ef 2000


They’re here! These lovelies were ordered and received from Goulet last week, but I suppose I was just so thrilled I forgot to post them as promised. But here they are!
The new additions. (From left to right) A Lamy 2000 (EF), a TWSBI Diamond 580 (EF) and a Pilot Falcon (soft fine.) Additionally I decided to (finally) acquire a Midori passport TN. (And is that not the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen??)
I’ve been hardly able to do anything except hold them and play with them for days


17-05-2016 Germany 3:15 pm
This EF 2000 has been fully armed as he flew over my  Home Town today
It is not the first time, but today he flew low enough to catch him with my Camera. Maybe somebody recognise the Logo on the Wing
Click Foto to see full Size
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Eurofighter Typhoon
Maximum speed: 2495 km / h
Cruising speed: 1838 km / h
Range: 3790 km
Weight: 11,000 kg
Model Introduction: 2003
Manufacturer: Euro Fighter fighter
Engine types: Eurojet EJ200, turbofan

Primary Users
Royal Air Force
German Air Force
Austrian Air Force
Italian Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Royal Saudi Air Force
Royal Air Force of Oman
Kuwait Air Force
See Operators for others