Simple Malik  reactions in several outfits for a Malik rp roleplay blog @oregashujinkaku  runs.

These are my  rough Sketches  so far.  I have 6 left  to post hopefully tmr.

 I did these reactions sorta  dating sim style ? ahah.

(NOTE: These are not for free use. pLEASE DON’T USE THEM. Let’s not make things awkward I:.)

Okay so listen @ygrittebardots and I were talkin Santiago-Peralta kiddo headcanons the other night and it was so overwhelmingly precious I had 2 draw a thing

Here’s what we’ve got (shoutout to @sonseulsoleil for the cat thing)

- Maya is the elder and she’s v protective of her tiny smol brother Benji
- Benji loves whales. He has this big picture encyclopedia of whale facts and he’s read it with mom AND dad AND maya AND uncle Terry AND tia Rosa AND uncle Charles AND grandpa Ray AND - well, anyway, he’s read it like a zillion times and can recite it all off by heart
- Maya will pull him around in their adventure wagon in the apartment dressed up in her cape (dads old NYPD T-shirt) and they’ll survey their kingdom (the living room) as Benji tells her cool stuff abt whales
- sometimes dad lets Benji ride piggyback to the bodega at the corner when t hey go buy cereal and he listens to Benji’s whale facts then too
- Mr. Kevin is also v enamored and amused by the whales
- Benji just really loves whales okay
- when Maya was a baby Amy panicked once and started reciting police codes to get her to stop crying so now Maya knows like all the police codes off by heart and when she’s upset or nervous shell put her hands over her eyes and start listing police codes at the top of her lungs
- Mayas favorite character of all time ever is Rey from star wars
- dad bought her like five Rey shirts one time when they were on sale at Macy’s and she wears them everywhere
- she had a near emotional breakdown once bc Benji’s middle name is Ray and so CLEARLY BENJI IS NAMED AFTER REY FROM STAR WARS OH MY GOD MOM AND DAD but then mom had to explain to her that no, Benji’s middle name is after Grandpa Ray, you know, and so Maya had another near emotional breakdown because GRANDPA RAY IS NAMED AFTER REY FROM STAR WARS?!??!
- (“she is a very accomplished young woman,” Grandpa Ray tells Maya seriously when she brings up this subject with him. “I am honoured to share her name”)

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anonymous asked:

What would ez do if he received a bounty for ashroad's head?

That would depend on at which point in their relationship he got the bounty. Early on?? Money makes the world go round baby