I’m finally able to do this

Every single eevee(lution) character I have in one big master post.

Time to name them

Eevee: Peanutbutter, Paisley, Monique

Vaporeon: Ikaroa, Adell, Aquarius, Arlene, Delta

Jolteon: Ridge, Acira, Chuck, Chase, Damini, Chance

Flareon: Chevron, Ella, Laila, Liam, Candace, Dante

Espeon: Jasmine, Felicity, Brooke, Oswald, Binx, Jasper

Umbreon: Palmette, Hunter, Pistol, Ransom, Noir, Mo, December, Tio
Skulls, Decaying

Leafeon: Connor, Amity, Noah, Seth, Mika

Glaceon: Murphy, Leigha, Reece, Pietra, Nana, Bishop, Mercy

Sylveon: Peirce, Maribel,
Ivory, Adonis, King, Bianca,
Fabio, Tobias,
Natascha, me, Sebastian,
Bubblegum, Oliver, Twinkles, Cassandra

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  • Preferred Region:
  • Favorite Pokémon type:
  • Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Smartness, or Toughness:
  • If you were a Pokémon who would you be and why?:
  • Any other types of Pokémon careers you are interested in (I.e. Breeder)?:
  • Favorite Eevee(lution):
  • Favorite legendary:
  • Reason why you should be accepted:
  • Describe the outfit you would be wearing:
  • Any other things you feel you need to say?:

I actually HAVE!  Although, it was in acrylic canvas painting form :)  I painted the whole eevee-lution set on mini canvases!  All of them except for eevee, flareon, jolteon and espeon are sold, however!

I have them as a button set on my Etsy currently!

I’m currently doing digital doodles of the starters, and then I’ll continue painting gen 1 in reverse order (I’m at kabutops!)

As a friendly note, you can always contact me to paint your favorite pokemon at a discounted price of $60 :D  Just shoot an email to and let me know what you want (pokemon, personality, shiny or not)
**As an additional note, this rate doesn’t apply to OCs.  Just standard pokemon with regular markings**


Steampunk Eevee-lution Group from Nekocon - Winner of Best Overall Performance in the masquerade!  Thank you everyone for your support!

Some interesting infos about the costume:

Originally when I was asked to join the Steampunk Eevee-lution group as Eevee… my fellow eevee-lution friends were all doing a cute skirt.  I was going to do the same yet when I thought about it… Eevee seemed more like a childish type of character.  So I went with an mechanic steampunk archetype with a pant instead of a skirt to represent the lack of maturity.  Eevees get their skirts when they evolved was the message we were trying to convey.

Another interesting fact about the cosplay… On Eevee you will notice a gauntlet.  This gauntlet represents Scratch attack, which includes two LED lights representing HP and EXP bars.

To see more of my sister’s and my cosplays then go to the link below…

Sooo… With Eevee’s Z-move the other eevee-lutions are summoned. But since there is not a new eeveelution shown being summoned… is it too much of a stretch to think new eeveelution is coming in Sun and Moon? Sad days.


So… apparently it looks like there are no new eeveelutions as seen in this pokedex screenshot from the Japanese trailer…. Sad days indeed.