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Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Niall Horan

Sometimes, pictures of Niall Horan are so beautiful, they’re timeless. Here are some examples of that! Compiled and captioned with my best friend, @100percentsassy.

Junior Niall Horan, out by the tennis courts, October 2011. (x)  

Andy Warhol’s cousin and longtime assistant, Niall Horan, seen here in a quick test shot taken by Jack Mitchell in 1968. (x)

Comedian Niall Horan, seconds before being asked to the couch on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, 1990. (x)  

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A is for Aardvark by Thomas Retterath

It is for sure the sighting of a lifetime. I´ll bet, I´ll never get to see such an animal in the wild again. Never ever! Our guide saw such an animal only once and that was in 1986! Years ago we spent an afternoon game drive with a pro photographer (Ariadne Van Zandberge). We talked about special sightings and she said, that if anybody said he had seen an Aardvark, she would definitely end the conversation and go. It´s high on the list of every serious Safari-goer. And we belong to the lucky few! I am happy! BTW: did I ever tell, that I love Africa?

What’s your favorite event final ever? I need some gymnastics to watch but I don’t know what to choose and I don’t feel like re-watching London 2012 FX EF for the 1000000th time


I’d Rather Not Stop by Mabry Campbell

Viktoria Komova Uneven Bars Masterpost

2008 » Pacific Rim ♦ Massilia

2009 » EYOF ♦ Intl Junior: AA / EF ♦ Voronin Cup: I / II

2010 » Europeans: Qual / AA / EF ♦ Youth Olympics: Qual / AA / EF ♦ Freddy Cup

2011 » Russian Cup ♦ Ghent World Cup: Qual / EF ♦ Worlds: Qual / TF / AA / EF ♦ Massilia: Qual / EF ♦ Voronin Cup: AA / EF

2012 »Russian Cup: AA / EF ♦ SUI - GBR - RUS ♦ Europeans: Qual / TF / EF ♦ Olympics: Qual / TF / AA / EF

2014 » Russian Championships: I / II / III


Favorite routines: Jiang Yuyuan

vault: 2007 shanghai EF (I didn’t even know she had a 2nd vault) 2007 worlds TF 2008 nationals quals & AA (amanars) 2010 worlds TF 2011 nationals

bars: 2007 Shanghai 2008 ostrava 2008 Doha 2008 nationals 2009 nationals EF (1.5 pirouette + DLO) 2010 worlds AA 2011 nationals AA 2011 ghent quals

beam: 2006 CHN vs ITA (onodi, 2 bhs + LO, triple full) 2010 nationals 2010 worlds AA 2011 worlds TQ

floor: 2006 nationals 2007 worlds TF 2008 nationals 2008 olympics EF 2010 nationals EF 2012 nationals AA