope !!

At 73 .. at 1:12 am .. all I am of interest to all is …’ when the hell is this guy getting to bed … so we can too ..’

Good night therefore ..

Amitabh Bachchan  

TOP VALDAYA MOMENTS of 2013: #7 Album Cover Story

#7: Album Cover Story

When Zendaya’s debut album was released on 9/17/13 we were all very excited and proud of her. We also wondered how much Val had heard and seen of the album (knowing that he saw her Replay video in advance). Well…bastard saw a lot of it:

While we enjoyed the tweets we didn’t fully understand them. What did he have to do with her album cover exactly? We soon found out thanks to Z giving us the story of selecting her album cover. The picture she wanted no one else agreed with her on. She was told to get one person to agree with her and she could have it. So who did she ask? VALENTIN EFFING CHMERKOVSKIY OF COURSE. She texted him multiple pictures, didn’t tell him which one she wanted, and guess what he picked? THE SAME DAMN PICTURE! Screw you both.

CREDIT FOR GIF: sluniverseee.tumblr.com

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People are always saying how Hook leaving Emma and the others in Rumple's cell is worse than Neal leaving her in jail. Well, maybe one would have had more dire consequences than the other. But it all depends which one affected Emma worse. Nothing Hook has ever done to her has left her as emotionally scarred as what Neal did. They seem to like projecting their own negative feelings on to Emma, as though that's how she should feel about Hook. But she doesn't. She doesn't even hate Gold or Regina.

Wow, if you are the same nonnie you are filled with excellent questions and great insight—if you don’t already have a tumblr, you should create one so you can hang out with us (it took me awhile to sign up and also to create my page). And if you do, I hope to meet and follow you very soon!

Anyway, I agree, while I might sometimes get a bit frustrated with Emma’s walls and other behaviors, she’s remarkably non-judgmental and I also think she views the situation surrounding the bad act and the person’s efforts to improve upon it.

Which brings us to the cell versus jail, obviously I think SMF’s behavior was worse, even with the cell theoretically having been a death sentence (more of the theoretically below), for several reasons:

Alliance - When Bagel left Emma, it was full on betrayal, they were a couple, he turned her in while she was doing something largely to benefit him. With Killy, they were fully on opposite sides. She gets this, I’m not sure why others do no.

Alternatives - Neal had a variety of choices, he could have told August “eff you” and helped Emma, he could’ve left Emma after they had the money, with a note explaining himself (because I personally don’t think they would’ve lasted another 6 months had they stayed together. lbr, he always had one foot out the door). He also could’ve looked for her after she got out of prison or after she broke the curse. In each case he had a choice and chose the one that didn’t include Emma AND would hurt the most deeply. She’s fully aware of this.

Conversely, Cora was right there and had already been seriously pissed off at Hook for choosing Emma earlier. Had he released them, Cora would’ve killed them all immediately. This way he got to live and they did leave Team Princess alive. It’s just not a difficult choice to understand.

Emma’s Own Culpability - Since he had willingly risked himself several times on the beanstalk, it’s immediately apparent that Hook was more than willing to go to the wall with Emma and despite his claims of selfish motivations, would’ve entirely had Team Princess’s collective back. Emma betrayed him. When Hook gives his Capt. Wentworth speech, it’s quite apparent Emma realizes they wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t left Hook chained at the beanstalk. In fact you can even see her realization she had done to Hook precisely what Neal did to her. And she hates it.

Not once did she ever betray SMF.

Similar Bad Acts - Team Princess had already been prepared to leave Hook to either die of starvation or be dismembered alive and consumed by ogres when they left him tied to a tree. Again, they were adversaries. They only came back to him because it benefited them.

Emma again never did anything to Neal, yet he didn’t hesitate to screw her over.

Actual Damage Done - lbr, it looks like Team Princess spent less than an hour in SparkleDark’s cell. The worst thing that happened to them was a brief delay. StonerMcGuffinFire casued Emma to be imprisoned for almost a year, knocked up (and had to give up the baby), leaving her broken, miserable and lonely for 10 years. Even now she still struggles with the issues he left her with.

I’ll lastly add, Hooky was always pretty impressed with Emma’s skill set (unlike someone else). I think he knew all along there was a way out (because it’s the EF, so of course there is) and Emma would find it. While it’s also been pointed out the cell was specifically built to imprison SparkleDark, we can all now agree, Rumple could’ve left it any time he wanted to. He was happy to stay there and have others implement his curse.

So to conclude another VERY long answer…..Hook had no choice, wasn’t Emma’s ally then, has already been similarly wronged by her, acted in a manner that caused no lasting damage and probably thought she’d figure her way free, anyway. Bagel had many alternatives, was on the same side, had never been wronged by Emma previously and basically ruined Emma’s life. 

