eeveelution project

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Flareon

Mahou Eevee no.3 is Flareon! I swear to Arceus I’ll get names for them soon oh my god. 

She’s works at a bakery with her parents and is good friends with Eevee well before they get MAGICAL POWERS WOW SO SPECIAL. She’s shy, easily nervous, often trips over her own feet and easily frightened. She is however, very passionate, even if it’s only to herself. She’s actually quite strong, and deals well in heat, both due to her time spent baking (whisking is a work out, yo).

As a magical girl these abilities are well amplified. She is fully resistant to heat and fatigue, and becomes stronger the more she is pushed (similar to Flash Fire and Guts). While she tends to panic rather than think her way out of situations calmly, she tends to punch her way out of a bad place once her frustration reaches it’s peak. While she’s full of energy as a magical girl, she’s often very tired when she transforms back.

Jolteon next and then onto the 2nd Gen Eevelutions!

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Leafeon

So I’m following a sort of design pattern via Magical Girls through the years kinda thing. Eevee was the simplest, given that early magical girls really just wore cute clothes rather than uniforms. The rest of the first gen girls are obviously Sailor Moon inspired. The second gen girls are inspired by Tokyo Mew Mew, which is an old favorite of mine, and the 4th gen girls (Leafeon, Glaceon) are heading into PreCure territory. Given that Sylveon looks like fucking Kyubey I’m not even going to try and be clever there.

So Leafeon, Aroma Lady trainer class, youngest of all the girls but by far the most mature. She has an optimistic outlook on life and tends to pick up the other girls when they’re not feeling so well. She sells flowers for her family business, but spends most of her free time simply wandering around talking to strangers and passer-bys. She also likes to make perfumes and teas.

As a magical girl she thrives in sunlight and warm areas. The more happiness around her, the stronger she is, and often she reflects that strength back to the others. She focuses on gathering energy from natural surroundings and focusing them into one off large attacks. Like Vaporeon, she can also use a range of healing moves and calming moves, together they keep the team moving.

Yeah, cool.

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Espeon & Umbreon

I’ll have to do with Eevee forms on a different sheet

Espeon and Umbreon are twin (fraternal) sisters. Espeon is a young scientist, fairly obsessed with trying to understand Pokemon through and through. Although Pokemon are her main focus, she is readily obsessed with trying to understand something, and will easily be distracted by the idea of discovering something new. She often craves sweet things and loves to snack (she becomes fast friends with Flareon after she discovers she’s a baker) while working. Her younger sister is a Ranger, who specializes in patrolling during the night. She’s very well versed in Pokemon environments and finds it easy to traverse large areas of wilderness. She’s passionate about protecting Pokemon from poachers, and is often joined on her travels by her sister.

They get along exceptionally well, even though Espeon often chides Umbreon for being too serious (Lighten up, it’s just a little rain!), while Umbreon often gives Espeon slack for being impractical (Honestly, Espeon, we’re going up a mountain today, you don’t need pink frilly socks!). They each love Pokemon, and dedicate them selves to the protection of them.

As Magical Girls their abilities revolve much more around using their intellect and strategy to win their battles, rather than direct force. While both very powerful, their unique teamwork makes it easier for them to simply trick their opponents. Umbreon is a very quick thinker, who acts mostly on gut feeling, while Espeon studies her opponents before delivering a single, final blow. They share a psychic connection, which only make their team work stronger.

Uuuhhh more things and stuff later I guess. 

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Vaporeon

Character no.2 is Vaporeon! Again, the girls are currently all nameless so I’m naming them after their partner Eevelution. 

By day she’s the eldest sister of three and an Ace Trainer who goes traveling around regions and generally just getting stronger. She sends a lot of her winnings home and has little interest in material goods. She’s elegant and mature but also loves to tease and pull small pranks on her friends and younger sisters.

As a magical girl she can use a range of healing abilities (based off Water Absorb and Hydration) and is very quick and hard to catch (Can turn invisible in water, glide in the air briefly). She very quick to think in sticky situations, and good at leading teams, things she learnt from being an Ace Trainer.

Evolution Sync (which I totally misspelled up there, I got myself confused shhhh) is the tentative name for when Eevee takes on the Element of one of the other girls. The idea is inspired by Amu from Shugo Chara! which is a totally cute series yup.

More things and stuff to come, probably Flareon next.

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Glaceon

The awkward moment when you design a character and it turns out to be a character from a show you barely even watch.


Glaceon is a quiet girl who lives in the Mountain Ranges of Sinnoh. She’s an ace trainer, albeit one that keeps to herself and her pokemon. She was put up for adoption long before she could remember her mothers voice. Although she was brought up by kind caregivers, she’s always been hurt that she wasn’t wanted. She often thinks she’s unwanted by people and avoids them altogether. Those who she does connect with she loves fiercely and there is very little in the world that will separate her from them, even though she doesn’t show it.

Her quiet, slow and passive nature grates on Jolteon’s nerves, and makes it difficult to Espeon to connect with her. Flareon on the other hand seems to respect her unmoving nature.

Glaceon’s power as a magical girl is about keeping people at a distance. Throwing up walls of ice, layers of snow and calling blizzards to keep enemies at bay. Her strength lies in her quiet anger, which she very rarely lets out, except for when her friends are in danger, where she becomes high dangerous and will pull out attacks that are almost impossible to stop once they begin.

So, fairy type anyone?

Eevelution Mahou Shoujo - Jolteon


Okay um.

Jolteon is a sassy Model (Beauty trainer class IDK, based off the models in Elsa’s gym from B2/W2) who takes zero shit from no one. She powers through life at a super fast pace, which makes her a bit of a lone horse. She finds it hard to work with other people and gets angry very easily. Her pokemon are also very independent even though they’re loyal to her; of all her friends, her pokemon are the closest. She’s very athletic but not very quick to think, much quicker to act, and often gets her self in trouble. Jolteon and Vaporeon often clash as she is very much unable to control her mood, especially her anger.

As a magical girl, the others tend to let her work as an outlier who leaps head first into situations gone wrong. The more she fights, the more energy she conducts and gets stronger and stronger. As a result, she often needs to burn it off rapidly after battle. Her speed is top notch, but she often falls into traps, sometimes due to her haste, sometime on purpose just to disagree with Vaporeon.

Alright, bring on gen 2!

Himura Hotaru - Ran’s best friend!

Of course Hotaru is usually very timid and quiet spoken but she will be very sharp and short with you when it involves baking! Her job is to get cakes on the table and she wont let you get in the way of that. Arcanine is a giant dorky dork who honestly just tries to get into everything Hotaru bakes; he’s a family pokemon but currently belongs to Hotaru. Vulpix is a little princess that Hotaru adopted from the Day Care when she was abandoned, and Flareon is… spoilers!!