#1333.52 - Eevee are easily influenced by their environment, and can evolve into Jolteon in several scenarios; such as living in a place where thunderstorms are common, living near power plants, or even living among a community of electric type Pokemon. Eevee’s cells will begin to absorb the electricity around them, powering up the cells and causing them to begin generating their own low level of electricity. The static causes their fur stand sharply on end, and can be launched like needles if threatened. Pokemon trainers looking for a Jolteon can frequently expose their Eevee to a Thunder Stone.

Jolteon was the winner of the August Patreon Poll, and requested by many anons, @brandiekkitten, @omnomina, ikebukuroswagga, jump-a-gerund, srgsprinceesspeach, great-princess-blitzscream, hunterurock, @one-with-many-fandoms,  and @rikkapikasnikka.

Other completed Eeveelutions.

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Recently, some peps were asking questions regarding my Patreon and I realized I wasn’t really promoting my Patreon as much here, so in the couple few days, I’m gonna be working specifically for my Patreon account and giving out some previews per questions, including the recent Romancer blog.  If you like my works, please consider supporting me over at Patreon!

Recently I learned of step-by-step and progress shots and decided to have ‘em over at my Patreon, so take a shameless preview of how it’s gonna look like! This will be given to the Rank 1 Fan tier, which is just a $1 to see it! There will DEFINITELY be more where that came from! And this artwork will be one of the PSDs given out as September’s rewards for $5, so hurry if you want it! I N-joyed doing; it was tons of fun drawing water! You can see the real artwork here!

I wanted to draw my two favorite eevees from my main team. 
Say hello to Alois the Jolteon and Zenhellen  the Slyveon. 
Alois being the most happy and excited little thing ever. He looks like he just spotted a squirrel!!
Zenhellen being a real “loving” one as he’ll drain kiss the shit out of anyone. He has a dirty little secret as well. 


Eevee Cupcakes! buttercream swirl with fondant ears/details!  prolly been about 6 months since I have done anything fondant. I also ended up cleaning out my tool box and I threw out all my died up gels so I had only 3 primary colors and black to dye the buttercream on these guys. Hence why leafeon ended up camo instead of liek a sandy/tan sort of brown. sorry leafy. Who’s everyones fave?