And obviously, I still don’t understand why Emma needed to be broken, miserable and alone for her curse breaking skills to work…other than setting up the entire premise of the show, of course…

DAY 2925

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  3/4,  2016              Sun/Mon  12:25 am

It really does require that one moment to lift a disconcerted heartbeat, to normalcy and exhilaration, elation, euphoria, exultation, exaltation, joy, happiness, delight, joyousness, jubilation, rapture, ecstasy, bliss, rhapsody; excitement, intoxication, invigoration, ebullience, high spirits, glee, gleefulness, gaiety, animation - a game of cricket and that winning over in the 20th for the WC T20 finals !

The West Indies did it ! And did it with the style and flamboyance that they are renowned for ! True CHAMPIONS are made of such stuff ; to come back from adversity and prove the world wrong ..

The Windies .. what a country and what a fun loving relaxed community !

My very first visit was during a Concert that we took in 1981. Concerts were never the way that we see them now. I was venturing into a domain which had never been attempted before by anyone. And then after that a routine started till date. But somehow that enthusiasm and that passion and that thrill of those days was never repeated, by any other down the years .. those first moments were magical .. they were 12 shows in 4 different countries in 15 days !! Or some such madness. And not a single flight was missed and not a single piece of luggage was misplaced among the troupe of almost 60 of us.

And when we reached Trinidad & Tobago it was just unbelievable passion. From the airport, which was a mass of fans, to our Hotel and throughout the night and day, you continuously heard only music - the calypso .. some near some far .. but never ever too far away ..

Spending time with families at their invitation, listening to their stories of their migration and their attachment to homeland India .. the desire to keep up the traditions the festivals and the food and most importantly their love for our movies …

Astounding ..

It is no wonder that Mr Chris Gayle turned out to be so attached to cinema India and to graciously pay a visit to my home, and narrate and spell such wonderful stories of their love for us ..

Some day all those stories shall be narrated in greater detail .. but for today just let us dwell in that game of T20 and that incredible finish by the West Indies to become .. CHAMPIONS ..!!

And not just this WC T20 .. they won the Under 19, they won the Womens and now the Mens .. that is no small achievement !!

Its the Sunday evening of the many several Sundays from 1982 - 2016 ! The anticipation of it, its apprehension, its scheduling and its complying to the requests of the fans has been the most endearing moments for me ..

It has challenged my intellect, the little that I possess, it has confounded me on its longevity and it has given me that pictorial opportunity for the Blog and for posterity …

That moment in ‘Ki & Ka’ was indeed a live shoot of a Sunday well wisher moment .. and many of the fans could well go and see if they can see themselves in the crowd ..

Hmmmmm … the bush grows well .. just in time of the shoot that is to occur for ‘Pink’ .. and I dub for ‘TE3N’ so as to quickly finish that responsibility in order that I may begin to prepare for the next schedule ..

I spent some reading time on the National Anthem, its rendition its writing its history and it was most fascinating. What is it in Anthems that brings that goose flesh that straightens our posture, that holds our heads up high, that invites the national to be ready that moment to sacrifice and give all to the country of birth. What is it that envelops us to our national flag, to hold it up high in praise, to display and flourish it with an abandon of pride and patriotic fervour ..what ?

 Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore who wrote and designed the National Anthem, first sung in 1911, wrote it as an ode to the country. There were some controversies that it had been written for the imminent visit of the King of England, King George to India and his honour and that the words were reflecting that in the song. I read, that when Gurudev heard about this he is reported to have stated :

“ I should only insult myself if I cared to answer those who consider me capable of such unbounded stupidity” ~

I smiled at the use of the words and the language, for, I found it to be one, that could possibly be used in many situations. The strength of such writing is often gauged by the diverse spread of its usage ; one which does not necessarily comply with what its origin to a particular incident may have been ..

And Amul the dairy outfit, that entity, that surprised and shook up the world, has been always filled in its advertising in some of the most humorous and pertinent topics it chooses .. this one about the Awards is one such ..many others featuring me have been up on the billboards through time, and some of them could have been noticed on the walls of Janak, by Ef that have visited it …

So to bed .. with smile and fulfilment .. with immense joy and praise for the West Indian team and their remarkable victory .. and with the immense satisfaction of a correct prediction ..

Errm .. UK Ef begging pardon of course .. but till the last over it was all England

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Killian’s all about the vocab, yeah? And once he gets to see Robin actually in action I’m sure he’ll be impressed.

I want him to compliment Robin’s archery skills (in public) by saying, “You’re quite the nimrod, mate.”

Nimrod, by the way, originally meant “mighty hunter” before Bugs Bunny’s sarcastic use influenced pop culture enough to make it mean “moron”. Of course, the EF guys haven’t experienced this shift of meaning.

So everyone is standing around laughing and Killian’s like, “What? I called him a nimrod, it’s a real compliment!”, Robin nodding along, the Merry Men chiming in “yeah, he’s totally a nimrod, yup”

And David’s all, “No seriously Hood, you don’t want to go around saying you’re a nimrod-”

“Well I am a nimrod, thank you very much! Regina - you think I’m a nimrod, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, definitely,” smirk smirk smirking.