ambunny  asked:

Hi there! I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to share how you got your tumblr theme's Ask and Submit buttons to display on the side like that? :0


I’m so so so sorry for the late reply. This just piled down in my inbox and I must have forgot, I’m sorry. ;D;

Prov is the one who actually installed my Ask/Submit tab buttons on my blog page! I’ll have him reblog this and answer for you if you still want the code for them!

Shiny Maractus by =Eevie-chu

Pure green and magenta color test speedpaint. Inspired by PK’s color experiments as seen here-

Unfortunately green and magenta together, while complementary, look horrible together on their own (as PK said in the link above, and I fully agree). 

 I had to cave in and add yellow to my blends. It looked so bad without it! (and yes I know it looks kinda bad already since it’s so blinding haha, but it was fun!)

It’s really interesting and a learning experience to try out odd color combinations :’D

I did a special redo of a trade from almost exactly one year ago between xishka and I! We both redrew our parts to see how much we have improved. It’s pretty visible that we both have increased our skills by a landslide! It was incredibly fun to do this, I highly recommend redoing some old art- it’s a real confidence-booster to see just how far you’ve come!

(see the larger version at the source or directly on my blog)

Lazy Kitty by =Eevie-chu

My favorite Animal Crossing villager ever, Punchy the lazy cat! He was my first villager and friend when I first made my town in AC on Gamecube. His house was right next door to mine, on the acre to the right *w* I think it’s so endearing how much he loves food and how lazy and droopy-eyed tired he is all the time. Typical chubby kitty!

I want him so badly to move into my New Leaf game, but so far no luck. I tried looking around on tumblr and forums for people who “trade” their villagers, but surprisingly he’s really popular to a lot of people! I always end up too late or someone else has something better to offer ;A;

Someday I will have you in my town Punchy! I’ll just keep kicking lazy villagers out of my town and checking up on the villager trading boards until he (hopefully) shows up. Fingers crossed!

If you or someone you know has Punchy and is willing to let him move out, please send me a note anytime! I can offer any of my own villagers in trade, bells, items, heck… even free art for a month! I just want him so badly aaaa