Naxt Fairy Tail chapter (except not really)
  • Natsu: Damn it, she got away!
  • Lucy: Natsu it's all your fault you shouldn't have provoked her.
  • Natsu: How is it my fault?!
  • Lucy: It's always your fault.
  • Gray: Hey Natsu, what do you have under those bandages?
  • Natsu: Ummm... what bandages?
  • Gray: The bandages on your arm, what are you hiding there?
  • Natsu: I have no idea what you're talking about, you must be seeing things.
  • Gray: You're not getting away with this I saw something and I demand answers!
  • Natsu: Well as if you could see anything when you were eyeing that chick the entire time.
  • Gray: I... I was not eyeing her! She just looks a lot like Juvia that's all!
  • Natsu: Aha! So you admit it!
  • Gray: What does that suppose to mean?!
  • Erza: Enough!
  • Natsu and Gray: Eeek!
  • Erza: That woman! She... she can't possibly be our enemy!
  • Lucy: Hmmm... now that you mention it it does seem strange, she could have just killed us right on the spot and...
  • Erza: That's not it!
  • Lucy: Huh?
  • Eeza: She can't be our enemy if she loves star mango gelato!
  • Lucy: Somehow, I don't think that's the issue...
For Eezapaps.

Yesterday, I had a get-together with my closest high school girl friends. One of us will be leaving for the States, an announcement that we were not ready for, and probably never will.

These are the girls I’ve spent my high school years laughing, talking, crying and arguing with. We went to different colleges, did not often text or call, and rarely got together. But I was okay with it, because I knew that I could still see them if we actually exerted enough effort. I could text them and threaten, “It’s my birthday. Come, or else.”

And now one of us will be leaving, somewhere where a jeep or a tricycle won’t be able to take us when we want to see her. Sure, there’s Skype and Facebook, but I just feel that it will be different once she board that plane and take to the skies, to start a new life. And yes, I will definitely miss her. 

You’ve always been the one who can make it to impromptu get-togethers. You’ve always been there. You’ve always been the happy-go-lucky one who diffuse arguments with easy banter and sarcastic comments. You’ve always been the one closest to our parents, putting them at ease. Putting us at ease. And it’s going to be different. You know it will, right?

I sat across from you yesterday, just staring. I’ve never been the crying type. And I thought the tears wouldn’t come. It was totally inappropriate because we were talking and laughing about simple stuff. It’s not until you demanded photos of us kissing you that I got teary-eyed. You know I don’t like kissing and being kissed, but it could be my last kiss to you, so I gave in.

Aleeza Joie Sagmit, our Eeza, my Eezapaps. I will not be saying goodbye, because I hope that we will see each other again :)

Don’t forget us, or we will kill you.

I’m crying and my nose is dripping right now. Hahaha. I think I’ve had enough drama, though :) 

Have a safe flight. Bon voyage, my dear.


Infinite hugs and kisses.