ef 2000


They’re here! These lovelies were ordered and received from Goulet last week, but I suppose I was just so thrilled I forgot to post them as promised. But here they are!
The new additions. (From left to right) A Lamy 2000 (EF), a TWSBI Diamond 580 (EF) and a Pilot Falcon (soft fine.) Additionally I decided to (finally) acquire a Midori passport TN. (And is that not the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen??)
I’ve been hardly able to do anything except hold them and play with them for days


Favorite routines: Svetlana Khorkina

vault: 1994 worlds EF & TF 1994 goodwill games Birmingham 1994 1994 euros AA 1995 worlds 1998 goodwill games 1998 euros 2000 olympics TF 1 & 2 2001 goodwill games 2001 worlds EF 2002 euros TF 2004 competition 2004 olympics quals 2004 olympics AA

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beam: 1992 Moscow world cup1993 jr euros (ignore the fall) 1994 euros AA 1994 worlds TF 1995 worlds AA 1996 olympics AA 1997 worlds EF 1998 euros AA & EF cottbus 2000 2000 euros AA 2000 olympics AA 2001 worlds AA 2003 DTB cup 2003 chunichi cup (triple full dismount) 2003 worlds AA 2004 olympics TF

floor: 1992 Moscow stars 1993 jr euros 1994 worlds TF & quals 1994 euros AA 1996 USA vs the world 1996 euros AA 1997 worlds EF 1998 euros AA 1999 worlds EF 1999 french international montreux 2000 2000 euros AA 2000 olympics TF & EF 2001 worlds EF 2002 euros 2003 russian cup 2003 russian nationals 2003 DTB cup 2003 worlds AA & TF 2004 olympics TF 

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Some more photos of RAF Typhoon FGR.4 ZK308 wearing Invasion Stripes and WW2 markings.
The aircraft is based at RAF Conningsby, which is not only the home of Air Combat 1 Group (No. 3, No. 11 and No. 29® Squadrons, all flying the Typhoon).

It also happens to be where the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is based and indeed in the 4th shot (the landing one) you can see the BBMF’s Avro Lancaster, one of only two airworthy and flying Lancaster in the world.

For those that didn’t see the edit I made to the previous set (which is the majority of people liking and reblogging it), this scheme is to mark the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, for which the invasion stripes were applied to aid in identifying Allied aircraft to reduce cases of friendly fire.
It was applied to all aircraft except heavy bombers, particularly the four engined variety, which were not prevalent in the Luftwaffe.

As a bonus, the final picture is the RAF’s 2014 Typhoon display aircraft which belongs to No. 29 (Reserve) Squadron, the RAF’s Operational Conversion Unit for pilots converting to the Typhoon.
It’s the first time the Typhoon display jet will feature a special livery for the airshow season.