Handmade Vaporeon Ball Jointed Doll - eBay! by vonBorowsky 


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And here is the doll from the teaser! I thought it was pretty obvious, but I got some quite curious guesses, such as “mermaid”! Very cool to see it wasn’t that obvious at all!

As a kid, this would have been an awesome toy, and that is what made me want to make it!

I finished Vaporeon quite a long time ago but I had problems to make his collar thingy. Even that you guessed on the teaser! At first I made it from cold porcelain, and it look awful. Then I remade it two more times. The third looked very good! Then I accidentally broke it u.u It was too thin. Ok, moving on, I decided to make it from felt. And it looked terrible! So I quit making Vaporeon for a long time, trying to think on how to make that thing! And then, one day, I was in the shower. And I looked at the shampoo bottle, and the shampoo bottle looked at me (ok, no but, it was funny to write it!). It was white, but translucent, has a nice texture at the surface, looks perfect! Then I tried to make the collar with that and it worked perfectly, just couldn’t be better! I even got the lines on it by folding the plastic. Yaay! So I could finally finish that doll.

About the doll: Vaporeon is an one of a kind handmade ball jointed doll. It is made from scratch, without the use of any molds. It is not painted. Has handpainted glass eyes, plastic for the collar and magnets on the faceplate.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get such a unique doll!