How I found out about Toby Turner. (A.K.A Tobuscus, TobyGames.)

I think it was a while after Pewdiepie, I found Tobuscus, the MOST adorkable and cutest youtuber ever. He’s such a dork it’s so adorable. I dunno what made me want to watch him more, but for sure, I watched him more. I’ve followed him on Instagram too which he makes some pretty funny short videos. I love his rants too because they relate so much to our technology problems. I’ve always wanted one of his shirts just to wear to support him. My family doesn’t like him expect my brother and Grandma. 

I just really like this youtuber, he’s really adorkable, cute and funny.

How I found out about Marzia. (A.K.A. Cutiepiemarzia)

Well, once I found out about Pewdiepie, I noticed he had a girlfriend named “Marzia”. I actually didn’t know she had a youtube untill I looked her up. Once I saw her I swear I had sometype of crush on her, she’s the cutest person. She’s so calm depending on the situation and so soft spoken. I know she has that thick Italian accent, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Youtubers with thick accents so I know what she says. But, her videos are so cute. I don’t like her because of Pewdiepie, even though I found out about her from Pewdie, she’s my most favorite girl youtuber. I honestly love to watch her videos intsead of Pewds sometimes because, y'know, the screaming kinda makes me have a slight headache. (No offenece. ><)

She’s so beautiful and wonderful. And I honestly love this youtuber.