eevee oc


Rain Forest Eeveelutions (Open Species, please link back to this post somewhere and give credit. I’d love to see what people do with them!)

A population of the Eevee line that developed and evolved in heavy rain forest areas. They’re smaller in size and harder to tame in captivity, making them unsuitable companion Pokemon for inexperienced trainers. Hunted for their fur, they were once considered a Vulnerable Species but are now listed as Least Concern. (Heavily based on Ocelots and various animals)


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Name: ???? (Chloe comes to mind for some reason!)

Nature: Brave                Ability: Adaptability

Youngest eevee from a newer litter, but still a sibling to the others, this lil gal is curious of everything and loves to explore! She belongs to a friend @soundwave5542/amoux! Hope you like her man! Let me know if I need to change anything!

Scolipede x Eevee Pokemon Fusion - Scolivee?

Felt like drawing a Pokefusion after watching @theodd1sout and Jaiden Animations have some fun drawing them, too! :D Now I want to try doing a type-change art… hnnn @_@~


some pokemon fusions from a challenge me and @monochrome-merchant are doing 

I’m keeping the shaymin/eevee as an oc, its cute af

Team 1- Whimsicott/Rockruff (Whimsiruff)

Team 3- Sylveon/Seviper

Team 5- Mawile/Umbreon (Mawbreon?)

Team 8- Shaymin/Eevee (Shayvee)

I kinda wanna take some pokemon fusion requests, note, i’m not the best at these so sorry